Russia, Moscow, ECC "Sokolniki", pavilions 2, 3, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 7A
September 22-24, 2021
9:00 - 18:00

Participants ParkZoo 2019

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Pandaexpo – exclusive distributor of feeders by Italian brand Forza10. The company has built a renowned market in Russia with veterinarian treatment and physiological feeders that guarantee health of our pets. Delivery across all of Russian Federation.

(495) 617 1743


ТUZIK Trade Mark (Individual entrepreneur Chebykin Yuri Andreevich)

TM TUZIK is a pioneer in the development and production seasonal zoo-hygienic clothing for dogs by breed and gender. Each pet is protected from the weather: dressed on the exterior, comfortable, practical. Large selection of overalls, vests, blankets, hats, home clothes. Own factory in Russia. Sale wholesale.

(495) 517 6117



Adragna was founded in Alcamo in 1973, in this period the core business was the production of zootecnichal food. The production food for dogs and cats begins in 1998. The company manifactures its products by using the best available raw materials that can be found on the Sicilian or Italian market. Today the company exports its products in 40 countries.

+ 0924 23013


AIXIA (Japan) is a leader among the producers of cat feed. Only fresh products are used for making the feed. There are no artificial additions and conserving agents. 100% of natural ingredients. The contents of meat/fish in the feed is up to 98%.

(3952) 55 4411


ANADOLU AQUARIUM AND PET PRODUCTS  company is one of the biggest producer of dry food for dogs and cats in Turkey. We produce Super Premium, Premium and Economy dry food with high quality standards. Our factory is located in Salihli, Manisa. Production capacity is 4 ton/hr. We also make custom branding.

+ 216 311 1444


Date of Foundation: 1991. Direction of activity:  veterinary drug manufacturing; veterinary hygienic products manufacturing; production of means for disinfection and disinsection of objects of different function.  Range: more than 200 items. Team: more than 150 highly qualified specialists. Market position: among the top 3 Russian manufacturers of veterinary drugs. Production: own site equipped.

(495) 580 7713


For 35 years, AQUAEL has been offering a full range of products for equipment and professional maintenance of aquariums and garden ponds. The owners of the company, Janusz Jankevich and his wife, Bohumil, since the founding date, adhere to the rule «Implament today what others will think up only tomorrow. This is your chance to attract new customers». AQUAEL always keeps up with the times. Special attention is paid to the introduction of innovations and unique technological solutions.

+ 4822 855 1111


The fast growing company, distributor and owner of TM GRANDORF and ONE & ONLY – holistic foods for cats and dogs, rich in meat and natural hypoallergenic ingredients with nutritional and functional benefits.

(495) 648 4816


Agrobioprom is a company focused on production of unique medicines, hygiene and sanitation products for pets under Pchelodar Professional brand. Its product range includes 113 items. High quality products guarantee success!

(495) 607 5034


CHENGDE AIMIR PET PRODUCT CO., LTD. Our company mainly specializes in the production of cat litter, we have a very wide selection, we produce litter from high quality raw materials, the main types are litter, Bentonite Cat litter, Tofu Premium Cat litter , Silica gel Cat litter, Pine wood Cat litter. At the moment, the fillers of our production are recognized in many markets, for example: Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, the markets of the Middle East.

+7 13250 16 7137


We supply pet products throughout Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. We will be glad to meet you! Our customers include the largest pet product chains in the country, as well as individual small shops. For many years, the basis of the company's assortment has been aquarium products. Now we are pleased to offer you a full range of products for cats, dogs, birds and rodents. Vitamins and goodies for dogs, cats and rodents. Stainless steel animal bowls. Cages for birds and rodents.

(800) 550 2156


Wholesale and retail Company Aquaimpex is the official distributor of KW zone and HIDOM, products in Russia. The assortment includes a wide range of products of leading world manufacturers – Aquael, Tetra, Sera, Eheim, Hagen, Schego, Resun, etc.

(916) 339 3777

Aller Petfood

Aller Petfood is Russian subsidiary of the Danish company Aller Petfood Group, who has 40 years of experience in producing petfood. Aller Petfood is producing high quality pet food to the standards of FSSC 22000. Aller Petfood carries a selection of two brands: ALL Petfood and TASTY Petfood, and takes great pride in working closely with their distribution partners, making sure they are with them every step of the way.

(812) 309 2560


TAVELA. Production of pet products since 2007. JAWZ  high-quality dried treats from by-products. Natural product, only one ingredient, technology of careful drying with preservation of all the benefits of offal fillers for cat trays under the brand names. We are among the five largest suppliers of silica gel fillers in Russia.

(962) 792 0855


The Russian company Alpintech is a manufacturer of fodder and sweets brands TiTBiT and BIFF in the pet market for over 18 years. It offers more than 600 items of products for dogs, cats, birds and rodents (dry and wet food, functional and encouraging delicacies, delicacies of the Organic class, as well as toys for dogs and cats. Over the years, the company's products have gained confidence and become well known to owners and breeders of domestic animals, not only in Russia, but also abroad.

(495) 902 6292


Alliance-market offers TM LUXSAN hygiene products line: disposable pads in 3 sizes: 40х60, 60х60, 60х90, including absorbing pads; breathable diapers in 5 sizes (2–20 kg); self-locking bandages with a bitter impregnation in 5 sizes.

(495) 150 4198



AMMA – the company with 26-years history, is one of the largest wholesaler of products for all types of pets under TRIOL, Gamma, CAT STEP, LAGUNA, REPTI-ZOO, JEBO and AA-Aquarium trademarks.

(499) 755 1555


Spectrum Ltd. has been operating on the market since 2009. The company manufactures products for cats and dogs under the trademark ANTICARAPKI. It produces high-quality nail caps, scratching posts, pheromones for cats, toys and paw washers for dogs. Also, the company sells a large number of imported goods on the Russian market.

(495) 778 3916


Apicenna (former name Api-San) has been working in the Russian market of veterinary pharma since 1991. It is specialized on the production of medicines and hygiene means for animals. The range includes more than 200 items covering all aspects of pet health.

(495) 580 7713


Arkon, one of the largest producers of leather accessories in Russia, offers high-quality home manufactured products: collars, leashes, muzzles, harnesses. High quality, reliability and safety, original design.

(383) 204 7785

Arkhangelsky A.V.

Manufacture and sale of pet products. A wide range of canned food for cats, dogs and ferrets under private labels Lunch for pets and Pretty Betty.

(916) 811 6000


AS-Capital is a part of a large holding of the group of companies AS with a 27-year history, one of the industry leaders, which includes: Two modern veterinary clinics ASVET, Retail Sami with Usami, Internet pet store, Veterinary Distribution, Department Fodder & Pet Supplies Distribution, Department of Foreign Economic Activity, Transport company. Based on two office and warehouse terminals in Moscow and the Moscow region.

(495) 916 9168


Since 2003, Afina LLC is a leading distribution company with a branch network all over the Russia. We exclusively represent professional pet food Banters / Natural Greatness / Anamova (Spain) and Bosch / Sanabelle (Germany) in Russia. The product range includes more than 2000 names of pet products of leading foreign and domestic producers.

(495) 660 9102


ALTERNATIVA is the largest producer of plastic products in Russia. The wide assortment includes goods for the house, kitchen, garden and tourism, for children and for animals.

(34767) 43424


ACANA COMPANY is an exclusive distributor of biologically appropriate dog and cat foods and treats ACANA and ORIJEN in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Made by Champion Petfoods in Canada on own award-winning kitchens – NorthStar® Kitchens in Alberta, from fresh regional ingredients.

(495) 734 9958

Acana Company

Production and sale BLITZ petfood for cats and dogs. BLITZ are presented in three lines: Classic and Sensitive – superpremium petfoods with live probiotics made in Russia and Holistic line of petfoods with fresh meat produced in Italy.

(495) 734 9958


Scientific-Research Center AGROVETZASHCHITA was established in 1993. It has been developing, producing and selling veterinary medicines and care products for pets, horses, fancy birds, fish, rodents, farming animals and poultry over 25 years.

(495) 648 2626

AQUA LOGO Wholesale Company

AQUA LOGO Wholesale Company is an official distributor of Tetra, Hagen, Juwel, Aquael, Eheim, Prime, Gloxy, Ista, Sylvania, Aqua Medic, Red Sea, Octo, Deltec products in Russia. 

(499) 678 2200


Astrapharm is a trade representative office of Russian veterinary products manufacturers such as Skiff, Astrapharm, Farmaks and BioInvest. Representative offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and a wide distribution network in Russia and Neighboring countries.

(495) 645 8579



Beaphar – Dutch company, which manufactures antiparasitic items, feed supplements, vitamins, pet care products and hygienic items for pets.One of the leading European manufacturers which produces according to international standards GMP. Beaphar 77 years in the Wald and more than 27 years in Russia with an excellent reputation.

(495) 780 1587


Befood Pet Nutrition makes dry pet food in private label and is focused on Superpremium with fresh meat, Veterinary and Premium products. Befood is a plant NO GMO Certified.

+ 0744 94 3578


BROOKSFIELD is super premium low grain pet food. All our recipes are prepared according to the specific needs of dogs and cats of different sizes, taking into account their agility and age. Each formula contains FRESH MEAT as the 2nd ingredient. Chicken, beef and turkey are used. The ingredients are carefully selected to make the food completely balanced and suitable for your pet’s health. The special combination of the components in each formula meets all the physiological needs of the animal.

(495) 504 3729


BELKAROLIN LLC (Republic of Belarus) since 2004 has been engaged in the development and production of veterinary drugs. The company offers: hormonal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs for the treatment of otitis and dermatitis, antihistamines, vitamin-mineral preparations based on β-carotene.

(212) 61 7667


Russian manufacturer of cat litter under PL Fresh Cat®. The Fresh Cat® filler meets the SUPER PREMIUM class standards both in filling and in the quality and convenience of packaging. Since 2009, the company BELKOM is a manufacturer of natural feed additives under the PL BELKOHELP® for domestic animals and poultry. High quality products, individual conditions of cooperation, competent team of developers and employees, timely delivery.

