Russia, Moscow
«Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Hall №4 (Expo 1, ground floor)
21-23 September, 2022
10:00 - 18:00

Participants «ParkZoo 2021»

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Аrkhangelskiy A.V.

Wholesale trade of pet products.

(916) 811 6000



AlphaPet ®

Alphapet is a new Russian brand of dry and wet food for dogs and cats. The company has built its own factory, a distinctive feature of which is the unique production line BUHLER (Switzerland), which allows ensuring the adding of fresh meat into recipes and preserve carefully all the original properties of ingredients. Alphapet is an opportunity to feed your pets with high-quality maximally effective natural food based on domestic raw materials.

(495) 198 0559



Since 1984, AQUAEL has been manufacturing everything required for setting up and maintaining aquariums and garden ponds. Innovative ideas and the development of eco-friendly production allowed AQUAEL to continuously expand the range of products which are valued by fish keepers around the world. AQUAEL products are represented in more than 100 countries around the world. Join us on social networks: VKontakte: Instagram:

(+4822) 855 1111


AQUA LOGO aquarium complex

The aquarium complex Aqua Logo founded in 1998. Today the company is engaged in the import and export of freshwater, marine and terrarium animals. Animals are supplied to zoos, aquariums and pet shops throughout Russia. Complex facility is over 1000 sq. m, and the total volume is about 200 tons of water. The Aqua Logo quarantine base is certified by the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for Moscow and meets all standards.

(499) 745 0266



The Russian company ALPINTECH has been operating on the pet products market since 2000 under the trademarks TiTBiT, Biff, Crazy Bit and Blue Cat. A wide range (over 700 items) includes canned and dry food, natural dried delicacies, meat baking, sausages and various snacks.

(495) 902 6292



Alliance-market LLC presents the TM LUXSAN hygiene line. A brand with a 13-year history. Products of European quality, made on Italian equipment, from the best European raw materials, which guarantees environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity: 1) disposable mats in 3 sizes 40x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 60x90 cm, including those with absorbent; 2) breathable diapers with a tail hole – 5 sizes from 2 to 20 kg; 3) self-adhesive bandages with bitter impregnation in 5 sizes from 2.5 to 15 cm.

(495) 150 4198



The company was founded in 2009. The first product that was released to the market was caps for cats 'claws under the trademark Anti-scratches. The market of accessories and toys for cats and dogs is still occupied mainly by imported goods. The goal is to reverse this trend and offer customers a domestic product that is superior in quality to Chinese.

(495) 778 3916


Apicenna LLC

Apicenna is a modern high-tech enterprise with unique developments, a GMP certificate and contract manufacturing services. The company's portfolio includes a wide range of veterinary medicines for farm animals and companion animals (more than 200 products).

(495) 580 7713



ARKON company, one of the largest producers of leather accessories in Russia, offers high-quality own manufactured products: collars, leashes, muzzles, harnesses. High quality, reliability and safety, original design.

(383) 204 7785



AS-Capital is a dynamically developing distributor of leading еuropean brands.

(495) 916 9168



TRIOL APZ is a multifunctional business which unites companies specializing in production and distribution of pet products in Russia and the CIS. Its members are active participants of pet market: GC Triol, AMMA PET, ContinentZOO, AMMA MARKET. The Association has a wide network of representative offices throughout the country, provides a whole range of logistics services, effectively cooperates with leading foreign manufacturers and introduces new competitive products to the Russian market.

(499) 649 2636,,

AQUA MENU Group of Companies

The Aqua Menu Group of Companies is a multidisciplinary production association that includes organizations that are professionally engaged in aquariumistics and terrariumistics. The scope of the group's activities includes: production of live, frozen and dry feed for aquarium fish; production of hydrochemistry and delivery packages for aquarium fish; production of live feed for terrarium animals; cultivation and sale of terrarium animals and aquarium fish on its own breeding.

(812) 325 1987


AVZ S - P Ltd

AVZ is the absolute leader among Russian manufacturers in terms of retail sales of veterinary medicines. More than 430 items of high-quality, effective and in-demand products of our own production, manufactured according to GMP standards.

(495) 648 2626



Animall company is a supplier of veterinary consumables. Product range includes:  goods of own production (collars, blankets, bags for fixing), injection products, diapers, dressings, gloves, etc.

(900) 645 8888




The official distributor of the world-famous brand Natural Dog Company in Russia. Natural Dog Company-Production of therapeutic and protective balms with 100% natural and vegan composition, as well as therapeutic and natural shampoos and vitamins for dogs. The factory is located in the USA.

