Russia, Moscow
«Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Hall №4 (Expo 1, ground floor), «Myakinino» metro station
20-22 September, 2023
9:30 - 18:00

Participants «ParkZoo 2022»

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Рroduction company OTRADA

Production company OTRADA 10 years producing treats from natural raw materials, without chemicals, by drying the product. Range of 60 items. There are premium quality products  DARTO, from selected raw materials.

Russia, 344011, Rostov-on-Don, 87 Varfolomeeva str., office 23

(8988) 530 4088



Тehnologiya uspeha Co.

Production of feeding, treats for decorative birds, rodents and aquarium fishes. Production of feeding for cats and dogs.

Russia, 344011, Rostov-na-Donu, lane. Gvardeiskii, 61, office 23 A

(863) 269 5017




Russian super-premium dry petfood for cat and dog with a high level of fresh meat. They are produced at their own high-tech new factory in the Moscow region.

Russia, 141862, Moscow region, Dmitrovsky G.O., Selevkino village, 201

(800) 550 5533



AVZ is the absolute leader among Russian manufacturers in terms of retail sales of veterinary medicines. More than 430 items of high-quality, effective and in-demand products of its own production, manufactured according to GMP standards.

Russia, 129329, Moscow, Igarsky Ave., 4, p. 2

(495) 648 2626



Aller Petfood is Russian subsidiary of the Danish company Aller Petfood Group, who has 40 years of experience in producing petfood. Aller Petfood is producing high quality pet food to the standards of FSSC 22000. Aller Petfood carries a selection of two brands: ALL Petfood and TASTY Petfood, and takes great pride in working closely with their distribution partners, making sure they are with them every step of the way.

Russia, 188663, Leningrad region, Kuzmolovsky urban settlement, Leningradskoe shosse, building 2A

(812) 309 2560



The Russian company ALPINTECH has been operating in the pet supplies market since 2000 under the trademarks TiTBiT, Biff and Crazy Bit. Over the past years, the products have gained trust and become well known not only in Russia, but also abroad. A wide range (over 700 items) includes dry food, natural dried delicacies, meat pastries, sausages and various snacks. Currently, the company is actively developing the direction of production of products for Private label.

Russia, 141701, Moscow region, Dolgoprudny, Dorozhny ave., 5, p. 4

(495) 902 6292



Alliance-Market LLC presents the LUXSAN TM hygiene line. A brand with a 10-year history. High-quality products, made on imported equipment, from high-quality raw materials, which guarantees environmental cleanliness and hypoallergenic: 1) disposable mats of 3 sizes 40x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 60x90 cm, including absorbent; 2) breathable diapers - 5 sizes from 2 to 20 kg; 3) self–fixing bandages with bitter impregnation of 5 sizes from 2.5 to 15 cm.

Russia, 127282, Moscow. Studenyi pr-d str., 4, p. 1, office 4

(495) 150 4198



The company was founded in 2009. It produces a wide range of pet products. Most of the products have no analogues on the Russian market. Company works only with wholesale buyers through the ordering process on the website.

Russia, 105215, Moscow, Mironovskaya str., 33

(495) 77 83916



Arkon Company is one of Russia's largest manufacturers of accessories made of genuine leather and other materials for dogs and cats. The brand's assortment includes both classic models and models of collars, leashes and muzzles with an original design. Arkon works only with high-quality raw materials and accessories, using modern equipment and technologies. The company's products have long conquered the hearts of dogs and their owners with consistently high quality, convenience and versatility.

Russia, 630001, Novosibirsk Region, Sukharnaya str. 35

(953) 777 1185


Arkhangelskiy A. V.

Production and sale of pet products under their own trademarks Petlunch, TVIK, WC Closet, Cat's Way, "LAPKI TSARAPKI", "Milen'kaya Betty", "Tushenka" for cats and dogs.

Russia, 41143, Moscow region, Shchelkovo, Moskovskaya str., 77

(916) 811 6000

www.petlunch. ru



AS-Capital is part of a large holding of the AS group of companies with a 30–year history, one of the industry leaders, which includes: two modern veterinary clinics ASVET, a retail petproject Sami s Usami, an online pet store, Veterinary Products Distribution Department, Feed and Pet Supplies Distribution Department, Department of Foreign Economic Activity, Transport Company. They are based at a large office and warehouse terminal in Moscow.

Russia. 121472, Moscow, Ryabinovaya str., 55, p. 1, office 11/2

(495) 916 9168


Association National Association of the Pet Industry

The Association unites the pet industry for the effective development and implementation of the mission of each participant in the industry. The Association is a pet industry company with an active business position, linking its future with the prosperity of the industry, defends the interests of participants and the industry as a whole.

Russia, 129344, Moscow, Iskry str., 17A, p. 3, office 50

(495) 543 9305



APZ TRIOL is a multifunctional business which unites companies specializing in production and distribution of pet products in Russia and the CIS. Its members are active participants of pet market: GC "Triol, AMMA PET, ContinentZOO and AMMA MARKET. The Association has a wide network of representative offices throughout the country, provides a whole range of logistics services, effectively cooperates with leading foreign manufacturers and introduces new competitive products to the Russia market.

Russia, 141104, Moscow region, Shchelkovo, D. Sokolov, Promyshlennaya str., p. 6, room 50

(499) 649 2636,,,

H5, J20


The campaign of Astral-Agro LLC was founded in 2015 and started as a distributor. In 2020, its own brand of pet care products was created – STEFAN. It embodied all the knowledge and many years of experience. Every day the company continues to absorb new knowledge, search for innovative solutions, improve its products and delight customers not only with high-quality goods, but also with first-class service.

Russia, 115404, Moscow, Kasimovskaya str., 26, office 415

(495) 220 5707


Atelier dor pets LANA

Atelier "LANA" has been producing clothes for pets since 2010, you can purchase goods both from the availability (more than 500 units) and form an order for production.

Russia, 660077, Krasnoyarsk, Vesna str., 15

(983) 504 8219



The company's portfolio includes both exclusive contracts with foreign and domestic manufacturers, as well as its own trademarks. The assortment includes over 2000 items from different categories: dry and wet pet food, treats, accessories and hygiene products for cats and dogs, household goods and goods for children. The company carefully analyzes the needs of its customers and offers the optimal solution.

Russia, 140000, Moscow, Lyubertsy, str. Proektiruemyi passage, 4296, 6

(495) 660 9102


AQUA MENU Group of Companies

The Aqua Menu Group of Companies is a multidisciplinary production association that includes organizations that are professionally engaged in aquariumistics and terrariumistics. The scope of the group's activities includes: production of live, frozen and dry feed for aquarium fish; production of hydrochemistry and transport packages for aquarium fish; production of live feed for terrarium animals; cultivation and sale of terrarium animals and aquarium fish on its own breeding.

Russia, 198095, Leningrad region, North-Western Federal District, St. Petersburg, Promyshlennaya str., 5, p. A, room 28N, room 91

(905) 222 2333


Astrapharm Trading House

The Trading House Astrapharm specializes in Wholesale Trade with innovative domestic veterinary drugs. The company's product range consists of Contraceptive, Antiparasitic, Sedative and Antiviral drugs for Cats and Dogs. In 2022, the company launched a new insectoacaricidal drug Blokhnet Forte and has redesigned a complex preparation for external and internal parasites IN-UP complex.

Russia, 117246, Moscow, Nauchny ave., 20, p. 3

(495) 785 8350



Beijing Kitten&Puppy Technology Co., Ltd

With the world leading R&D team, PAWBBY has always been devoted to empowering the high-quality life of global pets and the home-based smart linkage by integrating the intelligent and homely concept in design of products for pets. Being popular among young pet owners, Mi Home/Xiaomi Home smart pet products, as well as pet supplied of its international brand PAWBBY have won the sales champion, Red Dot, iF, and other international design awards for multiple times.

China Beijing, 100015, Beijing  Room, Q-101 Q Area, Anningzhuang Back Street Haidian District Beijing

+ 0086 130 3101


Bioneat/ТЕМА LLC

TEMA LLC is a manufacturer of eco-friendly hygiene products for keeping pets under the Bioneat trademark: disinfection (based on oxygen compounds), elimination of odors, detergents, shampoos, gel soap.