(496) 263 8629


Group of companies Biodesign works in the market since 1992 and is a well-known Russian manufacturer of products for aquariums, fish food, and also leads activities in the distribution of goods from Europe and Asia. Biodesign products are enjoyed among customers and very popular.

(495) 926 3836


The largest service company in Russia. Products domestic and foreign manufacturers: from available and inexpensive to sophisticated for discerning buyers. TM: Vaka, Biovaks, Bioflor, Series 44, Imperials , Weekly-Quickly, X-Element. Among the company's foreign partners are firms from Germany, Italy, Finland, Spain, Holland, Thailand, China, USA, Canada and Poland. The official distributor in Russia of feeds for dogs and cats Nutram (Canada).

(812) 336 6324


The main activity of the company is the production of bioresources, in particular, gammarus and artemia cysts (raw, dry and decapsulated). OOO Biotrade not only sells the produced raw component of aquaculture, but also exposes it to the unique processing. Also in the assortment there are natural dry food for birds, fish and reptiles (daphnia, silkworm, mealworm, shrimp) and food in the form of flakes, tablets, granules and disks.

(3852) 58 0660


Bioformel is a leading manufacturer of innovative cosmetic and insectoacaricidal products for dogs and cats under the brand name Bruno Vip, Мr. Bruno, Мs. Kiss, Animal Play Herbal, ТМ Animal Play Sweet. A balanced range of brands is designed to permanently keep the pet health and to emphasize its exhibition appearance.

(495) 221 7197


Since 2001 the BOSPA COMPANY specializes in production of a wide range of forages and delicacies for Pets The new rulers of BOSPA and BOSPA ECO available in the range of organic basic food, treats and supplements. When selecting the components of the product takes into account the composition of food in the natural habitat of the animal. Add all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that are needed for a healthy and long life of Your favorite Pets.

(937) 989 2808


We are Busco Petfood from Germany. Our mission is to prepare the daily meal for Your beloved cat and dog. Petfood – many are producing it. We are preparing it. This is what makes the difference. Before starting manufacturing our branded foods and meals, we spent a a lot of time to find the perfect synergy of ingredients, fats, proteins and vitamins to create food which will not only be wholesome but tasty like a treat.

+49 511 310 103 80


Cat's Season

Cat's Season sells products for dogs, cats, and small animals. The assortment contains unique products not represented in Russia, for example, transporting cells with colored pallets and new locking mechanisms, scales for instant control of the amount of feed. Also presented sunbeds, claws, diapers. Cat'sSeason is a new brand of cat litter with silica gel, clumping and tofu.

(8452) 50 3580


CHAMPION STYLE – manufacturer of comfortable clothes for dogs. Having measured more than 1,500 customers over the past 8 years, 22 sizes have been derived, which cover the needs of all breeds. The production uses high-quality fabrics, modern hypoallergenic insulation and reliable fittings. Champion Style offers not only stylish and high-quality, but most importantly –comfortable clothes for your pets!

(905) 213 8808

Charitable Foundation for homeless animals "NIKA"

NIKA Foundation began working in summer 2011 and has been promoting pet adoption from shelters ever since. The Foundation owns and manages two shelters which collectively house around 1000 pets. The Foundation supports projects aimed at sterilizing pets and participates in state-run sterilization and vaccination projects covering approximately 2000 stray dogs in the Moscow region. Starting from 2016, twice a year NIKA runs the largest pet adoption fair called WOOF.

(962) 9152139

Canina Pharma GmbH

Canina Pharma GmbH is a German producer of feedstuff supplements and care products for pets which is working on the European zoo market and in the whole world for more than 30 years. Feed supplements made from exclusively natural ingredients for healthy skin, coat, teeth, joints, skeleton, ligaments and tendons, strong immune system and the healthy development of puppies and kittens.

(495) 725 0446

COLLAR Company

For more than 20 years the COLLAR Company creates innovative products that are in high demand in 60 countries all over the world. The BestSellers: PULLER – the world first dog fitness tool. EVOLUTOR  the most durable collar & leash with Global Lifetime Warranty. WAUDOG series of dog accessories with different unique features. AiryVest – the lightest ever dog jacket. LIKER  a toy that dogs would like and even love! 

(960) 555 9096

Company Amigo

Express diagnostics of infectious diseases in pet, determination of the blood group, dermatophytes, therapeutic shampoos, shampoos for grooming, lime sulfur and much more.

(926) 525 5742

Company Gulfstream+

The Company Gulfstream+ LTD is a distributor which provides delivery, sale and service of the high-quality equipment for ponds, fountains and aquariums producted by OASE (Germany) and biOrb (England). The dealer network of the company includes hundreds of firms all over the Russian Federation.

(495) 640 9151


DEMETRA Company is the exclusive Russian distributor of VitaPRO, Vitakraft and Fauna International pet products and one of the leading distributors of DAJANA PET, EHEIM, Juwel Aquarium, Penn-Plax, Savic, Nobby, Geoplast, Mister Pet.

(495) 786 4999

Chetveronogy Gourman

The company has been producing premium pet food for 15 years and launches new products every year. Technologists of the company personally select raw materials and create original recipes. Canned cat’s and dog’s food are made from real meat, cereal –from natural grains, and dry food – from selected components. Chetveronogy Gurman product portfolio consists of more than 200 products that could satisfy even the most demanding customer needs.

(495) 921 3074


Dino Zoo

The Dino Zoo company – the distributor of the European brands of pet goods and the large retailer with own network of hypermarkets in Russia. Dino Zoo stores are a huge retail space, a wide range of global brands, including an exclusive new brand of products for terrariumistics – Repti Planet. Dino Zoo is part of the Placek Group holding, a supplier of animal products in 20 countries. The concern owns and operates 300 pet markets in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia and Poland.

(499) 641 6100


DOG-PROFI is a scientific educational project that promotes pedigree dogs and cats and competent attitude to them. Within the framework of the project books on the most popular dog and cat breeds were published, 4 large-scale conferences for breeders were held.

(910) 409 0183


Products for dogs brand Doglike is a toy and shells for games and entertainment Your pet. The range of products for playing at home and on the street. Toys Doglike may be interested not only in a puppy, but also an adult dog, the main thing to choose it. Toys brand Doglike made of unusual shapes and different materials to pet interested and not bored!

(495) 255 5425


Dogmoda is one of the Russian manufacturers of recognizably high-quality, practical and fashionable clothes and accessories for dogs of all breeds: from tiny toy Terriers to impressive cane сorso.

(929) 520 4007


1. A huge range of comfortable and functional clothes of the highest quality for dogs of different breeds. 2. We produce clothing made of membrane fabric SOFT SHELL – a fabric that promotes breathing, wind, snow, contributing to thermal comfort sensations. Does not get wet and does not let the wind through. 3. High-quality fabrics and accessories – clothing has not lost its appearance for many years. 4. Each model of clothes is carefully studied.

(911) 967 7774

Danko-ZOO SPb

Danko-Zoo provides yours pets with products of the high quality more than 15 years. Experts’ opinions are taken into account and the most modern technologies and materials are used in manufacturing process of our products.

(906) 227 0995


A portion of sunny Italy in your pet’s bowl from Dailydog and Dailycay. Cheer him up with premium from Classic line, go on the tasty voyage with Casual line, be the first to discover Unique line. Pet food Dailydog and Dailycay is the loving answer to your loving pet.

(812) 380 3868


The company manufactures decorative plastic products for decorating aquariums and terrariums under the DekSi trademark – its own products. There are more than 100 products in the assortment: stones, snags, ships, fortresses, castles, skulls, skeletons, masking decorative elements for decorating aquarium equipment, one-sided elements for installation to the rear wall of aquariums, etc. High quality, interesting design and affordable prices, various sizes and species.

(913) 210 1890


DILLI trademark foods are high-quality, natural and safe products, which meet environmental standards, which is confirmed with a medal of Environmentally Friendly Products International Contest. DILLI trademark foods represent a varied and wholesome diet for beloved pets.

(38553) 21992


The Dogger company  the manufacturer of accessories for animals from genuine leather. Production – Russia, Moscow. Traditions and style of the company since 1990. Own design and patented technologies. From simple to exclusive. Manual work. A wide range of products. Control of each product.

(495) 676 9569


Manufacturing and distribution of products for veterinary labs and hospitals. Up-to-date approach to laboratory diagnostics. Wide spectrum of supplied goods from consumables to the most complicated equipment. Training for laboratory staff, warranty and post-guarantee service. Seeking partnership both with end-users and sub-distributors.

(499) 130 0521



The German brand EHEIM has been synonymous with quality and reliability in the field of aquariums for 70 years. The range of EHEIM – a full spectrum of aquarium products: aquariums and cabinets, external and internal filters, feeders, pumps, lighting, air compressors, as well as accessories and components. EHEIM official distributor in Russia – Wholesale Company AQUA LOGO.

(499) 678 2200


ELACUARIO is an Importer of aquarium fish , amphibians and aquatic organisms from Asia. The company supplies animals to all regions of Russia and CIS countries. For many years of experience the company has gained a reputation as a reliable and responsible partner in this segment.

(965) 1968627

ExpoZooUA & AquaTerra Show

Exhibitions ExpoZooUA ( and AquaTerra Show ( are holding annually in Kyiv (Ukraine). These are international specialized exhibitions of goods and services for pets, grooming, veterinary and modern aquaria, terraria industry and decorative ponds.

(38050) 088 7859


The company Evro-Product-K is the largest supplier and producer of pet products in the South of Russia. It is one of the leaders of the national pet business. Evro-Product-K has many years of experience in the import trade and it is able to meet the needs of customers in all product groups.For suppliers it is a reliable partner because it has exclusive and distributing contracts. The company also has its own autopark and well-established logistics system. That’s all provides quality delivery service.

(861) 260 5801


Edelweis company works as distributor of NiteIze goods on Russian market.

(812) 309 7317


EKOSOFT – the manufacturer of cat litters Murzik, Naysi, Snejok and drains of air: – new technologies production of sorbents; – effective and economical sorbets; – high production quality LTD EKOSOFT to aspire to new opportunities and mutually advantageous cooperation. LLC EKOSOFT strives for new opportunities and mutually be.