(977) 806 8600




Brooksfield is a dry and wet low-grain super-premium food of European production for cats and dogs. Brooksfield has is an excellent composition, original packaging design and attractive price. Each recipe is balanced in the nutrients the health of your cat or dog requires. The formulas contain FRESH MEAT. There is NO wheat, corn, soy, offal, gluten, GMO, artificial colors or preservatives in the pet food. Products are presented in all regions of the Russian Federation.

(495) 504 3729



Biotrade company has been engaged in the extraction, production and sale of aquatic biological resources since 2007. As a result of the work, the company has mastered the directions of harvesting, processing and selling gammarus crustacean and artemia cysts (in raw, dry and decapsulated form). In addition to these items, the assortment includes a wide range of feeds for birds, reptiles and fish in the form of pellets, flakes, tablets, disks, as well as whole dry insects and frozen feeds.

(3852) 58 0660



One of the important principles of the company's work is taking care of the health of animals. All products are made from carefully selected natural ingredients using a unique composition of flavors, designed for each specific type of animal and bird. All feeds are certified, undergo regular laboratory and veterinary control. The range includes premium and economy class products: full-fledged feed treats (sticks, pears, mushroom, stump) mineral stones.

(937) 989 2808




COLLAR company has been creating innovative pet products that are in demand in 70 countries around the world. Bestsellers of COLLAR: The PULLER is the world's first innovative dog training equipment. EVOLUTOR is the most durable harness with an international lifetime warranty. WAUDOG is an endless assortment of dog harnesses, each unique in its own way. AiryVest are the lightest dog jackets in the world. LIKER is not just a ball, but something that all pets are crazy about!

(906) 696 4998



DEMETRA Company is the exclusive Russian distributor of VitaPRO, Vitakraft and Fauna International pet products and one of the leading distributors of DAJANA PET, EHEIM, Juwel Aquarium, Penn-Plax, Savic, Nobby, Georplast, Mister Pet.

(495) 786 4999


ContinentZoo LLC

ContinentZOO is a trade and production company, which supplies premium and super premium pet products on the Russian market, is a distributor of pet food, treats and vitamins manufactured by Brit, Molina, ONTO Biotechnology. It supplies toys and accessories by Zolux, NerfDog, DGS, Flexi, Catit and Zeus. ContinentZOO offers aquaria and terraria range of products by Juwel, Sera, EXO TERRA, Fluval, Sicce, Beaphar, as well as cat litters from Asan company. Own trademarks-Darsi and Molina.

(495) 134 2829

C6, B7


The PrettyCat company has been successfully promoting its PrettyCat and PrettyPet brands on the market for many years, the general distributor is Catproduct LLC. The excellent quality of the litters was appreciated by the cats of the State Hermitage Museum and the Republic of Cats. The company has a wide distribution network throughout Russia, its products are presented in such retail networks as Lenta, Auchan, Metro Cash & Carry, Karusel. PrettyCat is premium quality at an affordable price.

(812) 329 4314


Company Stack Profi Ltd.

Exclusive distributor of grooming products ARTERO, TOEX, Foolee, Amiplay dog harnesses, Grodo pet pads and For Cats cat litters. Distributor of Flexi, Wahl, Moser, ShowTech, Xpower, Maxipin by Keller, Witte.

(499) 458 0111


Chetveronogy Gurman

Since 2005 Chetveronogy Gurman has been producing natural pet food and developing its receipts to offer high quality and high demanded products to the market. Pet food production is carried out at large Russian factories according to Chetveronogy Gurman’s original recipes and technologies. Many company’s developments are protected by patents. The company owns brands Chetveronogy gurman, Vkusmyasina, Brunch, Petibon, Ekonorm.

(495) 921 3074




The DOGGER company is a manufacturer of accessories for animals made of genuine leather. Production – Russia, Moscow. Traditions and style of the company since 1990. Own design and patented technologies. From simple to exclusive. Handmade work. A wide range of products. Control of each product.

(495) 676 9569



TM Dogman and MAVA are one of the leading companies in the production of pet products. The company has been on the market for over 16 years and every season pleases its customers with new products. The assortment includes more than 400 products of its own production. Excellent communication price – quality. Delivery across all Russia and CIS countries.

(495) 775 2372



For more than 15 years, the DOGMODA trademark has been successfully solving all the variety of issues related to the production of clothing and accessories for animals, embodying a design idea into a finished product at a full-cycle enterprise. Thanks to an integrated approach, today DOGMODA is one of the few Russian manufacturers of recognizably high-quality, practical and fashionable clothing and accessories for dogs of all breeds: from tiny Toy terriers to impressive Cane Corso.

(929) 520 4007



Dikey Mart is an importer and distributor of goods from France, has been on the pet products market for more than 5 years and has its own Frais trademark. Frais is a complete and varied food for your favorite pets, as well as goods.