Russia, 127495 Moscow, Dmitrovskoe shosse, 163A, p. 2, office 15.7

(495) 790 0533



BROOKSFIELD is super premium dry and wet low-grain pet food for cats and dogs of European and Russian production. BROOKSFIELD pet food is an excellent composition, original packaging design and an attractive price. Feed recipes are balanced in terms of nutrients necessary for the health of the pet. In the compositions - FRESH MEAT. NO wheat, corn, soy, organ meats, gluten, GMOs, artificial colors or preservatives. Products are presented in all regions of the Russian Federation.

Russia, 141006, Moscow, Mytishchi, Volkovskoe shosse str., vl. 13A, p. 1

(495) 504 3729



BIOTROF Ltd produces probiotics for agricultural animals, as well as for pets. Cat litter with beneficial bacteria was launched in 2021. Planning to expand the range of ecological and sustainable products for pets.

Russia, 196650, Leningrad region, North-West, St. Petersburg, Kolpino str. Izhorsky plant, 45, LIT., office DV

(812) 322 8550




The largest wholesale company in Russia. Its has always been distinguished by the dynamics of development. Starting with retail, it has developed manufacturing, wholesale, import and export. A wide range of products: 17,000 products from affordable and inexpensive to refined for demanding buyers – "WAKA", "Biovax", "BioFlor", "Series 44", "Chistyulia WAKA", Imperials, LifeDog and LifeCat (Italy), MP-Bergamo (Italy), Stefanplast (Italy), Flexi (Germany). The official distributor in Russia of cat food LifeCat and dog LifeDog (Italy).

Russia, 188662, Leningrad region, Murino, Institutsky ave., 1

(812) 336 6324



The company has been engaged in the extraction, production and sale of aquatic biological resources since 2007. As a result of the work, they mastered the directions of harvesting, processing and sale of gammarus crustacean and artemia cysts (in raw, dry and decapsulated form). In addition to these items, the assortment includes a wide range of feeds for birds, reptiles and fish in the form of pellets, flakes, tablets of discs, as well as whole dry insects and frozen feeds.

Russia, 656049, Altai Krai, SFD, Barnaul , Proletarskaya str., 146, p. A, office 308

(3852) 58 0660



One of the main principles of our company is taking care of the health of animals. All products are made from carefully selected natural ingredients using a unique composition of flavors designed for a specific species of rodents or birds. Before putting products into production company offers them to experienced breeders and receive feedback, on the basis of which company makes final adjustments to the recipe.

(937) 989 2808



Closed Joint Stock Company Aleiskzernoprodukt named after S. N. Starovoitov

The company Aleiskzernoprodukt named after S. N. Starovoitov has been producing feed for unproductive animals for more than 18 years. In 2022, a new plant was launched, which installed modern and high-tech equipment from leading global firms with a capacity of up to 100 tons of ready-made feed per day.

Russia, 658130, Altai Krai, Aleisk, Pervomaiskaya str., 81

(38553) 7 7711



The PrettyCat company has been successfully promoting its brands PrettyCat and PrettyPet for many years, the general distributor is Catproduct Limited. The excellent quality of the litters was appreciated by the cats of the State Hermitage Museum and the Republic of Cats. The company has a wide distribution network throughout Russia, the products are presented in karge retail chains as Lenta, Auchan, Metro Cash & Carry, Karusel. PrettyCat is premium quality at an affordable price.

13b Moskovskoe shosse, Saint Petersburg, 196158, Russia

(495) 197 7550


Chetveronogy Gurman

Since 2005,  Chetveronogy Gurman company has been producing natural pet food, actively developing and improving its assortment, offering high-quality and in-demand products to the market. The production of feed is carried out at large Russian factories according to original recipes and technologies. Many developments are protected by patents. The company owns the brands: " Chetveronogy Gurman", "Vkusmyasina", Brunch, Petibon, Ekonorm, Zoodream, Zoodiet.

Russia, 127015, Moscow, Novodmitrovskaya str., 2, p. 2

(495) 921 3074



DROUG magazines

"DROUG" magazines are the most authoritative publications about pets in Russia with a 30–year history. Currently, the Group of publications "DROUG" is represented by the magazines "DROUG" about dogs, "DROUGFavorite cats", "Little DROUG" about small pets. The collections "Puppy in the house", "Your kitten", breed collections "Favorite dogs", "Kennels of Russia. DOGS" are also regularly released, wall and table calendars for breeders and owners of dogs and cats.

Russia, 140002, Moscow region, Lyubertsy, Kirova str., 7

(916) 606 9929


The company has been producing pet products in St. Petersburg for more than 25 years. It has the widest range. The company's main priorities are the quality of its products and long-term partnership agreements. The company produces: feeders for dogs and cats, cages (for rodents, birds, dogs), aviaries, grooming tables, table brackets, toilets for dogs, carrier bags, couches, play complexes and houses, scratching posts, toys for birds and animals.

Russia, 194292, Saint Petersburg, 5th Upper Lane, 11, Lit. A, office 2

(812) 313 9557


Diusa Pet

Diusa Pet is a multinational team of experts in the field of proper nutrition of dogs and cats, veterinary specialists and professional breeders united by love for animals. The Diusa Pet product range is represented by Aleva dry food lines for dogs and cats, special lines for breeders NeoBreeder, veterinary diets Alleva Care, as well as cosmetics with the therapeutic effect of Neo Lupus. The company's products are represented in more than 50 countries in Europe and Asia.

(906) 029 2999




(499) 758 0758


The Euro-Product-K company is the largest supplier and manufacturer of pet products in the South of Russia and one of the leaders in the domestic pet business. Having many years of experience in the import trade, Euro-Product-K is able to meet the needs of customers in almost all groups of pet products. For suppliers, the company is a reliable partner, as it owns a package of exclusive and distribution contracts. Own car park and well-established logistics system provides high-quality delivery service.

Russia, 350066, Krasnodar Region, Krasnodar, Prostornaya street, 9, p. A

(861) 260 5801



At the origins of the creation of EcoNative food is a group of enthusiasts, people initially far from the production of animal feed, they are successfully developing other types and areas of business. But everyone has pets and each of them has repeatedly faced the question of choosing the best food for their pet. This led to the idea of ​​​​creating EcoNative food - perhaps the first Russian food of the Holistic class.

Russia, Republic of Kalmykia, Elista, ul. Yu. Klykova, 106a, office 8

(903) 229 2227



The company ECOSTYLE has been operating in the pet supplies market since 2018, as a wholesale company (distributor) on the territory of Udmurtia, Tatarstan and Perm region. In 2019, the production of cardboard scratching posts of trademark ADD CAT was launched. In 2020 – entry into the Russian market. In 2021, the launch of a modular system made of corrugated cardboard, grass for cats and rubberized leashes TM MAD DOG. In 2022. a new project of ammunition in the Russian style trademark ADD DOG.

Russia, 426021, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, Vasilkova str., 1

(922) 515 3387



Foshan Packtop Laminated Packing Co., Ltd.

Foshan Packtop Co.,Ltd specializes in the research and development of new material applications in packaging industry. The company's mission is to provide environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging solutions.

China,  528200, Guangdong, Foshan A-1, No.16, 1st Street, Mingxi Road, Mingcheng Town, Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

+ 86 137 0271



Froman is an innovative company that specializes in the production of dog food exclusively Super Premium and Holistic standards. The FROMAN brand name stands for From A N (from Antoine Najarian). Antoine is one of the most renowned dog behaviorists in the world, and under his leadership, the company's specialists have been creating the ideal composition of their products for years. Forman provides a range of dry and wet food for dogs of all breeds from environmentally friendly products.

Russia, Moscow, str. Vysotnaya, 8

(495) 505 6144



The company produces clothing for pets according to its own patterns. It is possible to sew wholesale lots for shops, veterinary clinics and private companies. High-quality materials are used in production. The main direction is the manufacture according to the individual request of the customer, as well as the production of exclusive products.

Russia, 644116, Omsk, ul. 27-ya Severnaya, 44, p. 1

(904) 322 0585



The Favorit company imports and sells pet food from leading manufacturers in Italy (TM Morando) and Thailand (TM MEO). The company finds interesting offers that meet high quality standards and makes them available to buyers in the Russian market. The company fully shares the principles of caring for pets, therefore, it strives to provide the widest possible selection of balanced feeds based on natural ingredients.

Russia, 127015, Moscow, М. Raskova str., 34, p. 14, office No. 703

(495) 642 3812


Fauna LLC

ТМ Dogman and MAVA are one of the leading pet products companies. The company has been on the market for more than 17 years and every season pleases its customers with new products. The range includes more than 400 products of its own production. Excellent price–quality ratio. Delivery throughout Russia and CIS countries.