(977) 529 8525


Cat litters ТМ Pussy-cat occupy a leading position in the market of pet products and are made from environmentally friendly domestic and imported raw materials that have undergone special processing at their own modernized production in the Tver region. All the activities Group of Companies Pussy-cat are aimed at creating the highest quality goods for pets, while the foreign policy is aimed at maintaining favorable prices for products.

(800) 777 3075


The company  ELF is a major manufacturer of pet products in the Russian Federation since 2000. The products are manufactured from natural ingredients with unique formulations and technologies. A wide range of products! A flexible system of discounts! Reasonable prices for each owner of your pet!

(83439) 39 9012


Emmi-dent Emmi-Dent is a wholesale supplier of: Oral hygiene products: ultrasonic brushes and pastes Emmi-pet, Orozyme supplements, spray Oral-relax; Equipment for veterinary dentistry: ultrasonic cleaners, dental units, dental instruments, ultrasonic scalers, micromotors, etc. Organization of the veterinary dentistry master classes.

(495) 532 8966



Company Feed-Ex is a leading manufacturer of automatic feeders, water fountains and heating bowls for home pets since 2005. Official distributor of PetSafe products – pet doors, training systems, Drinkwell water fountains. Representative of the World famous Toilet training system LitterKwitter.

(495) 729 8710

Flexi-Bogdahn International GmbH & Co. KG

As specialist in retractable leashes, flexi-Bogdahn International GmbH & Co. KG. offers World´s No. 1 retractable leashes – the ideal products for every dog breed and size. More than 190 different models are available in various colours and designs offering an activity radius of 3, 5, 8 and 10 meters length.

+4945 32 4044


The Favorit company represents forages for animals of a premium class of production Thailand in the territory of Russia. Only the healthy, balanced nutrition on the basis of natural ingredients, vitamin-rich and minerals, can provide to your favourites long, healthy and happy life!

(495) 642 3812


Exclusive distributor of TRIXIE (Germany) in Russia, official distributor of FLEXI (Germany).

(495) 960 2040


Trading company Farmaks Pvt Ltd is the official representative of scientific and manufacturing enterprise Farmaks – one of the leading Russian enterprises in respect of manufacturing of veterinary products. Wholesales of feed additives, vitaminized treats, care products, italian feeds of super-premium and holistic classes for pets.

(495) 500 3423

Farmina Pet Foods

Farmina Pet Foods is the representative division of the Italian company of the same name. Farmina food sales in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are carried out by 8 official distributors. The company’s range includes 8 commercial food lines, 2 professional lines for pedigree animals and veterinary specialists, as well as biologically active food supplements.

(495) 722 5235


Our company is the founder and manufacturer of products for dogs and cats of two well-known brands: DOGMAN and MAVA. Our factory was founded more than 12 years ago, and for 12 years we have been pleasing the owners of animals and their pets with high-quality carry-overs, soft levers and houses, comfortable dishes, toys and accessories. In our products, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: from the appearance, convenience and functionality – to the ease of care by the owner.

(495) 665 2852


FERPLAST is the importer and exclusive distributor of the Ferplast brand in Russia. The company's assortment includes more than 4000 modern innovative and safe items for cats, dogs, birds, rodents, fish and reptiles. All products are created with love for animals.

(495) 784 7024


Chammy feed for domestic animals of different breeds, the composition of which is carefully selected for the weight categories of animals (small, medium and large breeds). The line includes more than 20 items. Our feeds are distinguished by: • рerfectly balanced composition; • а wide range of tailored to the individual taste preferences of your pets; • do not contain soy, GMO, artificial colors, flavor enhancers.

(903) 613 8607


Gambol Pet Group

Gambol Pet Group is honored as the first National Safety Demonstration Area for Exported Pet Food by AQSIQ. Founded in 2006 with the conception of Global vision and persistent innovation, We have not only established R&D centers in China and Thailand, but also cooperated with professional veterinary doctors and dietitian teams from many countries to help the research and development of nutrition and health of pet food and improve the life quality of pets.

+ 0635 707 6010


GEOCLAY MINING opened its bentonite quarries obtaining the operating license in 2013 and made important investments in the first quarter of 2017, combining them with 29 years of industrial experience. Together with GEOPLAS and GEOTEKS, it has carried out its production activities since 1990 in a factory area of 60,000 sqm in Başkent OSB, in Ankara. In addition to the experienced staff of 300 employees, our companies carry out high-level R&D studies, for the benefit of future generations.

+ 312 267 1621


GHEDA PETFOOD is an Italian expert in cat and dog food with a unique experience in the European market since 1975. GHEDA PETFOOD has several lines of petfood in their assortment: Unica Natura for cats and Unica Natura for dogs with a holistic approach to nutrition, as well as professional food for breeders super premium quality – ProperForm Professional Breeders, well-chosen for the type and characteristics of the dog breed at various stages of life.

(495) 785 9864


GRAND PRIX produces super-premium dry pet food for dogs and cats of all breeds. Thanks to the innovative processing technology, all useful substances and vitamins are preserved in the food. The product range includes rations for dogs and cats at different stages of the life cycle and with different needs. Production is carried out under close veterinary control. GRAND PRIX pet food was created by enthusiasts with love and care for pets.

(496) 225 4646


Greenmade for Pets is natural cosmetics for animals of different breeds. All products are saturated with plant components, what makes possible to care the delicate fur of animal, making it dense and healthy, giving strength and radiance. The Creator of Greenmade for Pets is Anna Rudakova – Аll Вreed WCF expert, one of the most famous felinologists in the world and Vice President of the world cat Federation. She embodied all her knowledge, love for animals and nature in the best natural cosmetics.

(8800) 700 2541


GROOMERU.RU is an exclusive distributor of Artero and Foolee products in Russia. Other distributed brands are Artero, Foolee, WAHL, MOSER, Flexi, Aesculap, Show Tech. We obtain a wide assortment of pet grooming items including desinfection products, plenty of magnificent tools and equipment required for grooming salons, professional cosmetics.

(495) 729 4490


GATCHINSKY KKZ is the Russian producer of dry and wet petfood. The company produce wide range of feed under its own brands Stout, Nasha Marka, TerraKot and TerraPes and also the products under the private label.

(81371) 90552


Gelios stands for modern, high-quality products, great customer service, and competent, attentive teams.

(383) 328 1332


The company focuses on wholesale of goods for cats and dogs. In this segment the company is one of the leaders in the Russian market. Quality of goods, huge product range, and reasonable price policy contribute to long partnerships with vendors of pet products.

(495) 507 1665


GC PROROST – the largest distributor in the South of Russia, specializing in the sale of goods for home, garden, garden, as well as products for domestic and farm animals. The company, founded in 1999, over the years has established itself as a proven, reliable, highly professional partner. Own brand: PROROST, TUASEPT, DOBROZHIL, BULBUL, ZAMURRRCHATELNY.

(863) 303 0310


Globalvet group

Globalvet group company, founded in 2009, is one of the leaders of the Russian market of veterinary drugs. The company does not only supply veterinary medicines from the world leaders in production, but also imports products under its own registered brand name Globalvet®. The company is Federal, has representations in all territory of the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company's mission is to provide the veterinary industry with quality products.

(495) 989 4370


The GRAND-ALFA company is a distributors company with the 20 years experience in the pet food market. The company has exclusive rights to distribute European trademarks in Russia and CIS. Since 2014 GRAND-ALFA has owned its brand – Best Dinner. All of the GRAND-ALFA products comply with Russian and international quality standards. GRAND-ALFA production holds a strong position in the European and Russian markets.

(495) 779 0111

Green Cuisine

For last 10 years Green Chisin's specialization remain the production and sale of premium treats for dogs and cats. The company represents the best in Russia specific assortment of all possible types of meat, fish and seafood. Now the lineup has replenished with professional dog oral care products, goat milk delicacies, products with dietary supplements, probiotics, lactobacilli, vitamin and mineral complexes that could solve a wide range of issues regarding the health of a four-legs pet animals.

(906) 558 8777


The GU-VAS company the largest producer in the territory of Republic of Belarus upholstered furniture, clothes and toys for dogs and cats. 

(37544) 756 7484; (37529) 772 3072


Our company produce pet products from plastic. We constantly update the range and colors of products. The availability of modern equipment and a warehouse complex allows for timely production and supply of quality products to customers in a short time. Flexible discount system, minimum production time, an individual approach to each client!

(4912) 70 1464

Gerasimova E.V.

The company SP Gerasimova E. V. is engaged in wholesale deliveries of pet supplies to pet stores, veterinary clinics, nurseries and individuals in Moscow and the region, as well as in other cities of Russia. In Moscow and the region we have free shipping. We offer high quality wood, corn, wood-clumping, paper, silica gel fillers. And gammarus, Sepia and Daphnia. For many years, our products are recognized as one of the highest quality and cheapest in Moscow.

(962) 907 9977


Hangzhou Petsbelle Product Co., Ltd

Petsbelle founded in 2005 and located in Hangzhou City (China). Our factory specializes in producing cat trees. We have around 300 workers, including 26 factory managers and 11 QC and two factories with total 16 000 square meters. There is a developing department with around 10 professional designers to give the customer different choices. We have certificate of BSCI, FSC, TUV, BV. All of our raw materials are environmental and safe. We aim to give your pets a more comfortable home.

+ 05768 878 3793

Herbs For Pets

The company produces and sells, environmentally friendly, fresh herbs for cats, dogs, birds and rodents, under its own brand Herbs For Pets.

(968) 383 7414


Since 1999 Hemilain has been focuses on development and production of desinfectants under Laina trademark. Laina for pets – disinfecting, cleaning, odor eliminating liquid.

(495) 782 5996


ICEPEAK PET, official distributor PE Radichkina Yuliya Anatolievna

ICEPEAK PET and RUKKA the dog ammunition are produced by the Finnish concern Luhta Fashion Group to develop physical activity, taking care of safety. Exercise, play and relax together with your dog! Modern, bright, functional collars, leashes, harnesses and high quality clothing at an affordable price. Our business partners are wholesale companies, pet stores, online stores, handling facilities and fitness centers, veterinary clinics and grooming salons throughout Russia.