(495) 120 4900


Diusa Pet

Diusa Pet Company is a multinational team of experts in the field of proper nutrition of dogs and cats, veterinarians and breeders united by love for pets and presenting high-quality Alleva food and Neo Lupus rehabilitation cosmetics all over the world, starting since 1901. The own high-tech production of pet food and cosmetics is located in Italy (Milan) and France (Bordeaux).

(906) 029 2999


DROUG (FRIEND) magazines

The "FRIEND" magazines are the most authoritative publications about animals with a 30-year history. The group of publications "FRIEND" is represented by the magazines "FRIEND of dogs" and "FRIEND of cats", " Little FRIEND "(about small animals that can be kept at home), the collections "Puppy in the house" and "Kennels of Russia", a series of collections "Favorite dogs".

(916) 606 9929




The Euro-Product-K company is the largest supplier and manufacturer of pet products in the South of Russia and one of the leaders of the domestic pet business. Having many years of experience in the import trade, Euro-Product-K is able to meet the needs of customers in almost all groups of pet products. For suppliers, the company is a reliable partner, as it owns a package of exclusive and distribution contracts. Own fleet of vehicles and an established logistics system-provides a high-quality delivery service.

(861) 260 5801



ECOSTYLE company has been operating on the pet products market since 2018 as a wholesale company (distributor) on the territory of Udmurtia and Tatarstan. In 2019, launched the production of cardboard scratching posts under the ADD CAT trademark. In 2020, began to enter the Russian market. In 2021, the company is pleased to present a modular system made of corrugated cardboard, grass for cats and rubberized leashes made of European slings under the ADD DOG trademark.

(3412) 77 6674




FAVA Petcare industries is its own production of dry pet food on the territory of the Leningrad region, which guarantees confidence in the quality and usefulness of the products offered. It allows you to provide your pets with favorite food from the economy to the premium segment. The equipment is designed taking into account the customer's tasks and requirements for the quality of the finished product, and also provides flexibility in the production of feed of various formulations.

(965) 051 9993


FreshDog zooatelier

Production of clothing and accessories for animals. Production of both standard products and individual orders. A large range of sizes, including for non-standard and large dogs. Development of models for wholesale customers, taking into account their needs and budget. Assortment: raincoats, jackets, blankets, warm overalls, overalls for growing dogs, hoodies, jeans, T-shirts, dresses, shoes, hats, bows for dogs and decorative collars.

(904) 322 0585


Favorit Ltd.

The Favorit company is an exclusive importer of such feeds as Morando (Italy), Fokker (the Netherlands), My Energy Odds (Thailand). These brands are Premium quality feeds and are in demand all over the world. The feeds guarantee your pets the correct intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep them always active, cheerful and in excellent shape at all stages of life. Company has the widest range of wet food with premium fish.

(903) 732 1145


Farmina Pet Foods

Italians do everything with love for the family. Pets are the heart of the family, and people want to see them happy. This encourages to create the best food for them, as Italians believe that nutrition is the key to improving the quality of life of our pets. In its daily work, the company uses scientific knowledge to improve the life of pets.

(495) 722 5235



Forsazh – one of the leading manufacturers of pet food. High-quality healthy food for pets is the main task of the company. Taking into account the needs and characteristics of the body of pets, the company does not use dyes, flavor enhancers, artificial additives and GMOs in its production, carefully controlling every part of the production process from the selection of suppliers and processing of raw materials to the packaging of products.

(495) 966 4241;




The company specializes in the wholesale of goods for cats and dogs. The company is one of the leaders on the Russian market in the segment of pet toys. Product quality, a huge assortment, as well as a reasonable pricing policy contribute to long-term partnerships with sellers of pet products.

(495) 507 1665


Grand-Alfa LLC

The Grand-Alfa company was founded in 1999 and today is one of the largest suppliers in the Russian Federation of imported animal products from leading European manufacturers: Interquell GmbH, Deuerer GmbH, Finnern GmbH, BEFOOD, BIO BISCUIT INC. The range of the Grand-Alfa company is represented by its own trademark Best Dinner and well-known trademarks: Happy Dog, Happy Cat, Oven Baked, Prolife, Golosi, Edel Dog, Edel Cat, Rinti, Miamor, Catzone.

(495) 779 0111



Factory for the production of upholstered furniture and clothing for dogs and cats.

(37529) 772 3072


Gerasimova E.V.

Рroduction of wood filler, Golden Cat corn filler, small hay for rodents, sawdust without needles(linden), treats for domestic rodents and birds,treats for dogs, food for snails.

(962) 907 9977



HUNTER International GmbH

HUNTER International GmbH is a traditional family business and has specialized in the production of high quality accessories for dogs, cats and horses since its foundation in 1980. The product line currently includes 5,500 different items, ranging from collars, leashes in a variety of materials to fashionable and functional dog clothes, bowls, pillows and beds, and innovative toys. Valta Pet Products JSC is the exclusive distributor of HUNTER in Russia.