Russia, 143006, Moscow region, Odintsovo, Soyuznaya str., 7, room 12

(903) 117 2919



Alisa is a dynamically developing company. Direction of activity: production, wholesale, import, retail trade. The company produces natural toilet litter, food for birds, rodents and fish under the TM Alisa. A wide range of imported cages for birds and rodents, toys and accessories are also offered. The motto of the company is Quickly, conveniently, reliably!

Russia, 45400, Chelyabinsk region, Kopeyskoe shosse, 48, p. 2

(351) 723 0443



FORSAL – technologies for humans and pets. The company is a manufacturer of pet hygiene products and household chemicals. The WELLROOM brand is a line of products for caring for pets and cleaning houses with pets. Unique designs, safe for people, pets and the environment.

Russia, 129626, Moscow, 102 Mira Ave., p. 25, office 200

(499) 322 9675




This online store offers a huge range of products for the care of pets, ranging from tools and professional cosmetics, ending with equipment for grooming salons. Consultants will help you choose products for any breeds individually, where necessary, they will take into account the structure and type of the pet's fur. GROOMERU.RU company is the exclusive distributor in Russia of the Artero brand.

Russia, 125445, Moscow, Valdaysky p-d, 16, p. 4

(965) 437 0055



The company specializes in the wholesale trade of goods for cats and dogs. It is one of the leaders in the Russian market in the segment of pet toys. The quality of the goods, a huge assortment, as well as a reasonable pricing policy contribute to long-term partnerships with sellers of pet products.

Russia, 121096, Moscow, 2nd Filevskaya str., 7, p. 6, office 1, room III, room 5 A

(495) 507 1665


Globalvet Group of companies offers the market the best solutions in the field of treatment and care for pets, veterinary medicine and animal hygiene. The group of companies is also developing IT systems for recording information about chipped pets. Customized solutions for people involved in the daily care of pet health. A wide range of modern quality products and knowledge.

Russia, 109428, Moscow, Ryazan Avenue, 8a, p. 14, office 8th floor

(495) 777 2291



Gravcom Company presents a new trademark Oliver – premium quality natural treats for dogs and cats. Prepared in the best traditions, taking into account the physiological characteristics of pets, without dyes, flavors and artificial additives, Oliver treats will appeal to dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.

Russia, 127566, Moscow, Altufevskoe shosse, 44

(495) 1505962


GU-VAS plus

Factory for the production of upholstered furniture and clothing for dogs and cats.

Russia, 214018, Smolensk. Novo-Kievskaya str., 9, office 2 K

(37529) 772 3072




Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products Co., a manufacturer company specializing in pet products. The company has four factories that mainly produce pet beds, cat trees, dog clothes and electronic goods, with a total production area of more than 230,000 square meters. The company has BSCI, SEDEX, Wal mart audit and other FA certificates. At the moment, the total number of employees is more than 1100 people. Its own R &D team of 50 people, every month the company recommends more than 80 new products to its regular customers and sends them a new catalog every six months.

China, Zhejiang, HangZhou,Yuhang District Tangxi Town, Building, No.291 Ningqiao Road, д. 9/F

(571) 262 8007



Helmetex LLC is a Russian manufacturer of a series of Helmetex odor neutralizers for various applications while at home, doing sports or traveling. Helmetex is effective in processing things and objects that are difficult or costly to wash or there is no such possibility. Helmetex Pets – Animal odor neutralizer is the most effective means of eliminating animal odor on any surfaces. Safe for humans and animals after drying.

Russia, 420087, Tatarstan, Kazan, Rodiny str., 7, office 15I

(495) 018 5085


Huahui Industry Co.,Ltd

The registered capital of Huahui Economic and Trade Industry is 100 million yuan. It's a modern enterprise integrating development, production, sales, and services, which is also a professional producer of dog foods including dog chews, meat snacks and charm bone. Currently, the company has a monthly capacity of producing 100 40-foot containers of dog chews and pet meat snacks. Products are exported to over a dozen of countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

China,  263800, Jiangsu, Suqian No.2Jinggang Road, Suyu District

+186 1657




China Hubei Province,Jingzhou City,Ecological culture Tourism District 2F,No.61,Group 4,Paifang village , Ji’nan Town

(0716) 885 9840


Human & business

The main direction of the Russian company Human & business is pet products. The range is represented by the following brands: Karmy - complete food for cats and dogs, sofas and fillers for the tray Freep, fillers and food for cats and dogs "For the most devoted", "Nutriall" - food and treats for birds and rodents. The company is also actively developing the HoReCa direction. At Parkzoo 2022, the company will present the brands Karmy, Freep, Nutriall, For the most devoted.

Russia, 385000, Republic of Adygea, Maykop city, St. Proletarskaya, 269

(800) 550 6211



Developer and manufacturer of highly effective, safe and economical disinfectants and household chemicals for various fields of application (medicine, veterinary medicine, children's and household utilities).

Russia, 123007, Moscow, 1st Magistralnaya str., 18, p. 1

(782) 5996




The history of INABA began in 1805 with the seafood trade in Shizuoka Prefecture (Japan). Today, INABA produces food products not only for humans, but also super premium class pet food for cats and dogs. CIAO brand is the No. 1 brand in Japan among cat food. INABA's products are manufactured at the company's own factories in Japan, Thailand and China.

Russia,  14344, Moscow region, Central Federal District, Putilkovo,  72 km MKAD Greenwood Business Park, 19, office 38 (4th floor)

(499) 954 6368


Ivanko Ltd.

One of the largest wholesale and service companies in the pet supplies market of Russia. The main areas of work: import, distribution, production, wholesale and retail sales (in its own network). The main office of the company is located in St. Petersburg. There are branches in Moscow and Belgorod and sales representatives in the regions. Ivanko successfully works with all regions of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union. Delivery of products for pets on their own or by a transport company to anywhere in the country.

Russia, 192012, St. Petersburg, Obukhovskaya Oborona ave., 112, p. k. 2, lit. z, office 301A

(812) 385 4700



The Ideal LTD company has been producing pet products under the trademarks Zveryo Moyo and Derevyashka since 2001. Wood fillers (full–cycle production) are top-5 in the Russian Federation, sawdust and hay briquettes are the leaders in the rodent direction, corn and aspen fillers. Also in the assortment, scratching posts, complexes for cats, accessories. The territory of supplies from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, the EAEU countries. For more than 20 years, the company has been making pet care easier, more pleasant and more convenient.

Russia, 152040, Yaroslavl region, Pereslavl-Zalessky, str. Sovkhoznaya, 36

(48535) 60387


Individual entrepreneur Rusanov Andrey

PREMIKA is a super premium complete food for dogs and cats of different breeds. PREMIKA complete feeds have been developed taking into account the wishes and requirements of professionals and fully satisfy all the needs of your pets, have excellent taste, excellent digestibility and are ideal for fastidious pets.

Russia, 141044, Moscow region, Mytishchi district, village of Gribki, Construction dead end, d..11

(495) 228 0424


INKET Limited Liability Company

INKET develops and manufactures innovative materials. In 2020 launched producing polygel hygienic cat litter Kiscat®. Production is carried out on automated European equipment, which makes it possible to manufacture premium products.

Russian Federation, 295053, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Budennogo str., 39

(800) 250 7048


IP Klochkov Aleksandr Alekseevich

Manufacturer of goods for pets. Production is located in Ryazan (160 km from Moscow). It manufactures the following products: packaged hay, sawdust; packed fillers: woody, clumping, absorbent; pillars and columns of various heights, with tunnels, cradles and without; wall-mounted scratching posts, straight, semicircular, angular; houses and complexes of varying complexity and size; racks, arches, huts, slides. Let's make products under your brand.

Russia, 390028, Ryazan, St. Prizheleznodorozhnaya, 206

(910) 901 2759


IE Chebykin Yuriy Andreevich – TUZIK Trade Mark

TM "TUZIK" is a pioneer in the development and production of seasonal pet hygiene clothing for dogs by breed and gender – one of the oldest domestic brands of pet supplies. On the market since 1996, the trademark "TUZIK" was registered in 2004. A large selection of comfortable overalls, raincoats, vests, blankets, hats, home and other clothes for walking and traveling. For dogs of small breeds and / or puppies – different-gender models in 4 sizes. Sale of goods in bulk to all regions of the Russian Federation.