(985) 764 1048

Irish Pet Foods

Irish Pet Foods is a manufacturer of grain free super premium and premium pet food under the brand WILD ATLANTIC. The plant is located off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland. The products don’t contain grain, gluten, GMO, artificial preservatives, colours, flavours and by-products. Irish Pet Foods produces its food using only high-quality natural ingredients. The company also produces premium and super premium private label pet food for other companies. STAY STRONG, LIVE LONG, BE WILD!

+ 35309 83 0999


Quality, export, training, innovation and a touch of fantasy. These ingredients established the international success of Italian company. IV SAN BERNARD is a 20 years-old experience in the pet grooming and cosmetics market. All product lines are manufactured by following the highest quality standards. The exclusive rights of distribution in Russia belong to Valta Pet Products JSC.

(495) 797 3473


Zveryo Moyo offers eco-friendly products for beloved pets: cat litter, sawdust, hay, litter for small pets, scratching,cat litter mat. Full cycle of own production. Guarantee of uninterrupted quality. 18 years on the market.

(48535) 60387

IPC Zoocourier

Pet industry news, information about products and services, reports, and schedule of exhibitions of dogs, articles on current topics in their own publications in the Internet space:

(812) 449 0795

IE Gavrish Nikolay Grigorievich

IE Gavrish Nikolay Grigorievich. Manufacture of animal hair brushes.

(928) 212 9835

Individual Intrepreneur Tretiakov Ivan Pavlovich

Individual Intrepreneur Tretyakov I. P. is an exclusive distributor of professional cosmetics for dogs and cats Ashley Craig (USA), True Iconic (Malaysia), MEOW (Malaysia) and the worldknown tools for grooming Greyhound (UK) on the territory of the Russian Federation.

(926) 221 3156 /


IRVIS company presents in the Russian market a Super Premium Dog Food from Germany TM Belcando, and Leonardo Cat Food, and as well as natural TM aniVital and Grau Nutritional Supplements. For birds and small animals, IRVIS supplies quality cages TM Kredo. The assortment of the company also replenished with treats for dogs and cats TM Crost.

(495) 735 4816


JBL GmbH & Co. KG

Nowadays JBL company, under the leadership of Roland Bohme, the company foubder's son, produces more 1,000 products for aquariums, terrariums and garden ponds, and is a leading manufacturer in this field, exporting its products to more then 65 countries around the world.

+ 4962 364 1800


Jackie Dog Company produces high-quality and inexpensive clothing for dogs of all breeds from the smallest to the giants. Clothing is available for all seasons. Among our range, you can also find shoes, dog bed, cabins.

(921) 755 7592



Dynamic company, distributor LAUBE, ANDIS, GEIB, etc. Since 2005 manufacturer of equipment for groomers and hairdressers under the brand name DIMI.

(985) 955 9180


The KALEIDOSKOP company works at the market since 2016. Specializes in the production and sale of natural and color (artificially colored) stone chips for aquariums. The company uses modern production technologies, offering consumers a wide range of products and minimum delivery times. The company's activities are aimed at building mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships.

(902) 873 7729


Karmy® – is a dry food from natural meat for dogs and cats. We have developed a wide range of more than 25 types of Karmy® food, based on experience and knowledge about the true needs of our pets, as well as using all the innovations in the field of healthy nutrition and diet. Age, breed, special needs and many other factors – we take into account all the factors when creating our products. Karmy® – animal food made with comprehensive care and love.

(800) 350 5497


KASKAD company produces and imports pet accessory. The range includes harnesses, clothes, toys, treats, products for care and transportation. Quality products at affordable prices. Delivery to all regions of Russia and CIS.

(495) 419 1995


KormiPravilno imports oven-baked food and natural cosmetics for dogs. All brands in the company's portfolio are produced in family manufactures in Europe by dog owners or breeders. The company cooperates with representatives of Russia and Kazakhstan.

(499) 703 0070


KotZdorov is a service of round-the-clock remote consultations with veterinarians, available throughout the Russian Federation. Our client can call the hotline or consult on the portal in the form of a text chat or video call. KotZdorov help: GET RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CARE, FEEDING, CONTENT AND VACCINATIONS; MAKE A DECISION ON THE NEED FOR DIRECTIONS TO A VETERINARY CLINIC; CHOOSE A CLINIC AND SPECIALIST; GET A SECOND VETERINARY OPINI.

(495) 324 7247


International Pharmaceutical Company АО KRKA d.d., Novo Mesto (hereafter  KRKA) is one of the world leading producers. Products by KRKA are presented in more than 70 countries, including Russia. Company`s distinctive feature is the fact that all knowledge obtained within the work over human drugs is used when it concerns development of veterinary drugs. Trademarks: Fypryst, Milprazon, Dehinel, Enroxil, Marfloxin, Rycarfa, Ecocid S, Selafort.

(495) 981 1087



The company LUXPLANTS is engaged in the wholesale of live aquarium plants and aquarium equipment. Import is carried out from the countries of Southeast Asia. Over 15 years of successful work, we have taken leading positions on the Russian wholesale market in this segment. Our customers include many pet stores and wholesale companies in Moscow and the regions. In our company LUXPLANTS all goods are of excellent quality and passed veterinary control.

(926) 745 7579



LaIra is a Russian manufacturer of clothing and ammunition for dogs. Maximum size range. Annual update of the collection. Quality, style, functionality and comfort!

(812) 993 5187


Leading, Innovative, Dynamically developing, Ideal, Reliable and Ready for beneficial cooperation partner - all of this is LEADING company. For over 15 years we have been successfully producing and supplying to the market high-quality cat litters of well-known brands: Pi-Pi Bent, Pi-Pi Bent DeLuxe, SiSiCat and Kotyara.

(495) 741 4048


Limkorm is a modern кussian high-tech enterprise producing cat and dog food. The company LimКorm produces feed under the two brands SIRIUS and «Наш Рацион», by the end of 2019 the company plans to start production of a new product for cats and dogs. The company also produces feed under the brand name of the customer. LimКorm company is always open for new partners and mutually beneficial cooperation.

(47248) 54613


LUKS makes products for animals made of leather and other materials. Сompany produces goods from high-quality materials, accessories and components of Russian and foreign manufactures. Experienced staff and skilled workers put their skills and imagination into work. Рroducts become favourite belongings of both animals and their masters.

(911) 931 8352


Lubimchik – a Russian manufacturer of frozen food for aquarium fish.

(903) 743 0808

LTD NVP BashInkom

Scientific and innovative enterprise BashInkom develops and manufactures veterinary drugs, probiotic feed additives, hepatoprotectors and fillers. Affordable prices, colorful packaging, clear instructions, high efficiency of drugs, and most importantly safety, a series of probiotics with talking names Zhivotik-life, Grizun-zdorovyak, Moore-Moore-Lapki, Schastie pticam, etc., find positive feedback from owners of nurseries and animal lovers.

(347) 292 0994

Limited Trade Company Trading House Zoosmart

Company Trading House Zoosmart is a distributer of silicagel cat litter TM Kiskin Plesir presented in different colors and packings. Its advantages: optimal size of crystals, absence of fine and dust fraction, long lasting crystals; in addition the most important, the price is lower than 190 roubles per bag 3,8l. The quality of Kiskin Plesir is supervised by our representative in China. It is shipped from the warehouses in Moscow and Kaliningrad.

(906) 238 8808

LLC Trading house NARA

NARA Trading House was established in 2009 as an exclusive distributor of canned feed produced by the Naro-Fominsk Canning Factory. The trading house works with the largest service zoo companies, pet stores, nurseries and breeders. Always open for cooperation with new partners.

(499) 244 0751

Lion Manufactory

The Lion factory is garment factory which makes goods for animals: stove benches, clothes and footwear, bags carryings and many other. Quality, convenience, creative approach.

(495) 374 8925


“Alice” - this is dynamic company. Direction of the activity : production, wholesale trade is , import, retail trade. Company produces natural fillers, fodders for the birds, rodents and fishes under TM “Alice”. The large assortment of imported cells for birds and rodents of toys and , accessories also is proposed. The motto of company “rapidly, it is convenient, it is reliable!”

(351) 7230441



We are leading producer of white bentonite and sodium bentonite cat litters from Turkey. We have our own brand Catmania and we can do private label package in plastic bag or carton box.

+ 452 400 1939


MERA is German food for cats and dogs produced in both super premium and holistic classes. The food is fully balanced and contains high volume of meat. It enriched with vitamins and healthy fats and free of dyes and preservatives. With Mera food you have everything you need to your pet to be healthy and happy.

(812) 242 8673

Middleby Processing & Packaging

Middleby Food Processing and Packaging, top of the line pet food processing. Bringing the highest quality food production to the pet industry. Specializing in material handling, grinding, mixing and blending, size reduction, molding and shaping, drying, high efficiency baking and packaging.

+ 540 569 4331

Mighty Life

Mighty Life is the first distributor of only 100% vegan products in Russia. Introduces hypoallergenic food for cats and dogs AMI and Benevo. AMI is the first 100% vegan producer of dog and cat food in Europe for more than 15 years, using only 100% natural plant-based ingredients. Benevo is one of Europe's first producers of balanced and nutritious vegan food for dogs and cats. No artificial colors or preservatives added.

(495) 488 6589

MONGE & C. S.p.a

MONGE is a world-class producer of pet food for dogs and cats since 1963. Dry, wet and grain-free food of the superior quality does not contain chemical colorings, aromas or preservatives. Meet is the 1-st ingredient in all product lines. MONGE preaches the philosophy of healthy nutrition, ensures guaranteed taste and provides recipes developed in liaison with breeders and veterinary nutritiology professionals. Valta Pet Products JSC is the exclusive distributor of Monge in Russia.