(495) 797 3472



The developer and manufacturer of highly effective, safe and cost-effective disinfection means and household chemicals for different field of application (medicine, veterinary, services children and household services).

(495) 782 5996




The history of INABA goes back to 1805, when the founder of the company, Yoshizo Inaba, began trading seafood in Shizuoka Prefecture (Japan). The main plant of the company is located in Japan. Also has our own factories in Thailand and China.

(499) 954 6368


IE Kondratenko Aleksej Nikolaevich (Homezoo)

IE Kondratenko A.N. (Homezoo) is a wholesale company of goods for pets in the south of Russia. Founded in 1993 in Krasnodar. Direct contracts Europe: Tropical, Vitapol – feed, INTER-ZOO and CAZO – accessories; China – MINJIANG (filters, compressors, aquariums). Products under Homezoo's own brand – bird cages, soil, driftwood, plants and much more.

(861) 215 8370


IP Senina Ekaterina Valerievna

WIKIZOO.RU is a manufacturer of pet products. Here you can find: Home and salon grooming equipment: grooming baths, grooming tables, hairdryers, compressors, pet salon furniture and much more! Veterinary equipment: surgical tables, tables for ultrasound and ECHO procedures, oxygen chambers and various consumables! Homecare accessories for pets: toys, sun beds, collars, harnesses. A wide range of products for agricultural activities!

(916) 655 1146



JSC Gatchinsky feed mill

JSC GATCHINSKY KKZ is a Russian manufacturer of dry and canned food for cats and dogs. The company manufactures products under its own trademarks – Nasha Marka, Stout, TerraKot, TerraPes, ZaKormaRodiny, and also has a great experience in contract manufacturing. All diets are balanced and contain all the needed nutrients for a long and healthy life for pets. Sales are carried out through a network of distributors throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

(81371) 90552



K9 competition

К9 competition - professional cosmetics made in Sweden. The K9 line includes all the necessary products for the daily grooming of your four-legged friends' hair, professional grooming and preparation for exhibitions.

(812) 775 8205



Karmy is a premium food production company for cats and dogs. The feed line consists of more than 30 types. The rations are created taking into account the age, breeds, individual and special needs of pets.

(8800) 350 5497



The company's products are dried crunchy treats – crackers and sticks made of minced meat and Atlantic cod skin. They are easy to chew, suitable for all ages and breeds. Cod is a hypoallergenic product. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids. This is a 100% natural product. Salt Free! The company's products are treats with a high protein content with a minimum fat content.

(499) 938 8618



The Kaleidoscope company has been operating on the market since 2016. The main specialization is the production and sale of natural and colored (artificially colored) stone chips for aquariums. The company uses modern production technologies, offering consumers a wide range of products and minimum delivery times. The company's activities are aimed at building mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships.

(902) 873 7729



Kaskad company specializes in the production and import of goods for dogs and cats: harnesses, apparels, beds, toys, bowls and so on. Kaskad has been developing and producing accessories for pets for 29 years, and this year is presenting new products at the exhibition. This year the company is pleased to present at its booth a new line of accessories for pets under the Marli brand. These are high-quality dog toys and grooming tools.

(495) 419 1995


KROL-KMV Limited Liability Company

KROL-KMV-manufacturers of treats from RABBIT MEAT AND OFFAL for rodents, cats and dogs. Their products on the pet market stand out for their organic design and proven quality. Among the company's clients are the largest chains and wholesalers. The company KROL-KMV is located on a rabbit breeding farm in the protected eco-resort region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

(928) 819 8789



LLC Daily

Part of sunny Italy in the pet's bowl. Dailydog and Dailycat includes superpremium and premium dry food, grain-free food, and the Unique line, which has no analogues in Russia. New products of 2021: Dailydog and Dailycat canned foods  for dogs and cats.

(812) 380 3868



ZIVER is a Russian trademark under which animal grooming equipment and grooming tools are produced. The ZIVER trademark was founded in 2010. Since 2017, the ZIVER holding company includes the trademarks PetStandart, Crazy Liberty, Gryzlik Am, Enzo Lunas. The development and design of products is carried out by a group of Russian and German designers and engineers. The company's products belong to the middle and high price segment.

(499) 390 0793


LLC Aller Petfood

Aller Petfood is Russian subsidiary of the Danish company Aller Petfood Group, who has 40 years of experience in producing petfood. Aller Petfood is producing high quality pet food to the standards of FSSC 22000. Aller Petfood carries a selection of two brands: ALL Petfood and TASTY Petfood, and takes great pride in working closely with their distribution partners, making sure they are with them every step of the way.