Russia, 152120, Yaroslavl region, village Ishnya, Shkolnaya str., 5

(495) 517 6117




Valta is synonymous with reliability, a profitable loyalty program "TASTE" and the federal scale of activity: 26 branches and 27 Valta Cash & Carry stores, 35 RTP, 3 dealers and a direct presence in 64 cities of the Russian Federation. The premium assortment includes feed, treats, ammunition, carriers, beds, grooming products, pet hygiene products, fillers, veterinary products. The clients' business development is supported by comprehensive marketing, educational and logistics products.

Russia, 117519, Moscow, Varshavskoe str., 148

(495) 797 3472

E3, E4


JSC "GATCHINSKY KKZ" is a Russian manufacturer of dry and canned cat and dog food. The company is located in the Leningrad region. The company produces cat and dog food under its own brands "Our Brand", "Stout", "Terracotta", "TerraPes", "ZaKormaRodiny". The company is also engaged in the production of feed under private labels for large retail chains and distributors. Deliveries are carried out throughout Russia and to the CIS countries.

Russia, 188302, Leningrad region, North-West, village. Malye Kolpany, Gatchina district, Zapadnaya str., 31

(81371) 0552




In 2022, the KasKad company turned 30 years old. Since 1992, KasKad has been producing a wide range of accessories for pets under the brands Kaskad and Marley, as well as STM clients. The company's production has been certified and included in the register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The quality of Kaskad is trusted by more than 1,000 wholesale customers in all regions of Russia and CIS countries. The company invites you to cooperate: it is ready to offer individual products to each client.

Russia, 115201, Moscow, Kashirsky ave., 1/1

(495) 419 1995



KOMOK Smart Cat Litter is innovative recipe and unique production technology. SMART formula includes probiotic complex that neutralizes bacteria – source of many diseases and unpleasant odors, and natural absorbent that completely destroys smell of urine. Effectively absorbs moisture Forms strong clump Dispose of into sewer. Does not stick to paws and fur. Economical. Enhanced moisture absorption. Probiotics. No dust. Odor control.

Russia, 350012, Krasnodar Territory, Krugovaya str., 44

(962) 859 2574



KOYANI TRADE is a new Russian manufacturer of pet products. The KOYANI brand produces various cat litter for the litter box – silica gel, absorbent, lumpy. A new line of pet food for small rodents, chinchillas and rabbits will also be launched in autumn 2022. All products are made from domestic ingredients using Korean technology. The main goal of the company is to find and create the ideal innovative product for pets in any price segment from light to premium.

Russia, 445045, Samara region, Togliatti, Gromovaya str., 33, p. 15, office 201

(916) 020 4662



The company is a direct manufacturer of treats for pets. 2. Treats for pets are produced at the farm complex, which also specializes in the cultivation and sale of rabbit meat. 3. Only natural products are used in the production of delicacies. All products are hypoallergenic and dietary, without dyes and preservatives due to the technology of sublimation without chemical treatment, vitamins and minerals are preserved in the products.

Russia, 357502, Stavropol Territory, North Caucasus Federal District, Pyatigorsk, Universitetskaya str., 34

(928) 819 8789



Lion Manufactory

Lion Company has been one of the largest Russian manufacturers of animal accessories since 2013. Every year, more and more owners of cats and dogs choose the products of the brand Lion for their pets, appreciating its high quality, original design, comfort and safety. "Lion Company" is now a well–established production, high-quality products, competitive prices, additional service, contracts with the largest suppliers of pet supplies in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Russia, 107160, Moscow, 2nd Irtysh Ave., 4, p. 1A

(495) 374 8925



LLC Lyubimchik is a Russian manufacturer of feed for aquarium fish.

Russia, 123098, Moscow, Shchukino district, Marshal Vasilevsky str., 5, p. 2, office 217

(903) 743 0808


LLC ZPI Alternativa

ZPI Alternative LLC is one of the leading enterprises for the production of consumer goods from plastics. The plant has been on the market since 1988 and has a wide geography of supplies: not only throughout Russia, but also to CIS and European countries. The company produces and sells more than 1800 plastic products. The most popular and actively developing direction is pet products. All products are certified and made of environmentally friendly and high-quality materials.

Russia, 452615, Bashkortostan, Oktyabrsky, 8 Marta str., 9A

(34767) 32244



VEDA Co. Ltd is a veterinary expert in the field of veterinary phytotherapy, a leading Russian researcher, developer and manufacturer of innovative products based on the components of natural origin for health and beauty of pets. 25 years of development of unique products for pets! 25 years in the pet business! Over 300 items of VEDA brand products provide active longevity to pets. The VEDA company has partners in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, is open for cooperation in the field of contract production.

Russia, 14228, Moscow region, Protvino, Zavodskoy avenue 14 

(4967) 31 0684


Limited Liability Company VsemMirom

The company develops and sells its own brands: ZooRing – dry and wet dog and cat food and Formula 365 Set lunch. This year ZooRing cat food has been updated with a new Meat collection with a phytocomplex. The company's assortment also includes fortified supplements, treats, fillers. The company develops and develops new products, both dry feed and canned food, is open to cooperation with all market segments, strives to change and move forward.

Russia, 141044, Moscow region, Mytishchi City district, Gribki village, Promyshlennaya str., 64, p. A

(499) 2905025


LLC Dji Pi Ai

Since 2010 our manufacturing company produces plastic goods for pets. A wide range of products for pets. Modern equipment and a warehouse complex allow to quickly produce and deliver high-quality products to customers.  Flexible discount system and individual approach to each client.

(4912) 93 7000


Limited Liability Company DK-MART

The company DK-MART is an importer and official distributor of dry food Bab`in from France. The owner of its own brand of pet supplies Frais and the chain of retail stores PetsFamilial.

Russia, 141100, Moscow region, Shchelkovo, 1st Soviet lane, 25, p. 2, office 3002

(8-800) 333 4406



ZOOSTANDART was founded in 1998 and is one of the leading service companies on the pet products market. The company's mission is to take care of each client, based on the principles of honesty and transparency. ZOOSTANDART has all the resources for effective work: a logistics complex of 15,000 m2, its own car park, an assortment of more than 20,000 products, its own trademarks and a team of specialists. Therefore, more than 5,000 organizations have chosen ZOOSTANDARD as their partner.

Russia, 141031, Moscow region, Mytishchi, village. Sgonniki, Promyshlennaya str., 7, p. 2

(800) 550 9468


Limited Liability Company Kraft Farm

ProBiotic LIVE is a patented natural full–fledged pet food of super premium class, which is designed taking into account the unique needs of different breeds, ages and weight categories of pets. It contains a high concentration of live probiotic bacteria. It is a probiotic strain of Enterococcus faecium. Bacteria help restore the microflora and maintain a healthy intestine. The feed contains one billion beneficial bacteria per kilogram of feed.

Russia, 117292, Moscow, Dmitry Ulyanov str., 6, p. 1, office 21/1

(495) 921 3786



Love for animals, and especially for dogs, led our team of like-minded people to produce clothes for our younger brothers. An exceptionally detailed approach to each breed allows us to create patterns, due to which each model sits perfectly on the dog while maintaining natural movements. Strict selection of fabrics and accessories, compliance with tailoring technology, quality control at every stage and certainly stylish design is the position of our production.

(812) 993 5187



Leading, Innovative, Dynamically developing, Ideal, Reliable and Ready for beneficial cooperation partner – all of this is Leading company. For more than 18 years, it has been successfully producing and supplying to the market high-quality cat litter fillers of well-known brands: Pi-Pi Bent® DeLuxe, Pi-Pi Bent®, SiSiKat®, Little Friends® Premium and Kotyara®.

Russia, 241903, Bryansk, Bolshoe Polpino settlement, 1A Lermontov str.

(495) 741 4048



LIMKORM GROUP is the largest Russian manufacturer of complete food for cats and dogs. In 2023, production capacities will allow to produce up to 100, 000 tons of products per year. The technological base makes it possible to manufacture products in all price segments (standard, premium, superpremium, holistic). At the end of 2022, it is planned to launch a line of wet food. The direction of the company's activity is the production of feed of its own brands and contract manufacturing of private.