(495) 797 3473


MUGUE was founded in 1966 and today is among the leaders of pet care in Italy. We are specialized in the production of lint rollers, which can be used directly onto pet’s coat as a treatment of hygiene, care and beauty. Moreover, we launched a range of feeding products of our four-legged friends, like Dog Jelly Happiness, the smart treat for dog formulated with Magnesium and extracts of Valerian, to support the normal mood of the pet. Proudly Made in Italy.

+ 039 601 2553


MICRO-PLUS has been producing veterinary drugs for over 20 years. The basis of production is the introduction of the latest achievements of fundamental science into practice. This principle allowed to create drugs  Gamavit, Fosprenil, Maxidin, which have proven themselves well over the years in medical practice, their production volumes have grown many times over. The products deservedly occupy a significant share of the veterinary markets of Russia and the CIS countries.

(495) 234 5931

Mealberry Group

Mealberry Group is a dynamic, fast growing international company, producing pet products during 30 years. There are more than 170 SKUs in the products range: foods, snacks, supplements and care products. Company has 3 core brands – RIO for birds, Little One for rodents and Phyto for cats and dogs.

(812) 245 1242


MAGNA is an exclusive importer of high-quality products for cats and dogs made of natural ingredients: super premium dry food Gina and Gina Elite and canned food Gina, Mi-Mi, X-CAT.

(812) 650 0500

Marlin Aquarium

Marlin Aquarium is one of the main suppliers of ornamental fish operating in the Russian market since 1994. The company focuses on aquarium and pond fish, frozen and dry fish food, aquarium and pond equipment, decorations, quality pet products. Leading brands of the company are BOYU, Penn-Plax, AZOO and Marlin Aquarium.

(903) 976 6665

Medcrystal (TEMA Ltd.)

The Medcrystal company produces unique disinfectants Bioneat (TM) for hygiene of the animals, birds, rodents. It is a product of electrochemistry, includes highly active compounds of oxygen content. Bioneat destroys all pathogenic microflora, eliminates any animal odors the first time, removes certain types of raids and stains, helps with wound healing. The product is absolutely safe, hypoallergenic, does not require rinsing, does not contain flavors and fragrances.

(499) 284 4411


The producer of disposable diapers for animals offers 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-layer (cellulose, with sapy, with baking soda) diapers. A size range from 40*50, 60*20, 60*40, 60*60, 60*90, 60*120, 90*180 cm.

(499) 390 5026


MEDOSA – manufacturer of aquarium soil ECOGRUNT and goods for aquaristics VladOx, the official distributor and importer of PRODAC, ALEAS, SEA STAR. The price list includes over 7000 items. Presented all known brands: TETRA, SERA, AQUAEL, SCHEGO, JUWEL, JBL, Dennerle, UDeco, EHEIM, Aquabalance etc.

(800) 550 3629


MILORD has been specializing in the pet grooming business since 2002. The company has own and franchise grooming salons, wholesale trading, instrument and equipment manufacturing. Online shop and the Pet Grooming Academy. It regularly organizes grooming festivals and competitions for professional groomers.

(495) 690 4191


Unique Russia-based fresh dog and cat food manufacturer. Complete chilled (+4 °C) fridge storage food made of fresh meat and nutritious by-products, without preservatives, soy or flour usage. MiniMe – fresh, healthy food just like for people, but developed based on dogs and cats needs.

(495) 920 0049


The main activity of the company – import, distribution and wholesale of dry and wet pet food. The company exclusively presents on the Russian market super premium feed category HOLISTIC Brand LANDOR. The distribution network of the company is presented in all regions of Russia, and also the CIS countries.

(495) 902 7076


MISHEL & Co is a major service company in Russia with 22,000 SKU’s, 20,000 m2 of warehousing space, over 80 vehicles. Distribution Nestle Purina, Bayer, Beaphar, KRKA, AVZ, Ekoprom, Apicenna, Derevenskie Lakomstva. Private labels: Rodnye korma, Rodnye mesta, Meglium, Primordial, HOMECAT, HOMEPET, HOMEFISH, Dog's menu, Vitacraft, Vita pro Chistiy Khvost, Fida, EVERYDAY, MiMi Litter, MonТero.

(495) 510 3606


Mnyams is a private lovemark being cherished by JSC Valta Pet Products for more than 11 years. The range includes delicious and healthy treats and wet and dry food for dogs and cats manufactured in Europe (Germany, Austria, Netherlands), China and Thailand. All products are completely natural and have high palatability.

(495) 797 3473


MONMORANSY is the Russian manufacturer of the fabric products for the pets. Company offers the various items for the dogs, cats and rodents. Company guarantees the high quality, competitive price, unique own design.

(925) 336 6992


MOSZOOVETSNAB was founded in 1923 and now its the official distributor of the largest Russian and foreign manufacturers of veterinary drugs and pet products. MOSZOOVETSNAB supplies products throughout Russia and the CIS countries, has branches in the largest cities of the country, own retail network and veterinary clinics in Moscow. In 2018 has been launched own trademark VETZABOTA and its actively developing, assortment is the most relevant pet products.

(495) 679 0241


The main activity of our company is the sale of pet products that are successful in the global market. MurKel-ZOO is a wholesale and retail company for the sale of cat filler Murkel. Products of our company: cat filler silica gel, bentonite and tofu.

(8776) 716 6333

Meat Plus

MEAT PLUS – natural fully balanced diets and treats for dogs and cats. All the range of our products is made of meat, healthy herbs, berries and vegetables. MEAT PLUS TM frozen meatballs and treats are produced by Russian company Elevar LLC and are the result of long-term research by veterinarians and nutritionists. Our aim is  to enable health and longevity of pets, providing them with natural raw food, making the process of feeding comfortable due to the optimal form of the product.

(495) 745 0000

Manufacturing company ZOOMARK

The production company "ZOOMARK" is engaged in production and wholesale sale of goods for animals, products for gardeners, goods for home. The wide range includes bags, claws, beds, clothes, toys and treats. The company 's products create conditions for a long and happy life of pets.

(812) 600 3610



The firm NASHA RR (established in 1991) is the 1st and largest manufacturer of high-quality accessories for animals made of genuine leather, tarpaulin and capron (collars, leashes, muzzles, harnesses etc.) in Siberia. A wide choice of products (from economy class till premium class), several colors of leather, the annual new products. In 2019 we released a new line of eco-leather collars. Accessories NASHA RR is beauty, elegance, style, reliability, high wear resistance, a variety of models.

(383) 363 1667

NPO New Technologies

The company NPO NT is the leader of the market of hygiene products for pets and makes cat litters, scent absorbers, shampoos for cats and dogs, hygienic litters for rodents. The products presented by trade marks: Barsik, N1, N1 NATUReL, Russian Сhampion, Uyut.

(861) 260 3456


NEOTERICA (Germany) is a research and development company that develops antiparasitics, feed supplements, vitamins, pet care, behavior correctors and hygiene products. The portfolio includes more than 17 brands. Products with international quality standards has gained high popularity among veterinarians and pet owners. The manufacturing partner in Russia: EKOPROM SPC.

(495) 514 9342


Accesorizes for cats and dogs TAICHIPET TM. Wide range, superior taste, quality and individual approach to each client.

(495) 504 8390



The company manufactures and sells high-quality plastic products. The company offers an individual approach, various conditions of delivery and payment of goods, system of discounts to all the partners. Delivery throughout Russia. The company takes orders for the production of plastic products.

(4742) 37 7355

Oris Company

ZOONIK is one of the major Russian manufacturers of cat trey litter and accessories. Cat and small mammals trey litter. Absorbing mats. Pet homes, beds and scrathers.Pet carriers. Pet apparel: leather, rope, nylon, latex. Plastic products. Plastisol toys. Bird and rodent foods.

(495) 789 9599


PETTO – Russian manufacturer of toys and accessories for animals. GoSi TM – teasers and toys for cats made of natural mink, mink mice, toys for dogs made of genuine leather, cotton and microfiber, training toys for dogs. TM SHU-SHU – accessories for rodents.

(499) 408 5086



PEOPLE & DOGS Made for people. Loved by dogs. A completely new approach to the creation of clothing and accessories for dogs. PEOPLE & DOGS puts the needs of the owner in comfort and aesthetics first. Makes an emphasis on the development of a unique cut for different sizes, complexions and types of dog’s movements. We set the style. Premium attention to detail and materials.

(921) 268 2006


Modern pet products. A number of products are exclusive on pet market There is a continuous work to improve products, finding new solutions and materials. The first pet goods with a reviving label. Pet Passport mobile application.

(495) 185 0755


With over 20 years of experience, we provide premium business solutions with technology transfer for petfood producers. Our services include recipes formulation, production and quality problems solving, factory design, cost optimization, palatability improvement, new product development and market positioning, packaging, labelling & legal, marketing strategy. You can profit from our strong experience in manufacturing to start a new line production much better and faster.

+ 386 40 325 702

Pablishing house AQUARIUM

AQUARIUM – Leading Russian publishing house of books about pets – offers for professionals and fans the scientific, educational, popular scientific, help, methodical literature on leaving, the maintenance, training, cultivation and treatment of pets. Our publishing house offers specialised books for vets called Vetrinary practice: scientific, educational books which develop the latest topics most in domand in each sector, from general issues to higly specialized activities.

(495) 974 1012


Paradogs Ltd. is the rightsholder and the exclusive distributor of TM CODOS in the Russian Federation and the EAEU. CODOS is professional tools for grooming: clippers, hairdryers, compressors, grinders, trimmers, scissors. We invite pet shops and wholesalers to work with us. CODOS – the best seller in your store!

(800) 500 9221


Since 1999, PELIGRIN MATEN LLC designs and produces advanced products for pet care and veterinary. Peligrin maten LLC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Under the trade marks GENTLEPETS and DOBROZVERIKI is manufactured a wide range of products such as disposable absorbent pads, pet diapers, dog sling carrier, many tailed bandage, sling for puppy, dog rain coats and ferret products. The company Peligrin Maten invites all interested in a mutually beneficial cooperation.

(499) 322 0177

Pet Line

Pet Line  an expert company in the wholesale supply of quality and affordable accessories for pets, tools for grooming, ammunition for dog training and exhibitions. Presents the newest grooming brand DeLIGHT, which defines the modern concept of affordable home and salon grooming for claws and hair. Zoo One – a series of wonderful toys, disposable and reusable diapers, toilets, enclosures, silicone gloves and bags.