(812) 309 2560


LLC Afina

The company was founded in 2003 and today is one of the leading distributors of pet products in Russia. The company's branch network covers all federal districts. The distribution portfolio includes exclusively brands of cat and dog food from Germany (Sanabelle, Bosch), Spain (Natural Greatness, Amanova), Russia: Alpha Pet, Solid Natura, Mammoth, as well as its own brands Prime Ever and Glory Life. The main assortment includes more than 2000 items of goods of the main categories for pets.

(495) 660 9102


LLC Vetprodaks

The company Vetprodaks was founded in 2013 as part of the group of companies TKF Korpas, and supplies goods for pets to pet shops, veterinary pharmacies and clinics, pet centers and wholesale companies. The company is the official representative of the world's leading manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals such as MSD, Zoetis, Elanco, GIGI, KRKA, CEVA, Livisto, Apicenna, Farmina food for cats and dogs , DiusaPet, Pettric and Camon accessories for pets.

(499) 400 1407


Limited Liability Company VsemMirom

The company produces food for dogs and cats under the brands ZooRing, Formula 365. A large line of premium and super premium quality feed, as well as bio-additives and care products look beautiful on the shelf of stores and arouse the interest of customers. The company is developing and regularly presents new products to the pet market. The company invites regions, shops, nurseries to cooperate. Supports buyers with promotions, discounts, novelties. Mutually beneficial cooperation is the basis.

(499) 290 5025


LLC Dji Pi Ai

The production company has been on the pet supplies market since 2010. Specializes in the production of plastic products for cats, dogs, rodents and other pets. A large range of high-quality products, the availability of warehouse stocks and the annual launch of new products especially distinguishes the company.

(4912) 93 7000


LLC ZPI Alternativa

ZPI Alternativa LLC is one of the leading high-tech enterprises for the production of consumer goods from plastics in Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. ZPI Alternativa LLC manufactures and sells goods for the home, kitchen, animals, garden and vegetable garden, recreation and tourism and goods for children.

(34767) 32244



Manufacturer of products for cats, rodents, rabbits, reptiles. On the market since 2001. The trademark is "Zveryo Moyo".

(48535) 60387



INTERSAN-Plus has been represented in the industry since 1997. It is the largest manufacturing company, one of the leaders within Russian market of antiseptic and disinfectant products. The products are intended for professional use in the field of healthcare and veterinary medicine. FEDVET LLC is an exclusive official NPC "INTERSAN-plus" representative in veterinary medicine market.

(495) 921 3532



LUXPLANTS company is engaged in the wholesale of live aquarium plants and aquarium equipment. Import is carried out from the countries of Southeast Asia. Over 15 years of successful work, we have taken leading positions on the Russian market in this segment. In the company, the goods pass veterinary control and fully comply with all quality standards.

(926) 745 7579


Limited Liability Company Elf Company

The company Elf is a major manufacturer of pet products in the territory of the Russian Federation since 2000. The products are manufactured from natural ingredients with unique formulations and technologies. A wide range of products! A flexible system of discounts! Affordable prices for each pet owner!

(904) 544 3525


Limited Liability Company Kraft Farm

ProBiotic LIVE is a patented natural full-fledged super-premium pet food, which is designed to meet the unique needs of different breeds, ages and weight categories of animals. It contains a high concentration of live probiotic bacteria. This is a probiotic strain of Enterococcus faecium. Bacteria help restore the microflora and maintain the functioning of a healthy intestine. In addition, they support the animal's immunity system.

(499) 992 1667



Production of clothing and accessories for dogs. High-quality manufacturing. Thoughtful design. A solid look. TM LaIra – a high level of sales and satisfied customers.

(812) 993 5187



Limkorm is a modern producer of complete pet food for cats and dogs. The total area of Limkorm's factory is 4,500 m2, its productivity is 30,000 tons of pet food per year. Highly qualified stuffs, innovative technologies, the availability of a research center, full control of production processes, incoming raw materials and manufactured products-this is a guarantee of consistently high quality products that meet the criteria of nutrition, balance and safety.

(47248) 54613



The famous Finnish brand Rukka, specializing in the production of clothing for professional sports and active recreation, has entered a new market for itself with the brand Rukka pets, offering a wide range of clothing and accessories for pets. Rukkapets products are designed for active dogs and take into account various weather conditions, temperature regimes and various types of activity in which the pets are located. The products have a well-thought-out cut, which provides an excellent fit of the products.

(495) 234 0838



Lyubimchik LLC is a Russian manufacturer of feed for aquarium fish. Wholesale trade.