Russia, 308504, Belgorod, Central, Tavrovo-1, Severnaya Str. , 2B

(8800) 234 7113


Limited liability company Pol & Pet

Pol & Pet Company is the exclusive distributor of dry and canned super-premium foods for cats and dogs TM Berkley in Russia. The product is produced on the leader’s factories in Europe, Russia and Asia from the ecology raw materials category Human Grade and is undergone by careful control on all stages of production. All product lines of ТМ Berkley are complete food and 100% of their ingredients are indicated on the label.

Russia, 115201, Moscow, Kashirsky pr-d str., 17, p. 24

(495) 748 0790



Cat litter Pussy-cat тм.

Russia, 170027, Tver, Brigadnaya str., 55, p. 1

(4822) 53 6084


LTD Radius

The Radius company provides a full range of logistics support and customs clearance services. The main cargo flow with which the company has been working for many years is pet feed and goods. Radius develops dynamically every year, not only finds new solutions, but also implements them, conducting all necessary negotiations at all stages of cargo movement. Highly qualified specialists of the company will be happy to help you choose the optimal logistics solution.

Russia, 198095, St. Petersburg, Marshal Govorov str., 35, p. To 4 lit. And, office 607

(812) 676 3879


Limited Liability Company Siberilla

TM Pogryzuhin will feed your pet with есо products: treats and feed made in our own factory from venison. Production of products under your trademark.

Russia, 109029, Moscow, Talalikhina str., 1, p. 3, office 65

(499) 130 9103


Ltd Zeppelin

LLC Zeppelin is a manufacturer of clothing and ammunition for dogs. The company's products are distinguished not only by their beautiful design, high quality tailoring, materials and accessories, but also by the quality of the fit. The dogs are warm and comfortable  in it.

Russia, 197348, St. Petersburg, Bogatyrsky Ave., 51, p. 1, office 17N

(812) 980 1480


LLC Stein

Company was founded in 2019. The main focus is the production feed for pets in Belarus. The feed is produced according to European recipes based on using of ecologically clean raw materials, the composition of the feed contains balanced set of nutrients, vitamins and minerals with the content of natural enterosorbent. The state-of-the-art equipment and Belarusian quality standard allow to produce feed without using preservatives and GMO.

Russia, Moscow region, Shchelkovo, Litvinovo, 5

(916) 333 6621




MAJOR PETS LIMITED is a professional pet product supplier with 18 years experience in manufacturing dog collar, lead & harness, dog car safety carrier, cat collar, pet training items,pet toys,pet wears and related pet accessories.With high reputation worldwide for high quality, novelty, functionality and charming design. Our markets mainly locate in North America, Europe Japan and Australia.

China, 999077, Hongkong, Hongkong, Room A1, Winner Building, 36 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon



Marine Life

Marine Life is a specialized enterprise in Russia for the production of professional feeds for aquarium fish, as well as sea salt and additives for aquariums and aquariums. Founded in 2010, the company has established itself as a reliable and experienced supplier of products in the Russian pet business for 12 years.

Russia, 344092, Rostov-on-Don, Komarova str., 12/1, p. 9

(918) 565 4545


Mealberry Group

Mealberry Group has been developing and manufacturing high-quality pet products for more than 30 years. RIO, Little One and Phytokaltsevit brands have earned the trust of customers, and experience and expertise allow to build strong relationships with partners. Multi-stage quality control, innovative technologies, striving for continuous development allow the company to be one of the leading players in the industry. Mealberry is a reliable partner, ready to develop and find joint solutions together!

Russia, 196084, Saint Petersburg, Novoroshchinskaya str., 4

(812) 615-77-25


Monge & C. S.p.a.

Monge is a family company, and already the third generation of the family follows the principle Business thinks about profit and commercial profit, and the family cares about the reputation and happiness of their loved ones. Monge will always be just a family!. For 60 years, the company has consistently demonstrated its innate ability to combine tradition and innovation while maintaining fundamental values. By choosing Monge diets, you trust the health of your pets to professionals.

Italy, 12030, Piedmont, Cuneo, Monasterolo di Savigliano, Via Savigliano, 31 

(495) 797 3472


MELKOM Group of Companies

THE MELKOM GROUP OF COMPANIES is a production and trading group engaged in the production of flour, pasta, poultry meat, all types of compound feeds, vegetable oils, extruded pet food and valuable fish breeds.

Russia, 170100, Tver, Vokzalnaya str., 9

(4822) 342462



MAGNA LLC is an exclusive importer of high–quality dog and cat food from natural ingredients: super premium dry food Gina and Gina Elite, Wildy, as well as canned food Gina, Mi-Mi, X-CAT and X-DOG.

Russia, 197110, St. Petersburg, Korpusnaya str., 9, p. A, office 67-N

(812) 650 0500



MEDMIL LLC produces absorbing disposable underpads for pets care, pads-toilets and training pads for puppies, branded as Petmil, Petmil WC, My Puppy. Also available: pets houses and toys made from hay Petmil SENO-SOLOMA, cats cushions and scratch posts Petmil RELAX, disposables for veterinarians. 

Russia, 641703, Kurgan region, Ural Federal District, Kataysk, Golikova str., 102, p. 1

(343) 287 7054



MIRALEK is a Russian veterinary manufacturing and wholesale company founded in 2014. The mission is to provide veterinary clinics and pet stores with the highest quality products. Presented in the Russian Federation and the EAEU through branches in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Voronezh, as well as through distributors, the products include: antibiotics, analgesics, antiparasitic, hormonal, vitamin and mineral, antispasmodics, antiemetics, hepatoprotectors, dermatological, zoohygienic and drugs for anesthesia.

Russia, 107014, Moscow, Stromynka str., 4, p. 1, office 7

(499) 110 1435



Mnyams is a private trademark being cherished by JSC Valta Pet Products for more than 14 years. Created taking into account physiological needs and taste preferences, Mnyams products will delight even the most spoiled pets.

Russia, 117519, Moscow, Varshavskoe str., 148

(495) 797 3472



Production of canned pet food, dried treats, frozen meat offal under its own trademarks (TM Mukhtarovo, TM Dogpayek, TM Village Muskino, TM Behoov), as well as under the STM of customer companies. The availability of modern production facilities, highly qualified personnel in the field of meat processing, allows to produce high-quality products. Only natural ingredients and high-quality raw meat are used in production.

Russia, 141142, Moscow region, Losino-Petrovsky, Biokombinata str., 2

(926) 493 4240



Myau Haus

We produce the following products ourselves: cat houses, claws, play complexes, carriers, sofas, recumbents for cats and dogs. Unique models. Reliable collapsible designs. Thoughtful and convenient layout of each product. Own developments. The quality is time-tested. More than 13 years of experience. We will send the goods by any transport company that is convenient for you to any country.

(8913) 658 2072



Moszoovetsnab is the official distributor of the largest Russian and foreign manufacturers of veterinary drugs and pet products,  carrying out deliveries throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Own retail network and veterinary clinics in Moscow and the Moscow region. Direct deliveries throughout the territory of Belarus. Own retail network. Own trademark VETZABOTA with the most important daily necessities for pets, their owners and professional veterinarians.

Russia, 115432, Moscow, 5th Kozhukhovskaya str., 16

(495) 679 0241



New Technologies SPA, LLC

New Technologies SPA, LLC is the largest domestic manufacturer and reliable supplier of PET products under its own trademarks – Barsik, N1, Ujut, Russian Champion:hygiene litters for trays, as well as litters of the TOFU category, based on vegetable raw materials; natural bedding for rodents, hygiene products for pet care, bio-degradable bags for trays and for walking dogs; PET shampoos for dogs and cats. New Technologies SPA, LLC create the right products for your pets!

Russia, 350066, Krasnodar, ul. Prostornaya, 9

(861) 260 3456


NTS Gradient Ltd.

NTS Gradient Ltd. is one of the leaders in the production of its own brands and distributors of FMCG products. Leo&Lucy is a balanced holistic pet food. Brand includes complete nutrition for adult pets, kittens and puppies. High percentage of animal components (up to 65%). Comfortable digestion (pro- and prebiotics). Balanced content of vitamins bioadditive complex Omega-3 and Omega-6. No GMOs, corn, salt, artificial flavors and colors.

Russia, 125315, Moscow, Leningradsky ave., 70

(495) 933 6000



Oris Company

ZOONIK is one of the major Russian manufacturers of cat trey litter and accessories. Cat and small mammals trey litter. Toilet fillers. Houses, soft places, complexes. Scratching posts. Carrying bags. Ammunition: leather, sling, latex. Plastic products: trays, bowls. Toys. Feed for birds and rodents.

