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«Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre
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20-22 September, 2023
9:30 - 18:00

Pet Store Empowering Campaign in China

(Beijing June 15, 2022)

At the third year affected by novel coronavirus, the 40,000+ pet stores in China are still struggling with unprecedented challenges. According to a 2020 survey done by China International Pet Show (CIPS) on pet stores in China, 45. 5% shut down their business, 31.8% shortened business hours, and 20.5% shifted to online sales. Some signs of recovery have appeared in 2021. According to, pet owners placed more service orders to pet stores. Grooming & skin care still tops all the services, with a 31.7% increase from 2020. The demand for photography service, amusement center, and training have increased respectively 96.6%, 25.5% and 116.7% compared with the previous year.

The survival and success of pet stores plays a key role in the post epidemic recovery period. In April, CIPS launched the "Empowering 10000 China Pet Retailers" campaign. They have held training seminars in 6 cities so far and plans to hold 200 seminars and events till the end of the year.

The campaign’s key activity is the fine grooming and skin care seminar, which includes lectures and practice to improve pet store groomers’ skills. The systematic training is designed especially for pet stores to meet customers’ needs and increase their return on service. Besides contents on grooming and skin care, the seminar also includes store management skills, marketing techniques and niche classes, for example, on bakery, photography, healthcare, etc. The first group of 25 teaches have finished their training and started classes in various cities. The organizer expects a team of 100 teachers join the campaign in the next couple of months.

This will be the biggest pet store empowering campaign so far, and in the years to come. “The seminars differ in size, from a dozen groomers to hundreds of participants. It is not a once for all event, but a continuous systematic training process,” said Ms. Lu Peng, GM of CIPS. “We believe a healthy and sustainable retailing system is what China desperately need now. Pet stores services differ them from online e-commerce sales, which focuses more on products. Pet owners need the person-to-person communication now more than any time before.”

Based on special needs in different cities, the organizer may add cat shows, or grooming contests, or both, sponsored by PureNatural and PUNGO. More than 400 store owners and leading groomers have participated in the seminar. “We have received very positive feedbacks from the participants. The program is designed to help the store to generate more revenue. All the teachers are amazed by how enthusiastic this young generation of groomers are. Their feedbacks help us to further improve the program,” according to Mr. Gao Yuan, director of the campaign and chairman of CIPS Global Grooming Conference (CGGC).

The campaign is also a strategic move of CIPS to enhance its domestic buyers’  network in China. Brands need to work with strong wholesalers and to interact with pet stores to expand their market in China. CIPS 2022 will be held both online and offline on Nov. 17 to 20 in Guangzhou, China.





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«ParkZoo 2023». Make a plan for a New Year


The 2022 ends. What was it like for us, for everyone? Different, because we are all individual and unique! The New Year is always associated with new plans, discoveries, meetings. I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year, let the warmth and comfort of the house surround you, hope is inspired by an active and positive environment, loved ones are pleased with success. By organizing events in 2023, we will help and do everything for closer and more productive cooperation in the pet business! A person cannot live without plans! Let’s make plans, fill out the production calendar: - Russian Zoo Business Summit — 2023 — "Transformation of Reality. In search of a new one." - The XII International Specialized Exhibition of the pet industry «ParkZoo 2023». We are always in touch and ready to answer all questions related to the preparation of events. With love, warmth, Natalia Morgunova and the ARTIS Expo team

We invite you to become a participant of «ParkZoo 2023»


Dear colleagues! Two months have passed since the end of the exhibition «ParkZoo 2022». I am sure that the results have been summed up, contacts have been fixed, supplies are coming. Despite the difficult period, we live, work, think, do not plan so far, and the plan has become more like a scenario. A lot depends on us and how much we prepare an optimistic scenario. We invite you to become participants of the XII International Specialized Exhibition of the Pet Industry "ParkZoo 2023", which will be held in Moscow from September 20 to 22, 2023 at the Crocus Expo IEC, Expo 1, Hall 4, floor 1. Preparations for the 2023 project have begun. The main layout of the exhibition hall «ParkZoo 2023» has been preserved until 31.12.2022, we are waiting for confirmation of participation from the exhibitors of 2022. If you are planning to participate in «ParkZoo 2022», please send a confirmation of the previous stand or a request for a new one in any form indicating the required area to Marina Konstantinike's email address: so that we can make an offer for 2023, discuss all organizational issues and payment terms. After 31.12.2022, we do not guarantee the preservation of the ParkZoo 2022 stand. We inform you that preparations are underway for the Summit 2023. Registration is open for participation in the Russian Zoo Business Summit, which will be held on April 5-7, 2023 in Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana, Radisson Rosa Khutor Hotel) and will be held for the seventh time. The theme of the Zoo Business Summit — 2023 is "Transformation of Reality. In search of a new one." The program of the event is at the stage of approval. The summit is always about the essential. Currently, it is important to maintain balance, react quickly to changes in reality, and support each other. The number of seats is limited. Details on the website:   We are always in touch and ready to answer all questions related to the preparation of events. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, try not to lose heart and believe in the best. With love, warmth and hope, Natalia Morgunova

Summing up the results of «ParkZoo 2022». Preparation for the exhibition «ParkZoo 2023»


Dear exhibitors! It's been almost a month since our last meeting. I think that the preliminary results of participation in the exhibition have been summed up. A post-release and photos have been published on the «ParkZoo» website. I am really looking forward to feedback on the organization of the exhibition from those who have not had time for this yet. It is very important and will help to make qualitative changes in the process of preparing and holding the event. Until 31.12.2022, we are waiting for confirmation of participation in «ParkZoo 2022», keeping the layout of 2022. I am always in touch and will help solve any issues related to the preparation for the Summit 2023 and «ParkZoo 2023». Sincerely, Natalia Morgunova  

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