(495) 150 4455


Сompany is a wholesale trader of pet products and is the only supplier of production of the HELLO PET brand to the territory of Russia and the CIS and since 1996 directly cooperates with the factory producing the specified pet products in Taiwan. Combs, slickers, scissors, brushes and other HELLO PET products for grooming have long been known in the Russian market and are of high quality and practicality. We offer competitive prices and a wide range of pet products.

(499) 782 2050


Pet-continent is one of the largest company with 26-years history which produced such products as: • pet food, treats and vitamins - Brit (Czech Republic), Wellness Core (USA), Molina (STM), Darcy (STM); • accessories – Imac (Italy), Zolux (France), NerfDog and DGS (USA); • aquariums – Juwel and Sera (Germany), Prodac and Sicce (Italy), Aquatlantis (Portugal).

(495) 134 2829


PETSPRODUCT.RU is one of the major pet product suppliers. More than 15,000 items of goods. An exclusive distributor of: GO!, NOW!, Barking Heads, Almo Nature, Advance, Ontario, Nero Gold, Applaws. Private Labels: Organix, Yami Yami.

(8800) 511 4010

PetCom Tierernährung GmbH& Co.KG

As a PHW Group company, PetCom is one of the top German dry fodder manufacturers for the domestic pet market. Customers rely both on the proof of origin of the raw materials used as well as quality and environmental management as a guarantee of the high quality standard.

(905) 577 4957


PetSovet trading company is a dynamically developing wholesaler, the Russian producer of textile pet products of OSSO Fashion trademark . The company also offers pet products of its own TM Petkit (China).

(495) 744 1405


The Platinum Rus company is the official representative of goods for Pets of TM Platinum in the territory of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and all Eurasian Union.

(495) 799 5849


LLC Siberilla produces food and treats for dogs made of reindeer meat under the trademark POGRYZUHIN. Raw materials are harvested in the Far North, production is located in the Komi Republic, Inta city. Reindeer meat has a unique composition of nutrients, is not fat, rich in vitamins and minerals. Eco-friendly treats and food do not contain preservatives and serve as a source of protein needed to build muscles and bones of dogs and puppies. Novelties of 2019 – wet dog food in a can.

(499) 130 9103

Pol & Pet

Pol & Pet is a distributor of TM BERKLEY in Russia. Wet pet food for dogs and cats manufactured in Germany and France using only natural ingredients. Dry formulas for dogs manufactured in UK with more than 55% of fresh meat. Grain Free. There are no any hidden ingredients, 100% open-source nutrition concept!

(495) 748 0790


We produce a wide range of sunbeds, transfers, houses for dogs and cats. Large selection of shapes, sizes and colors. Also in our assortment are Moderna Belgium tra ys, toilets, closed bio-toilets, carrying cases, bowls.

(499) 553 9172

Premium Pet

Premium Pet company has been an exclusive distributor of leading Japanese pet product manufacturers since 2011. Premium Pet company not only offers Japanese pet products, but cultivates a special philosophy. Its essence is that pet products should be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also, to help to solve specific problems  this is what the Japanese pet products are like.

(985) 170 2425


Cargill Petfood plant in Russia works since 2008 with a focus on private label. We started brand ProviPet in 2018. ProviPet is safe balanced diet developed accordingly to the FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry) recommendations. ProviPet product range makes easy and simple selection, saves time of customers and sales staff. Global expertise + local ingredients creates high value for money.

(495) 213 3412


The company PRODKONTRAKTINVEST  the leading domestic manufacturer of dry and canned food for cats and dogs, natural and extruded treats for dogs, mixtures and treats for birds and rodents, cat fillers. Products are made only from high-quality raw materials of domestic agricultural producers. The company produces feed under the trademarks Night Hunter, True Friends, Puffins, Puffins PicNic, Herbax, Amurr.

(863) 229 7808


The LLC Profexpert company exists since 2007. Located in Vologda. The company sells products under the TM Maududi and TM Cindy Cat. Today the range includes more than 20 types of fillers: wood fillers from environmentally friendly wood of coniferous breeds of the Northern wood, the lumping fillers from pure bentonite clays, silica gel filler and goods for rodents. The staff of the company provides a high level of work with clients.

(8172) 57 8575




MRC CAT LITTER Founded in 2015, the company specializes in the production of high quality cat litter. Litter manufactured by MRC CAT LITTER in a short period of time have already won the hearts of customers. At the moment, the company exports goods to Southeast Asia, European countries, Russia, Japan, Korea, North America, Australia and many other countries. The company has all the certificates for product quality ISO9001, SGS, BSCI.

+ 7 905 956 3497

Qingdao Broadchem Industrial Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Broadchem Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of series of LITTER STAR cat litter products in Сhina, which includes silica gel cat litter/crystal silica, paper cat litter, TOFU cat litter etc.

+ 53285 71 4240


QINGDAO CENTURY TRADING CO., LTD. Has own factory – ZHUCHENG RICHORIGIN FOODSTUFFS CO., LTD which was established in 2006, covers 40 thousand square meters and possesses more than 500 experienced workers. We specialized in producing and exporting high quality pet food, had identified by MAFF and also has obtained HACCP certification, FDA registration and BSCI registration.

+ 15725 32 9982

Qingdao Everest Trading Co., Ltd.

Company was established in 2000 and named WEIFANG HEIWA-EN PET FOODS CO., LTD. In 2015 the company changed its name to SHANDONG EVEREST FOOD CO., LTD. Leading Company in Petfood Production. Raw materials of beef and lamb are imported from New Zealand, Australia and South America. Location: Weifang, Shandong, China. Main Markets: Europe (52%), China (20%), Japan (19%) and South Korea (9%). Factory Area: 30000 m2Empolyee: more than 300.

+ 15621 05 1562

Qingdao ideal jingmao., Ltd.

The company produce natural and healthy snacks for dogs and cats. More than 10 years’ experience. Privatelabel service. Certificates: FDA, EU, BRC, ISO, HACCP.

+ 05328 056 0659

Qingdao New World Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Оur main product are: plush toys,x`mas items ,easter items.

+ 05328 839 0768

Qingdao Yuanfei Pet Food Cо., Ltd.

Our Factory History: Established in 2006, with more than 13 years experience in manufacturing and exporting pet snacks of chicken, duck, meaty chews, dental meaty, nutritious mixed adn so on. Factory area: 6,600 square meters, more than 130 employees. Annual export turnover: USD 25,000,000 Mail exporting country: USA, Germany, Korea, UK, Belium, The Netherland, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Czech Republic etc. Mission Statement: Quality Comes First. Detail is the Key to Success.

+ 05328 617 0058



Reeflowers have been producing marine and fresh water aquarium additives and conditioners since 2009. The range includes more than 60 high quality effective products that are sold in countries across the world. All Reeflowers products conform to international standards. So whether additives for home marine or freshwater aquariums, a professional hatchery or outdoor ponds are required, Reeflowers products can help create a more natural environment for your aquatic animals.

(90212) 660 6806

RHM Russian-Holland Manufactory

Russian-Holland Manufactory produce wet pet food, began to work in 2019. The plant is equipped with modern, high-tech equipment produced in Europe. We use exclusive technologies of processing meat and cereal ingredients. That allows us to maintain the highest quality of production. The manufactory is ready to offer cooperation for producing private label brands.

(812) 401 4003

Royal Dog

Royal Dog presents an exclusive line of clothes and beds for cats, dogs of ALL breeds!The company knows all the details that excite customers and their four-legged friends thanks to 25 years of experience in the zoo industry. Royal Dog creates a new round of fashion and quality! Develops its own design. Selects the most interesting and worthy fabrics.  Applies only high-quality accessories. Using the perfect template for quality craftsmanship. Gives Pets warmth and comfort.

(495) 203 3445

Redkva V.V.

The company is a domestic manufacturer of natural dried treats for dogs under TM Otrada.

(918) 521 8797

Research and production company BENTOS

Specializes in manufacturing of live and frozen foods for aquarium and terrarium inhabitants.

(812) 337 1589


Company R-Trade produce high-quality natural food for cats and dogs by unique recipes, developed jointly with foreign technologists. All feeds are produced on the basis of fresh and quality meat products, taking into account the latest scientific achievements in the field of pet nutrition. All production passes strict quality control according to the standards introduced at the enterprise. Quality control occurs both at the acceptance of raw materials and at the output of finished products.

(495) 902 6998


RADIUS LTD provides the full range of services of cargo deliveries and customs clearance. Company use only individual approach of question of each client, pursuit of development to keep our place of honor on the market. Company could offer to you: transport and logistic services; customs clearance; оutsourcing of FTA; storage services. RADIUS has been on the market more than a year, and during this time has managed to earn a positive reputation. Team of RADIUS company is making Maximum Efforts For Your Comfort.

(812) 676 3879


The company RЕХ – the manufacturer of accessories for animals made of leather and other materials. Production – Russia. Handmade from simple to exclusive, provides high quality and comfortable use of products.

(911) 701 1523


Reefovod is wholesaler, retailer and online store in field of marine and freshwater aquariums. It offers all kinds of aquarium products: pumps, skimmers, calcium reactors, lamps, sea salt, additives for fresh and sea water and much more. Reefovod is the official dealer of such manufacturers as: Tunze, Jebao, Tropic Marin, Hanna, Salifert, Giesemann, DVH, Reeflowers, Kamoer, Flipper, Rowa, Boyd Enterprises, etc.

(985) 227 6840

Red Plastic

Red Plastic is the largest pet supplies manufacturer in Russia. Our product range is presented by more than 3000 items. ZooM, «ДАРЭЛЛ», «ECO», «ЧИП» are well-known trademarks for Russian pet owners. The portfolio of contracts of Private Label includes key players in the pet products industry.