Russia, 142100, Moscow region, Podolsk, Komsomolskaya str., 1

(495) 789 9599



The company Platinum Rus LLC is a distributor of products for pets of PLATINUM brands: natural juicy feeds from fresh meat; fillers for the cat tray Fresh Cat, as well as products of its own trademark Mypets – dry and canned meat feeds, shampoos and fillers for the tray.

Russia, 127018, Moscow, Polkovaya str., 3, p. 1

(495) 799 5849



Trading House Alcor has been on the pet supplies market for more than 15 years. A wide range of accessories for pets, flexible terms of cooperation and an individual approach to each partner allowed the company to establish itself as a reliable business partner.

Russia, 410052, Volga Federal District, Saratov, 50 let Oktyabrya Ave., 118a, office 819

(8452) 76 3935




Russia's first marketplace for pets. Services, goods and sale of pets. Tools for online booking services. Pet's personal account with a veterinary passport and medical history and much more.

Russia, 117545, Moscow, Dorozhnaya str., 1, k.5, str. 3

(911) 249 9932



PEOPLE AND DOGS is a sewing manufactory of premium–class clothing and dog beds, founded in 2014. The production is located in Kaliningrad, Russia. Overalls for dogs made of premium materials with a unique anti-koltun system, with natural fur trim; couches with removable covers; light carrying bags with a hard bottom. The website shows retail prices. Wholesale – 50% discount. Delivery in Russia. To order – email or WA, Viber.

Russia, 236022, Kaliningrad, Yanalova str., 42

(931) 600 1772

Pet-David Products (HongKong) Co., Limited

At Pet-David Products we have designed a wide range of humanized and practical products to create a new life for pets while catering to their every need.

China, 999077, Hongkong,Hongkong,KowLoon, Kwun Tong, 348

(852) 658 0726


Pet-Opt.RU (Sole proprietor Radichkina Yuliya Anatolyevna)

Official distributor of Finnish equipment for dogs Icepeak Pet, Rukka Pets, as well as other brands – modern collars, leashes, harnesses, clothing, high quality special equipment for active dogs. The best American toys. Spell-Vet disinfection products (Russia–Germany). Natural cosmetics Grinpets (India). Assistance in assortment selection, merchandising, training. Delivery throughout the territory of the Russian Federation – to pet stores, handling halls, training grounds.

Russia, 109029, Moscow, Kalitnikovskaya Malaya str., 16

(985) 764 1048



PetFabric is a team of experienced professionals who create high quality pet products. Its principles: Openness – open composition, honest sellers. Individuality – individual selection of goods for each customer. Competence and professionalism – PetFabric employees regularly improve their level of knowledge in the field of care animals. Comprehensive pet care – high-quality food products, as well as care products and veterinary services are presented.

Russia, 195196, Saint Petersburg, Gromova str., 4, office 130

(800) 777 5089



PETTO is a Russian manufacturer of toys for pets. GoSi – game tracks made of natural wood, toys for cats made of natural mink, toys for dogs. SHU-SHU – accessories for rodents.

(499) 340 6306



ProGroom is an exclusive distributor on the territory of the EEU of world-famous cosmetic brands: ASHLEY CRAIG, BEEPS, HYDRA, MEGAMAZON, SOFT CARE, TRUE ICONIC, BOTANIQA, SHMM, CLEANSING U, and also professional grooming tools GREYHOUND and POODLE.

Russia, 144011, Moscow region, Elektrostal, Sportivnaya str., 43, office 85

(926) 221 3156



The philosophy of the PETTA brand is the pets themselves with their owners. Pets talk to you about their needs, and Petta brand products are designed to satisfy all the needs of your pets. PETTA brand products: shampoos, multivitamins, anti-parasites and collars, treats and food, etc.

Russia, 40000, Volgograd, Kalinina str., 2A, p. Ah, office 4

(8442) 49 5046



Forza10 is a high–quality food from Italy developed by a team of professionals, veterinarians and experts in the field of dog and cat nutrition.

Russia, 125493, Moscow, Mikhalkovskaya str., 63b, p. room 10, office 5, 6

(495) 617 1743


Paradogs LLC

CODOS is a professional grooming equipment: clippers, pet dryers, compressors, grinders, tables and scissors. CODOS machines work from the battery and from the network. Ceramic blades will easily cope with any wool. CODOS means an excellent quality and reliability at an affordable price.  Codos is your store's bestseller! Paradogs LLC is the copyright holder and official distributor of CODOS TM in the Russian Federation and the EAEU.

(800) 500 9221


Pet Line LLC

Pet Line LLC is a real company, an expert in the wholesale supply of grooming tools and affordable accessories for hygiene, feeding, exhibition and training equipment. The popular DeLIGHT Grooming is an unrivaled range of grooming tools. The modern Zoo One brand includes slickers, toys, reusable diapers, toilets, collars and leashes, silicone gloves, bags, bowls. The classic brand V.I.Pet – exhibition ammunition, ring shoes, chains, leashes.

Russia, 115563, Moscow, Marshal Biryuzov str., 1, building 1A

(495) 150 4455



PET LINE GROUP LLC is the exclusive supplier of HELLO PET brand products to Russia and the CIS and works directly with a factory that produces these products in Taiwan. The company is ready to offer not only favorable prices, a demanded and correctly selected range of pet products, but also high–quality service in Russia - prompt order processing, timely free delivery in Moscow, including to transport companies.

Russia, 11710, Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse str., 39B, p. 1

(499) 782 2050



Company Pet-Product has been operating in the market of pet products for more than 10 years and holding leading positions in supplying pet food and related products in Russia.The wholesale direction unites the best foreign brands of pet supplies, as well as their own brands of feed, accessories and vitamin treats. Savita, Florida, Organix, Smart and others brands are created using high-quality ingredients at an attractive price.

Russia, 197022, St. Petersburg, Vsevolod Vishnevsky str., 12a, office 705

(964) 39 24421



The Russian manufacturer of couches, ammunition, carriers, toys Pride. Production since 2009.

Russia, 117574, Moscow, Golubinskaya str., 4 A, p. 1

(499) 553 9172



ProRacion company is established in 2019 in Novosibirsk. The company's products are designed for a balanced daily diet of dogs and cats, comply with international standards: only high-quality ingredients with certificates of conformity are used in the manufacture of dry food. High quality and useful properties of dry feeds of TM Delikana are achieved due  to the high-tech equipment, modern manufacturing technologies of the product.

Russia, 630110, Novosibirsk, Pisemsky str., 24/1

(383) 334 0133



Qingdao Everpet Biological Technology Co., Ltd

The company is a manufacturer of pet snacks in China. In a diverse assortment, you will find the perfect snack for any situation, whether it's a game or a workout. The products are exported to Korea, Japan, Europe, Russia and many other countries. The company is a stable OEM supplier of many well–known international brands.

China, 266000, Shandong, Qingdao, Building A, No. 43 Zhengzhou Road, Shibei District

+7926 583 7321


Qingdao MRC Cat Litter Products Co., Ltd.

Leading tofu cat litter manufacturer in China. 4 production lines, annual production of 20 thousand tons. Premium quality, a wide range of production options for private labels. Tofu granules, air tofu, bentonite, silica gel.

China, 266000, Shandong, Qingdao, No 3 Yinchuan East Road, Laoshan 

+ 86 1856187



Royal Pet

The Royal Pet factory has been operating since 2005. They produce beds and clothes for dogs and cats. They have been producing premium products for pets for more than 15 years. Each product from the Royal Pet sewing factory is created with love and care for pets.

Russia, 115580, Moscow, Zadonsky proezd, 16, p. 1, office 232

(916) 099 7321



The company R-Trade produces high-quality natural food for cats and dogs according to unique recipes developed jointly with foreign technologists. All feeds are made on the basis of fresh and high-quality meat products, taking into account the latest scientific achievements in the field of pet nutrition. All products undergo strict quality control according to the standards implemented at the enterprise. Quality control takes place both at the acceptance of raw materials and at the output.

Russia, 142000, Moscow region, Domodedovo, Lesnaya str., 23, office 19–21

(495) 902 6998



Group of Companies RED is the largest Russian manufacturer of a wide range of products and accessories for pets. Product range of the company consists of more than 5000 items. The structure of the enterprise includes 5 production workshops (casting and plastic workshop, carpentry workshop, clothing production, metalworking workshop, ammunition production). Products are produced both under their own brand and under private label.