(903) 743 0808


Limited Liability Company Pet-Product Stolitsa

Pet-Product LLC is the largest supplier of pet products in Russia. The company offers a wide range of products from leading world manufacturers, has its own brands: dry and wet cat and dog food, dietary supplements, vitamins, grooming, perfumes, care products, accessories, toys. The company owns warehouses, which ensures fast delivery to customers. Buyers can always be sure of the high quality of the delivered goods.

(800) 511 4010



The КИОКО is a project about great love for dogs. Russian manufacturer of natural dog treats. The principles of the company's work: naturalness, environmental friendliness, benefits, and taste. Full-cycle production on our industrial equipment. A young flexible team, loving their job, created and brought to the market an interesting product in recognizable packaging the КИОКО. А technologist and a nutritionist – production control and assortment expansion. We offer cooperation as private label.

(800) 600 7371


LLC Sphere

ECO-Premiumlitter is a revolutionary invention in the field of hygiene for pets. Perfectly absorbs moisture, neutralizes odors, clumps into a tight ball, is disposed of in the toilet. ECO-Premium food for parrots, shishnshilas, hamsters, rabbits with high quality and colorful figures. Excellent reviews and constant sales growth where ECO-Premium products are presented, confirms consumer satisfaction with the product. 

(918) 463 5444



LLC Lion Manufactory

Lion Manufactory is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of pet accessories since 2013. More and more owners of cats and dogs choose the company for their pets, evaluating the quality, design and comfort

(495) 374 8925


LLC Enimal servis

Animal Service LLC – Natural professional cosmetics for cats and dogs. The products are completely natural and safe for pets.

(7900) 468 8900


Limited liability company YARVET

YarVet is the official distributor of veterinary drugs, feed and ultrasound equipment from leading Russian and world manufacturers. Operating since 1999 and serving more than 5624 regular customers.

(800) 700 3097




Marpet is an Italian brand of functional dog and cat food for healthy nutrition according to their natural needs. Marpet’s products are made from selected raw materials with powerful nutritional and therapeutic effects. Each of the Marpet ranges is developed not only to provide pets with a high-quality complete diet, but also to solve situations related to allergies, food intolerances and even problems with the musculoskeletal system.

(+3945) 700 0124


Mealberry Group

Mealberry Group offers a wide range of quality pet products. Production facilities in Germany and Russia, innovative technologies and a commitment to continuous development allow company to be one of the leaders in the industry. The leading brands of RIO and Little One have earned the trust of customers, and the company's experience and expertise are the basis of long-term relationships with partners.

(812) 615-77-25


Monge & C. S.p.a

Monge is a world-class producer of pet food for dogs and cats since 1963. Dry, wet and grain-free food of the superior quality does not contain chemical colorings, aromas or preservatives. Meet is the 1-st ingredient in all product lines. Monge preaches the philosophy of healthy nutrition, ensures guaranteed taste and provides recipes developed in liaison with breeders and veterinary nutritiology professionals. Valta Pet Products JSC is the exclusive distributor of Monge in Russia.

(495) 797 3472



MAGNA LLC is an exclusive importer of high-quality products for cats and dogs. All the products made of natural ingredients: super premium dry food Gina and Gina Elite and canned food Gina, Mi-Mi, X-CAT and X-DOG.

(812) 650 0500



MEDMIL LLC produces absorbing disposable underpads for pets care, pads-toilets and training pads for puppies, branded as Petmil, Petmil WC, My Puppy. Also available: hay molded houses and toys for pets Petmil SENO-SOLOMA, cushions and scratch posts Petmil RELAX, disposables for veterinarians. Contract production of PL: PetExpert, OUT!, Brava, HomePet and many others. Quality and modern production.

(343) 287 7054


Mera Russia

MERA feeds are produced in Germany at one of the largest factories in Europe – Mera. Mera products have stood for quality assurance in the pet food industry for over 60 years. Rich experience and unique feed formulas have made them one of the most successful premium and super premium brands in Europe. MERA food will provide your beloved pet with health and energy throughout its life.

(812) 242 8673



"MILORD" has been specializing in the grooming business since 2002: own and franchised grooming salons "Milord" and "Barbos", wholesale trade, production of tools and equipment, online store, The Academy of grooming "Milord", the organization of festivals and competitions of groomers. Brands: "Milord", "Komondor", "Barbos", "Barboski".

(495) 695 4375



MIRALEK is a Russian veterinary production and wholesale company founded in 2014. Mission – supply vet clinics, pet shops and farms by hi-level quality veterinary products. Its mission is to provide veterinary clinics and pet stores with the highest quality products. Presented in the Russian Federation and the EAEU through branches in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Voronezh, as well as through distributors, the products include: antibiotics, analgesics, antiparasitic, hormonal, vitamin and mineral complexes, antispasmodics, antiemetics, hepatoprotectors, dermatological, zoohygenic drugs and drugs for anesthesia.