(812) 324 0977



SAVARRA is super premium holistic pet food made in the UK. SAVARRA really cares about pets - we only use NATURAL INGREDIENTS (Human-Grade) in all our recipes and FRESHLY PREPARED MEAT as the 1st & MAIN ingredient. The recipes are easily digestible, of a high nutritional value and palatability. Turkey, duck and lamb give a pet a unique taste choice. SAVARRA has mono meat hypoallergenic formulas, without corn, wheat, soy, chicken, chicken fat. The content of meat ingredients is up to 80%.

(495) 504 3729

Shenzhen XCHO Technology Limited

Shenzhen XCHO Technology Limited was founded in 2015, and we are a professional manufacturer of pet products and focusing on innovative high-quality products for pets. The retractable dog leash and training bark collar are our main products. Based on ultimate design concept  and with an innovative spirit, we develop safe and healthy  products for pets.

+ 86755 232 8794


SIMPLE ZOO is a manufacturer of a complete line of goods for reptiles and ants. Our products were tested at the Moscow Zoo and the Scientific Terrarium of Moscow State University. Company the official distributor in Russia of premium goods for cats and dogs brand Pidan.

(499) 321 2055


SINCHEM, established in 1993, is a professional manufacturer of silica gel and tofu cat litter, produces 100,000 tons per year. Sinchem has over 20 years of production experience, and now has received recognition from more than 70 countries. We have a complete set of production lines from natural mineral to final products, can control raw material cost and quality and offer superior quality cat litter with competitive prices. Sinchem has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH, BRC and BSCI.

+ 86632 252 8333


The company SOFIMARUSYA was founded in 2007. It manufactures clothes and accessories for any breed of dog. All sizes are in stock. Whole sale and resale. In place: casual clothes that protects from dust, mud, rain and coldness; clothes for special occasions; accessories. 

(918) 581 8989

Spectrum Brands

Tetra – тhe leader in the world of aquarium. Everything for an aquarium, garden pond and terrarium. 8in1: goodies; help in education, hygiene; products for birds and small animals; removing stains and odors; dental care; hair care. FURminator – presents a collection of safe premium grooming tools for your pet. Provide professional hair care at home and minimize hair loss.

(202) 364 3863

Smartech, LLC

Smartek LLC is a distributor of Salavat Catalyst Plant in the area of pet products. Company is engaged in Demurr hygienic litter sales, production of own brand litter, sale of silica gel feed in Russia and CIS countries.

(983) 135 5544


SIMBIO company represents a wide range of products for pets, including elite PureLuxe class holistic food for dogs and cats, innovative LIshinu roulettes, everyday and dietary food from the famous Italian manufacturer Farmina Pet Foods, veterinary drugs. Our slogan is Life Technologies. By providing quality products and services, we help you take care of the health of those who are really dear to you.

(495) 984 5311

Skinner's Rus

Skinner's Rus Official distributor of Roger Skinner LTD UK in Russia Super premium quality british dog foods.

(495) 150 2220


Exclusive importer of Czech chondroprotectors for dogs of all breeds and ages of TM Khondrokan and Gelakan aimed at complex support and effective restoration of the locomotor system from puppy to old Exclusive importer of Czech chondroprotectors for dogs of all breeds and ages of TM Khondrokan and Gelakan aimed at complex support and effective restoration of the locomotor system from puppy to old dog. Has no analogues in quality of the components of the composition and biological activity.

(495) 779 9940


SORSO-STR is the largest Russian service company that has been the permanent leader in wholesale trade of pet products since 1997. The company has proven to be a reliable partner which guarantees efficient work and high-quality service.

(495) 796 9306


SUPREMO s an exclusive distributor of Ever Clean, Fresh Step, Trainer, Animonda, Padovan and CareFresh brands in the Russian market. High quality products, professional team, active marketing assure stable win-to-win basis for the company's partners.

(495) 223 9539


Sphere LLC, in Russia the only manufacturer of a unique filler of a new generation, ECO-Premium. It is made from environmentally friendly natural raw materials, safe for animals. It has unique characteristics: it clumps up into a tight lump, completely neutralizes the smell, does not stick to the paws, is disposed of into the sewage system and disintegrates into flakes.

(918) 463 5444



SHEPARD – the official distributor of the European petfood TM Planets Pet and Daily, as well as exclusive French organic cosmetics for animals TM Biogance and Organissme, as well as a unique soy filler for cats Kit Cat. The company selects only high-quality products from Europe and Asia, able to satisfy the most demanding taste of Pets and their owners.

(985) 769 6008



Our company have a complete production line from raw material processing to production packaging. It is a more than 10 years of experience in the production, export, domestic sales as one of the professional pet snack manufacturing enterprise. The company mainly produces and sells dog chews, dog snacks, exotic pet food and so on. We are committed to providing customers with the best product quality, the most competitive prices and the most professional after-sales service.

+ 0538 876 1699

Tropical Fish International (Pvt.) Ltd.

Founded in 1991, TFI has been supplying live Aquaria fish to retailers, wholesalers and distributors for over 20 years. TFI is able to control the entire supply chain by operating our own farms and collection stations and partnering with qualified and sustainable breeders and collectors worldwide. Our global supply chain and technological abilities result in numerous savings that we are happy to pass to our customers in the form of competitively priced quality aquaria.

+ 76 323 4709


TYLER PACKAGING is a specialist supplier to the Petfood market, fully integrated with extrusion, print, lamination and pre made bag conversion. TYLER PACKAGING has new compostable & recyclable solutions for the pet food market. 100% Recyclable Single Polymer PE/PE Pouches as a Doypack or Flat Base with different zip options. Tyler Bio pouches comply with the EU harmonised standard EN 13432:2000 for compostability. 

+ 1926 65 1451

The Great Cat

The Russian manufacturer of brands Great Cat and Great Dog for pets. 100% natural and fresh catnip for cats, juicy and bright products for dogs will not leave indifferent your pet.

(800) 250 3707


Production of feeding, treats for decorative birds, rodents and aquarium fishes. Production of feeding for cats and dogs.

(863) 204 0172

Torgovaya kompaniya Adresnik

Setting a goal  to help people in their daily care of Pets, the company Adresnik uses all means to keep up with the times: the company develops new brands, improving existing brands, established more efficient methods of production. We create and distribute products that help Pets feel great, look great and enjoy life more.

(495) 926 2687

Trading company MIRATORG

The leading agricultural holding MIRATORG presents the premium class pet food line for cats and dogs under the brand WINNER. All recipes are developed together with the leading European field experts and fit all international standards. The composition of raw meat of MIRATORG`s own production and a balanced complex of vitamins and minerals would help Your pet to stay a WINNER.

(495) 651 9252

TD Alex

TD Alex is a wholesale company representing famous brands on the zoo market of Russian manufacturers: Siberian Cat, Zhorka, Kuzya, Siberian Dog, Mr. Alex and Doctor Alex.

(383) 363 0763


One of the largest companies in the market of pet goods of the Russian Federation for the import and distribution products for pets. Exclusive distributor Pronature, 1st CHOICE, Schesir, Stuzzy, Canagan, Piccolo, Sentry, Flamingo, iCat, Manitoba, JBL, Tomi, Clan.

(812) 385 4700



URAL DIATOMITE COMPANY is a producer of cat litter. Currently the company is the number one producer of cat litter in Russia.

(34375) 93177



ULTANA LLC is an exlusive representative of SOPRAL S.A. in Russia and CIS; this French company manufactures dogs and cats food PRO-NUTRITION FLATAZOR. It is with 50 years experience, and its openness to the most recent innovations, that Pro-Nutrition Flatazor creates its foods for cats and dogs. All of Pro-Nutrition Flatazor's recipes aim to give cats and dogs complete high quality and well-balanced meals, using various carefully chosen natural ingredients.

(909) 944 3321


UniKoTrade LLC is an Russian distrinutor of such German companies as JBLGmbH & Co.KG, DENNERLE GmbH, which manufacture products for aquariums, terrariums and ponds. UniKoTrade LLC owns such brends as UDeco (native substrates and decorations) and ArtUniq (artificial substrates, plants and decorations).  

(812) 313 2435



VERSELE-LAGA is an international manufacturer of high-quality food and care products for animals with 85 years of expertise in animal nutrition. VERSELE-LAGA offers you a variety of products including complete food, snacks and dietary supplements for birds, rodents, dogs, cats, horses, farm animals.

+ 7 926 923 9001

Valta Pet Products

Valta’s headquarters in Moscow, its 23 regional offices and 750 unique employees cover the whole territory of Russia. During 23 years, the company distributes world-class goods and supplies comprehensive solutions for those partners who are open to new experience and trends. Over 70 international and domestic brands in the portfolio, the sole right to distribute more than 7500 of them on exclusive terms. The assortment meets 100% needs of any pet store in all commodity categories.

(495) 797 3473


The company VEDA Co. Ltd has been on the professional pet care market for more than 20 years. VEDA is the leader among phyto product lines in a pet care industry and continues to develop intensively improving the quality of life for pets. 2019 year in the company has been marked by the release of new interesting products-product line Avanpost Bio based on natural herbal repellents: sprays and collars for cats and dogs and Phyto paste for hairballs with extracts of natural oils and herbs.

(496) 731 0684


Vector company – presenting food additives POLIDEX for dogs and cats of a wide spectrum, and Mr. Gee cosmetics: shampoos, lotions, powder, wax disposable bedding, wet wipes for dogs and cats.

(495) 221 8421


Vetprodaks offers cooperation to veterinary pharmacies and clinics, pet shopd and distribution companies. Awide range of veterinarian pharmaceutical products, dog and cat food. Guidance on medication selection and application. Delivery by purpose-build vehicles.

(499) 400 1407


Manufacturer of exclusive treats for Pets. In assortment production of their reindeer, beef, quail, duck, rabbit, lamb, quail and Turkey. The unique technology allows to keep all useful and nutrients. Another distinctive feature of the product is quality control at all stages of production. 100% natural, without dyes, preservatives, GMOs, without soaking with chlorine or other chemicals. Produced in Russia.

(812) 318 1898


VM-Service is an exclusive distributor of HAPPY FRIENDS, Veterinary Care and Best Clean trademarks of pet goods in Russia.