Russia, 194044, Saint Petersburg, Mendeleevskaya str., 7, p. 4, office 2

(812) 775 8888


ROK Retail LLC

The Pettwon store has been offering its customers feed and additives for all types of pets, veterinary drugs, disinfection and sanitation products, as well as garden and vegetable garden products for more than 9 years. The company strives to provide excellent service, affordable prices and a wide range of products.

Russia, 143909, Moscow region, Balashikha, Zvezdnaya str., 7, p. k 1

(495) 745 6787


Russian-Holland Manufacturing (RHM)

Russian-Holland Manufacturing (RHM) is a modern factory for developing and producing wet pet food of high quality including Standard and Super-Premium. The most modern equipment combined with advanced technologies in the field of pet food production, as well as the supply of high-quality raw materials allow us to develop top-quality feed recipes here. The factory is ready to offer cooperation in the production of its own brands of pet food.

Russia, 194362, St. Petersburg, p. Pargolovo, Zheleznodorozhnaya str., 11, p. 2, office lit. A

(812) 401 4003



OOO RUSSIAN PET FOOD (TM ZOOMENU) produces dry and wet feeds of the super premium class, holistic, grain-free and fresh meat pet foods, natural treats, dietary supplements and care products. In the company's system, the ZOORUS Animal Lovers Club, an educational and exhibition center, a gym, and a pet store. More than 80 branches and representative offices in Russia.

Russia Moscow, 127410, region, Central, Moscow, ul. Altufevskoe highway, 37, p. 1, office C 012

(495) 228 0642




Shandong Binfei Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.

Shandong Binfei Pet Supplies Co., LTD, located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, with a total investment of about 100 million yuan, involves pet food processing such as puffing, steaming, freeze-drying, and has passed the ISO9001 and ISO22000 quality management system certifications. Products ranges from pet wet-dry food to pet treats, canned food, pet ham sausage, freeze-dried food, Nutrition cream and so on. Company provides high-quality services, create a successful brand, and seek common development.

China, Shandong, Linyi city Lanshan District, Qiluyuan Business Building, 100 meters east of the intersection of Tianjin Road and Wenhe Road, д. Room 502

(0539) 705 6026


Simple Zoo

Simple Zoo is a wholesale company providing culture of keeping terrarium pets in Russia. It has its own production of terrariums of European quality with a 3-year warranty. Hit of sales – basic kits for exotic animals. The assortment includes more than 120 products for reptiles and amphibians. The company provides consulting on the opening of a terrarium department on the basis of your store, as well as specialized training for sales managers.

Russia, 105118, Moscow, Kirpichnaya str., 29

(499) 321 2055


Sino-hk loffe (Beijing) International trade Co., Ltd.

Loffe company includes Beijing company and Hebei Youbi Pet Manufacturing Co. Ltd. There are 21 employees in Beijing office, 95 employees in Hebei. The company offers cooperation and partnership in Russia.

Китай, 100054, Пекин, район Фэншань, улица Тяньсин, Двор 1,  Корпус 16,  Офис 503,

+ 80 36 5726



The company combines the functions of a moderator, intermediary, operator and integrator in the pet products market. It has been on the market since 1997.

Russia, 117545, Moscow, Activnaya str., 1, building. 5, page 3

(495) 796 9306


Severpak Limited Liability Company

LLC Severpak is an official representative of new super premium pet feeds from Brazil at the territory of Russia and Customs Union EAEU. Formula Natural is a line of super premium pet feeds for cats and dogs by ADIMAX INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE ALIMENTOS LTDA – one of the biggest manufacturers in Latin America. The composition of Formula Natural meets the highest standards of world-class manufacturers and uses Human Grade ingredients as its raw materials.

The Russian Federation, 197374, St. Petersburg, Torfyanaya doroga str, 7, p. F, office 821

(812) 702 6686



KYOKO TM is a Russian manufacturer of natural dried and dried treats for dogs and cats. The principles of the company: naturalness, environmental friendliness, benefits and taste. Full-cycle production on our own industrial equipment. A young, flexible team, loving their work, created and brought to the market an interesting product in a recognizable package under the KYOKO trademark. Specialized specialists, technologists and nutritionist – production control and assortment expansion. The company offers cooperation under STM.

Russia, 644031, Omsk, Nikolay Shtanin str., 15, office 1

(800) 600 7371



SIMBIO Group is specialized in veterinary medicine, pet food, feed additives for both agricultural producers and owners of dogs and cats, professional breeders, pet stores and veterinary clinics. Currently, SIMBIO Group is the exclusive distributor of TerriroriyA™, Pureluxe, Boreal, Lishinu, Buckle-Down products, as well as the official distributor of Boehringer Ingelheim, Diusa, Elanco, Farmina, KRKA, MSD, Мadan products.

(495) 984 5311

E2, F4


Is a manufacturer of fillers and treats TM Indigo. Is the official distributor in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region of the following brands: Blitz, Vivere, Onto, Wolmar Winsome.

Russia, 194295, St. Petersburg, Poetic b-r, 2

(812) 426 1821


Supremo LLC

Supremo LLC is an exclusive importer of super premium brands on the Russian market. High quality products, a team of professionals and active marketing support are the key to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with partners.

Russia, 117545, Moscow, Dorozhnaya str., 1, p. 3/5

(495) 223 9539




Setting a goal to help people in their daily care of pets, the Adresnik company uses all means to keep up with the times: new trademarks are being developed in the company, existing brands are being improved, more efficient production methods are being established.

Russia, 127566, Moscow, Altufevskoe highway, 44

(495) 926 2687



Trade House VET is a modern manufacturer of veterinary equipment and a supplier of turnkey solutions for equipping veterinary clinics. The company's product range includes products for veterinary practice, diagnostic studies, the organization of multifunctional hospitals and vivariums, as well as products for grooming salons and sports clubs for pets.

Russia, 117519, Moscow, Varshavskoe str., 148

(495) 797 3472


Tavela Corporation

Tavela Corporation has been manufacturing and selling wholesale cat litter fillers for over 10 years, as well as treats and food for dogs under the "Antizapah", "Pitomets", JAWZ and "Myasoeshki" trademarks. Own production complex for the production of fillers and treats for private brands. Location of the corporation: 116/62 Kalinina Ave., Barnaul, Russia, tel.: 88002007690, , . 

(3852) 39 0900


TH Gama-Market Ltd

Trading House Gama-Market is one of the leading companies in Russia in the field of wholesale and retail trade in veterinary drugs, cosmetics and hygiene products for pets. More than 2,000 items of products are available in stock. General distributor of Micro-Plus and GamaVetPharm companies (medicines Gamavit, Fosprenil, Maksidin, Gamapren, balm Gamabiol). On the market since 2005.

Russia, 123098, Moscow, Gamalei str., 18

(495) 234 5931


Trading Company FARMAKS

Trading House Farmaks is an official sales representative of research-and-production enterprise Farmaks and specializes in the wholesale of goods for pets. At Park Zoo 2022 the company will present ELATO holistic pet food, feed additives for pet, vitamin and mineral complexes, digestive tract supplements and care products.

Russia, 141078, Moscow region, Korolev, Gorky str., 12, p. B

(916) 584 5669


The company Elf

The company Elf is a major manufacturer of pet products in the Russian Federation since 2000. The products are manufactured from natural ingredients with unique formulations and technologies.

(904) 544 3525



The Hvost News online magazine includes expert-tested articles and video reviews on pet care, educational broadcasts, and popular talk shows. Advertising placement, native promotion, reviews of events and events are offered. ValtaWood Production Studio creates commercials about your business, products and services. Conducting live broadcasts, recording presentations and content for social networks, blogs and websites. The first entry is free. Website – .

Russia, 117519, Moscow, Varshavskoe str., 148

(495) 797 3472


Vetprodaks LLC

The official distributor of global manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals, such as MSD, Zoetis, Elanco, Ceva, KRKA, Livisto, food for cats and dogs  – Farmina, DiusaPet, as well as Russian manufacturers of veterinary and feed. On exclusive terms, the company presents brand products: GIGI (Latvia) - veterinary drugs, Pettric (Thailand) – wet food for cats, Camon (Italy) - accessories, Balu (Belarus) - vitamin treats, NALAPU (Russia) - functional treats.