(499) 110 1435



MISMA has been a leading supplier of ingredients for pet food and feed for farm animals since 2009. The production of dry and wet super-premium food for cats and dogs under its own brand Landor has become a separate area of company activity since 2017. On the Russian market the brand is represented by 13 distributors in more than 700 points of sale.

(495) 902 7570



Mnyams is a private lovemark being cherished by JSC Valta Pet Products for more than 13 years. The range includes delicious and healthy treats and wet and dry food for dogs and cats manufactured according to international standards in Europe (Germany, Austria, the Netherlands), China and Thailand.  All products are completely natural and have high palatability.

(495) 797 3472



MOSZOOVETSNAB is the official distributor of the largest Russian and foreign manufacturers of veterinary drugs and pet products, delivering throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Own retail network and veterinary clinics MOSVET. In 2018, the company launched its own VETZABOTA trademark, which currently has the most up-to-date pet supplies. Direct deliveries throughout Belarus.

(495) 679 0241



Team Mur-Amur – manufactures beds, houses, carriers and tents for exhibitions of cats and dogs. Products in stock and on order, with your logo and without (embroidery or printing). Worldwide delivery.

(3812) 34 2016



NPO New Technologies

NPO New Technologies LLC is a leader in the Russian and CIS markets for the production and sale of hygienic mineral and natural litters for cats under its own TM Barsik, N1, NATUReL, as well as products for the care and hygiene of pets TM Yut and Russian Champion. High-quality environmentally friendly products of NPO New Technologies LLC are widely represented in large federal and regional retail chains and are supplied to the regions of Russia and the CIS using its own logistics net.

(861) 260 3456




Otrada is a manufacturer of treats for animals, for 9 years. A treat for animals is additional nutrition, good digestion, cleaning teeth from food plaque, strengthening cartilage, protection against gnawing of furniture and shoes, 100% natural meat. Otrada is Natural, Refined, Healthy, Tasty, Safe.

(918) 521 8797




Cool pet products. Federal brand. Own production. A number of products are exclusive on pet market. There is a continuous work to improve products, finding new solutions and materials in the company. The first pet goods with a AR-label. The first pet beds you can write on. Projects: #perseilineMODELS #petvision #ioPET.

(495) 185 0755


PET-OPT.RU (PE Radichkina Y.A.)

PET-OPT.RU company supplies retail and online pet shops, grooming salons, handling rooms, dog training centers, veterinary clinics and wholesale companies an up-to-date assortment for dog owners - modern collars, leashes, harnesses, special ammunition for outdoor activities RUKKA PETS, ICEPEAK PET (Finland), DRIVE DOG, as well as natural cosmetics GRINPETS (India), SpellVet disinfectants, the best toys, natural treats. Delivery – the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

(985) 764 1048



PETFAN provides high-quality products, stylish design, water-resistant garbage catcher and safe travel to meet the needs of pets. The company was founded in 2008 in Turkey. It is the leader in the Turkish market in the segment of polyester bags. Due to strong ties with the license-holding companies, Petfan became a licensee of Hello Kitty and Garfield pet products in 2020, and also exports products to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Seyitnizam Mh. Mevlana Cd. No:75A, Zeytinburnu, 34015, İstanbul, Turkey

(90) 212 547



PETTO is a Russian manufacturer of toys for pets. GoSi-game tracks made of natural wood, toys for cats made of natural mink, toys for dogs. SHU-SHU-accessories for rodents.

(499) 340 6306



ProGroom is an exclusive distributor of professional cosmetic brands for animal care in the EAEU countries. The company's portfolio includes such brands as Hydra, True Iconic, Meow, Ashley Craig, Botaniqa, So Posh, Megamazon, Beeps, Soft Care.

(926) 221 3156


Pandaexpo Ltd

SANYpet company develops, produces and distributes specialized high-quality food for dogs and cats. Forza10 is a unique diet with proven effectiveness that eliminates the most common health disorders of pets – this is an area in which these feeds are recognized market leaders worldwide. Forza10 also offers daily diets to maintain the health of pets at every stage of their development.

(495) 61717


Paradogs LLC

Paradogs LLC is the rightsholder and the exclusive distributor of TM CODOS in the RF and the EAEU. CODOS - professional tools for grooming: clippers, pet dryers, grinders, trimmers, scissors.

(800) 500 9221


Peligrin Maten Ltd

Since 1999, PELIGRIN MATEN LLC designs and produces products for pet care and veterinary. The company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Under the trade marks GENTLEPETS and DOBROZVERIKI is manufactured a wide range of products such as disposable absorbent pads, pet diapers, postoperative sets, many tailed bandage, dog rain coats, sling for dogs and products for ferrets. The company Peligrin Maten invites all interested in a mutually beneficial cooperation.