(37529) 696 0990


Our company, the owner of ZooRing and Formula 365 brands, produces and sells premium food and super-remium quality for dogs and cats with high meat content, environmentally friendly hypoallergenic. A large range of fodders, beautiful packaging, quality of fodder and advertising support allow successful development of partners in the regions. We are constantly updating and expanding the range. We are pleased with the new customers and are open to cooperation.

(499) 290 5025

Vector LTD

Vector LTD – exclusive distributor of open-air cages, cages and bags of TM Golden Cage. From 2014 – exclusive distributor of Polish feed for birds and rodents LOLO PETS – super premium quality. We have over 600 items. We invite to cooperation on favorable terms.

(499) 992 7234



WING BIOTECH is a professional pet food palatants company with a total investment of about 25 million dollars, focusing on R&D, production and sales business. We have two plants and one kennel in China, the first facility locates in Jiangxi province with an area of 40000 ㎡; the second facility is in Jiangsu Province with an area of 20000 ㎡; the kennel has over 200 dogs and 50 cats. We provide palatants for dog food, cat food and pet treats, and we are applying the permission to enter Russia in 2019.

+ 021 580 8285

Western Trade House

Company Western is one of the leading wholesale and service companies in Russia. It is one of the largest suppliers of qualified goods from Europe, India and China. The company manufactures and sells product under following trademarks: Gosha, Kesha, Zephyr, Kotyonok, Buddy, Leonardo, Silva, Multicat, Triton. The Company offers delivery of goods all over Russia, to Kazakhstan and Belarus on own transport or any convenient way for the buyer. Individual conditions, flexible system of discounts.

(351) 729 8089


WAHL Rus is the Russian office of WAHL Clipper Corporation producing animal clippers, trimmers, hairdryers and shampoos under WAHL and Moser brands. WAHL Rus functions: sales and marketing in Russia and Belarus, servise organization.

(495) 9676727



XODY is a manufacturer of high quality pet products. Its product range includes beds? houses? mattresses? bags in economy and premium segments? only hogh quality materials.

(495) 766 0549




Russian manufacturer of clothes, shoes, hats, bags for decorative dogs. Unique patterns, wide range, competent approach to the choice of fabrics and production.

(964) 795 4798


Zhenyu Trading (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

Zhenyu trading (Qingdao) Сo., Ltd. is a professional import and export of pet products companies. The products exported include cat litter, pet snacks, pet toys, pet urinal pads, cat toilets and many other pet products. Now, we get cooperation with Qingdao Trust Foodstuff Co., Ltd. The company which can produce many kinds of pet snacks exported to many countries. The products are exporting to US, Canada, Europe, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia etc.

+ 13045 06 8888


ZIVER – we are produce goods for animals. We have a few brands: Crazy Liberty – pet cosmetics and pet creative grooming goods, Pretty Pet – dresses for groomers, pet beds and accessories for pets, Grizlik Am – pet toys, ZIVER – pet clippers and grooming tools.

(499) 390 0793


Since 1985 ZOOMARK INTERNATIONAL has been able to grasp the market developments to become an irreplaceable biannual meeting platform for the global pet supplies industry. In 2019 it welcomed 757 exhibitors and almost 27,000 buyers from all parts of the world. Next show: May 2021, Bologna (Italy).

+ 02 469 1254


ZAGARODNAYA GIZN/ exclusive representative brands of food for cats and dogs ARAS, BONAVENTURA, AGILA on the Russian market. As an additional product, the company presents probiotic products, treats for animals and pet care products.

(499) 322 8500


Production and wholesale of products for dogs and cats, scratching posts, bedside ladders/steps, sofas, furniture, sunbeds, mats, bags, carrying, etc.

(926) 822 3306

Zolotaya Rybka

Manufacturer of wide range of pet goods, including our its own trademarks: DoctorZOO, Miss`K, Best, Miki. It is the owner of a pet retail chain in Saint-Petersburg and also a wholesaler of a wide range of pet products. Official distributor in Russia of Canadian petfood Nutram (Canada), Bravery and Amity (Spain).

(812) 327 8353


ZOOAFISHA Moscow – is the magazine about animals, which live with us. Events, recommendations on caring for pets, tips from experts, veterinary help, discounts and everything else, you can find in the most advanced magazine about pets – ZOOAFISHA Moscow.

(926) 124 5825


ZOOGURMAN – more than 10 years of success in the pet industry. The company produces a wide range of high-quality products made from natural Russian ingredients: dry and canned food for dogs and cats, instant porridge, dried treats and accessories.

(495) 228 0929


Zoobuddy LLC manufactures eco-friendly indoor pet potties and other related products (pee posts for male dogs, cleaning and potty training supplies). Zoobuddy LLC offers novelty products on the Russian pet market  the potty with real grass and the potty with absorbent filler. Zoobuddy’s solution is the most modern and ecofriendly alternative to usual pee pads and plastic potties.

(903) 243 1312


Zooinform – information hub of the Russian pet industry. Market expert with 22 year experience. Publishes Zoobusiness in Russia b2b magazine, Russian Pet Industry Companies Catalogue, Vet Medicine Today magazine, Zoobusiness Herald and Vet News e-mail publications. It runs portal. PETS International agent. Zooinform provides international companies with services for launching products, i.e. market overview, searching for reliable business partners, promotion, pr, communications.

(499) 270 0567


ZOOKONTINENT does not follow trends, it creates them. Innovation, development, technology are the three basics of the companys. The company manufactures on its own premises the products of the following trademarks: OKHOTNICHYI treats, JOY, SHURUM-BURUM, STAR and a new brand CHILL-CHOLL – toys for dogs and cats. The company is a distributor of Spanish cat and dog feed BRAVERY holistic and AMETY super premium. Visit our stand and get an exclusive offer.

(342) 270 1180


The company ZooMaster produces accessories for animals from genuine leather in a large assortment. The product has been known on the Russian market since 1993 under the brand name Master. Since 2000, in connection with the reorganization and expansion of production in a new way – ZooMaster, but despite the change of name, the old traditions were preserved – environmentally friendly natural raw materials, strict quality control.

(495) 778 2584


ZooMedVet is the only monthly magazine in Russia for zoo business professionals. In each issue of the magazine there is a review of the retail prices market, the whole range of pet products and veterinary drugs, market innovations, marketing data. ZOOsovety is a monthly magazine for pet lovers.

(495) 374 5650


The company ZOOMIR, established in 1996, is one of the largest Russian producers of pet products and food for rodents, birds, aquarium fish, turtles and other pets. ZOOMIR continues to develop dynamically, to expand and improve its product range.

(812) 331 0035


ZOOSTANDART company was established in 1998 and today it is one of the largest suppliers of pet products on the market. Company`s assortment includes more than 14 000 products for pets, there are 350 employees in the company and it has its own fleet of vehicles and a modern warehouse.

(495) 502 9468


ZOOSFERA39 – exclusive distributor and wholesale supplier to Russia from Polish manufacturer DNP S.A. of wet food for dogs and cats TM RAFI, Dolina Noteci, PIPER, Natural Taste, GooZoo, 4Vets, Big Bite. ZOOSPHERА39 has logistics supply points in Kaliningrad and Moscow. Our company sells exclusively high-quality, balanced and full-fat canned feeds developed by leading European specialists.

(911) 471 1000


ZООЕxpress company began its activities in 2001 and have been firmly established in the Russian pet products market, gaining wide popularity among pet lovers. Today, ZООЕxpress Company is one of the largest manufacturers of pet products in Russia. Goods of own production include ammunition, plastic products for pet care, kennels and beds, claw sharpener, scratching posts and cat furniture, carryings, toys, sundries, bowls and feeders.

(812) 447 9349


Manufacture of natural zeolite cat litters ZEOSAN. Production of cat litters under private labels. Sale of raw materials (natural zeolite) for the producers of cat litters.

(499) 110 3017


Results of the «ParkZoo Digital» summed up


«ParkZoo Digital» – the first virtual pet industry exhibition On September, 28, until October, 2, 2020 Russia hosted the first in the history of domestic pet business online exhibition «ParkZoo Digital». It welcomed 73 exhibitors — manufacturers, distributors, and overseas suppliers who want to launch on the Russian market. They presented a various range of products for pets: food, treats and feed additives, care products and cat litters, veterinary medicines and veterinary equipment, accessories, aquariums and much more. The online format allowed to follow quarantine restrictions and to avoid risks. At the same time, it gave exhibitors and visitors opportunities to solve relevant business issues at the beginning of the autumn season: establish new contacts, make orders, review conditions, present new products, and find out the latest trends. Participating companies presented their trade offers, news and new products, videos, as well as broadcasts from stands and webinars. The platform provided them with the opportunity to communicate with visitors via online chat, schedule meetings and meet within video conferences. Approximately 2,500 people visited the «ParkZoo Digital» exhibition – professionals from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries: 31 countries in total. Almost one third (29%) of all visitors are newcomers, those who never visited the exhibition before.

«ParkZoo Digital» materials will be available until November 2, 2020


The exhibition «ParkZoo Digital» has ended. «ParkZoo Digital» materials will be available for the registered visitors and exhibitors on the website until November 2, 2020.

The exhibition «ParkZoo Digital» - Thank you for participating!


Dear colleagues! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust and support of «ParkZoo Digital». In our difficult time for business, it is important not to stand still, to move forward all the time, to master new technologies, new opportunities, and new horizons. We have shown this by holding the «ParkZoo» exhibition in a new format. You are the most progressive and innovative representatives of the Russian pet industry. I appreciate your hard work and understand the scale of your contribution to the development of the Russian pet business. About two and a half thousand people attended the event. For the first event of the online format is very good attendance. The exhibition materials will be available on the website until November 2, 2020, and those who did not have time to visit the exhibition during the days of the event will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibition on the website Thank you for your productive work at the exhibition, creative and prompt preparation. I look forward to your assessment of the new format, constructive criticism, tips and suggestions. After all, feedback helps us develop, move forward, and make better, important, and much-needed business events. I sincerely wish you energy, strength, good luck, and the realization of all your goals and plans. I respect and appreciate everyone very much.   Sincerely yours, Natalia Morgunova  

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