Russia, 129329, Moscow, Kolskaya str., 2, p. 4, office 16-18

(499) 400 1407


VETSNAB LLC (Russia, Novosibirsk)

The company is engaged in the production and supply of natural flavors (flavor enhancers, in liquid and dry form) used in pet food. Produces and sells: cream sauces and meat seasonings for dogs and cats. Supplies treats and canned products.

Russia, 630132, Novosibirsk, 1905 goda str., 30, office 79

(383) 213 5604


Vyatskaya Korzina

The AZIMUT Folk Art Crafts Company was founded in 1998 and consists of highly qualified specialists. Produces wicker products from willow vines under the trademark Vyatskaya korzina. The resulting handmade products are durable, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Russia, 613040, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kalinina str., 7

(83361) 47533




Xody is a Russian brand of wonderful pet products! A company that has its own production, warehouse, logistics facilities in Moscow! A team of caring people who love their work and create wonderful sun beds, cabins, mattresses, carrier bags, orthopedic mattresses for pets! Xody - 11 years of successful work, more than 700,000 manufactured products!

Russia, 121351, Moscow, Kotsyubinsky str., 4, p. 84, office 289

(495) 766 0549




Yantai Yummy Pet Food Co., Ltd

Yantai Yummy Pet Food Co., Ltd is a professional pet treats manufacture with chicken feeding, processing; Pet treat researching developing and manufacturing.We already obtained certificates of BRC,IFS for food safety and BSCI for social compliance , and passed the COSTCO and AMAZON audit of USA.With more than 15 years experience in the pet treat manufacture and export, we are winning acclaim from both worldwide and domestic market due to excellent quality and professional service.

China, 265400, Shandong, Zhaoyuan, North оf Huwang Village 

+ 0535 811 3368


Yumster Ltd.

Yumster is a brand of innovative products for pets. Yumster pet food contains black soldier fly protein, produced in-house using a unique technology. Entomoprotein is a valuable source of amino acids and trace elements, has high digestibility and bioefficiency, is not inferior to animal proteins in composition, and is hypoallergenic. Yumster offers over 60 SKUs of dry and wet food for cats, dogs, rodents and exotic animals. It is planned to produce cosmetics and other pet products.

Russia, 109559, Central Federal District, Tikhoretsky Boulevard, 1, p. 3, office 3/8

(800) 500 2691



YARVET is an official distributor of exclusive products for animals, veterinary drugs, feed and equipment for veterinary clinics of leading Russian and world manufacturers. The company has been operating since 1999 and serves more than 6,500 regular customers.

Russia, 150000 Yaroslavl, Pobedy str., 22, p. 4

(800) 700 3097




Zhejiang Entai Pet Technology Co.,Ltd specializes in the development, production and sales of pet products. Products cover a full range of pet textile products such as pet bed,pet blankets, pet sofas, pet clothing and so on. Company has two major brands, Grannies  and Entai. Values: Pets are also our family. Concept: Health, Innovation, Concentration. Mission: Strive to become the preferred brand of pet products textile.

China, Huzhou, Deqing, Zhejiang Zhongguan Town, No.81 Hengtangqiao Road

(571) 567 5851



ZILLII is a super premium dry and wet pet food for dogs and cats produced in Russia. ZILLII's hypoallergenic formulas include healthy ingredients with optimal nutritional value, great palatability, and easy-to-understand formulas. Products are presented in all regions of the Russian Federation. From each purchased package of ZILLII pet food, part of the funds is donated to the Plant a Forest charity foundation for reforestation.

Russia, 141006, Moscow region, Mytishchi, Volkovskoe shosse, ap. 13A, p. 1

(495) 504 3729



ZooMedVet is a monthly magazine for owners and managers of pet stores, veterinary pharmacies and clinics, pet service companies, and pet product manufacturers. In each issue of the magazine there is an overview of the retail price market, marketing research, the whole range of pet products and veterinary preparations, market novelties, data on exhibitions and events. ZOOsovety is a monthly magazine for pet lovers.

Russia, 109472, Moscow region, 34, Tashkent str., p. 4, office 2

(495) 374 5650



The Golden Cat has been producing eco-friendly corn filler and food for small pets since 2006. The company guarantees the quality of raw materials, as it grows corn on its own land plots in the Voronezh region. The filler does not contain any impurities, artificial ingredients and glue, only corncob!

Russia, 397524, Voronezh, Centrail, Klepovka Sadovaya str., 7

(916) 726 2760



The ZOOMIR company has been one of the largest Russian producers of feed and healthy treats for decorative rodents and rabbits, birds, turtles, aquarium and pond fish for 26 years. ZOOMIR's products are of high quality, rich, diverse composition, scientifically-based recipes. The company keeps up with the times, dynamically develops, constantly improves the manufactured feeds and treats, and also creates interesting and necessary novelties for customers.

Russia, 195030, Saint Petersburg, Electropultovtsev str., 7, lit. D

(812) 331 0035


ZeoTradeResource LLC

Manufacture of natural fillers for pet litters ZEOSAN, T for the Cat. Manufacture of natural pet litters under private labels (PL) for retailers and wholesalers.

Russia, 107023, Moscow, Elektrozavodskaya str., 24, p. 1, office 407

(499) 130 3017



«ParkZoo 2023». Make a plan for a New Year


The 2022 ends. What was it like for us, for everyone? Different, because we are all individual and unique! The New Year is always associated with new plans, discoveries, meetings. I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year, let the warmth and comfort of the house surround you, hope is inspired by an active and positive environment, loved ones are pleased with success. By organizing events in 2023, we will help and do everything for closer and more productive cooperation in the pet business! A person cannot live without plans! Let’s make plans, fill out the production calendar: - Russian Zoo Business Summit — 2023 — "Transformation of Reality. In search of a new one." - The XII International Specialized Exhibition of the pet industry «ParkZoo 2023». We are always in touch and ready to answer all questions related to the preparation of events. With love, warmth, Natalia Morgunova and the ARTIS Expo team

We invite you to become a participant of «ParkZoo 2023»


Dear colleagues! Two months have passed since the end of the exhibition «ParkZoo 2022». I am sure that the results have been summed up, contacts have been fixed, supplies are coming. Despite the difficult period, we live, work, think, do not plan so far, and the plan has become more like a scenario. A lot depends on us and how much we prepare an optimistic scenario. We invite you to become participants of the XII International Specialized Exhibition of the Pet Industry "ParkZoo 2023", which will be held in Moscow from September 20 to 22, 2023 at the Crocus Expo IEC, Expo 1, Hall 4, floor 1. Preparations for the 2023 project have begun. The main layout of the exhibition hall «ParkZoo 2023» has been preserved until 31.12.2022, we are waiting for confirmation of participation from the exhibitors of 2022. If you are planning to participate in «ParkZoo 2022», please send a confirmation of the previous stand or a request for a new one in any form indicating the required area to Marina Konstantinike's email address: so that we can make an offer for 2023, discuss all organizational issues and payment terms. After 31.12.2022, we do not guarantee the preservation of the ParkZoo 2022 stand. We inform you that preparations are underway for the Summit 2023. Registration is open for participation in the Russian Zoo Business Summit, which will be held on April 5-7, 2023 in Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana, Radisson Rosa Khutor Hotel) and will be held for the seventh time. The theme of the Zoo Business Summit — 2023 is "Transformation of Reality. In search of a new one." The program of the event is at the stage of approval. The summit is always about the essential. Currently, it is important to maintain balance, react quickly to changes in reality, and support each other. The number of seats is limited. Details on the website:   We are always in touch and ready to answer all questions related to the preparation of events. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, try not to lose heart and believe in the best. With love, warmth and hope, Natalia Morgunova

Summing up the results of «ParkZoo 2022». Preparation for the exhibition «ParkZoo 2023»


Dear exhibitors! It's been almost a month since our last meeting. I think that the preliminary results of participation in the exhibition have been summed up. A post-release and photos have been published on the «ParkZoo» website. I am really looking forward to feedback on the organization of the exhibition from those who have not had time for this yet. It is very important and will help to make qualitative changes in the process of preparing and holding the event. Until 31.12.2022, we are waiting for confirmation of participation in «ParkZoo 2022», keeping the layout of 2022. I am always in touch and will help solve any issues related to the preparation for the Summit 2023 and «ParkZoo 2023». Sincerely, Natalia Morgunova  

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