(499) 322 0177



Pet Line is an expert company in the wholesale supply of grooming tools, affordable accessories for pets (diapers, toilets), ammunition for training and exhibitions. Presents the newest grooming brand DeLIGHT, which defines the modern concept of affordable home and salon grooming for claws and hair. Zoo One – a series of wonderful toys, disposable and reusable diapers, toilets, enclosures, silicone gloves and bags.

(495) 150 4455


Pet Line Group

PET LINE GROUP LLC specializes in wholesale of pet products. The company PET LINE GROUP LLC is the only supplier of HELLO PET brand products to the territory of Russia and the CIS and directly works with the factory that produces these products in Taiwan. We are ready to offer our partners not only favorable prices, a popular and correctly selected range of products for pets, constant availability of the assortment in stock, but also high – quality service on the territory of Russia-prompt order.

(499) 782 2050



Russian manufacturer of collars, harnesses, leashes, beds and carrying bags. Distributor of Moderna Belgium: toilets, carriers, bowls.

(499) 553 9172



 PETVADOR LLC develops and manufactures premium and super premium food for pets at European factories. TM PETVADOR food is a natural, hypoallergenic, balanced, healthy food that helps to increase the life expectancy of pets. The company takes a flexible approach to pricing and offers lucrative contracts to both large and small customers.

(495) 902 7095



PLATINUM RUS is the official distibutor of PLATINUM products for pets in Russia and the Customs Union. PLATINUM is an innovative semi-moist food, carefully prepared from fresh meat using a unique cookcing technology in its meat juice, without using an extruder, as well as completely natural products for the care of the skin, hair and oral care of dogs and cats.

(495) 799 5849



Pogryzukhin is food and treats for dogs made from reindeer meat. Raw materials are harvested in the Far North, production – the Republic of Komi, Inta. Venison is meat with a unique composition of useful substances, not fatty, rich in vitamins and minerals. Eco-friendly treats and feeds do not contain preservatives and serve as a source of protein necessary for building muscles and bones of dogs and puppies during the growth period.

(09103) 130 9103



ProRacion LLC  the manufacturing company was founded in 2019 in Novosibirsk. ProRacion products undergo numerous checks at each stage of production, which are recommended by the norms of consumption of Veterinary rules. Assortment – Delicana dry and canned full-fledged food-premium for dogs and cats, "Siberian Farm" dry, wet and canned food of the standard class for dogs and cats , Cat Safe and "Cat in the tray" litters for the cat toilet .

(383) 334 0133



Qingdao MRC Cat Litter Products Co., Ltd.

Qingdao MRC Cat Litter Products Co., Ltd.has been focusing on R&D and production of high quality tofu cat litter, as one of the earliest manufacturer of tofu cat litter in China. MRC insists on using natural food-grade raw materials without any chemical additives. Company products are selling to global markets, such as Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, North and South Americas. 

(925) 6142916



Royal Pet

The Royal Pet company produces beds and premium segment clothing that will make the life of pets more comfortable. Only high-quality materials that have the appropriate certificates are used for the manufacture of accessories. It is very important for the company that the pet feels comfortable using the products of this manufacturer. Royal Pet is 25 years of experience, which was aimed at making pets even happier.

(915) 411 7288



R-Trade company produce high-quality natural food for cats and dogs by unique recipes, developed jointly with foreign technologists. All feeds are produced on the basis of fresh and quality meat products, taking into account the latest scientific achievements in the field of pet nutrition. All production passes strict quality control according to the standards introduced at the enterprise. Quality control occurs both at the acceptance of raw materials and at the output of finished products.

(495) 902 6998



REKS was founded in 1993 and takes the leading position among manufacturers of ammunition for pets in Russia. High-quality materials, painstaking manual work and innovations are the main postulates in the company's work.

(812) 379 8130



Reefovod company offers products for marine and freshwater aquariums wholesale and retail. Lifting pumps and flow pumps, skimmers, calcium reactors, lamps, lamps, refrigerators, salt, additives for sea and fresh water and much more. Supplies directly from the world market leaders: Two Little Fishes, Tunze, Jebao, Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin, Brightwell, Salifert, Giesemann, D&D, Ocean Nutrinion, Reeflowers, Kamoer etc.

(985) 227 6840


RHM Russian-Holland Manufacturing of wet pet food

Russian-Holland factory (RHM) for the manufacturing canned pet food was commissioned in 2019. The factory is equipped with modern, high-tech european-sourced machinery. Manufacturing process is performed with exclusive technologies of processing meat and grains which allow to maintain the highest quality of manufactured products. The factory is ready to suggest a cooperation in producing private label pet food.

(812) 401 4003



Royal Canin is an expert in healthy food for cats and dogs, and one of the largest manufacturers of pet food and veterinary diets. The company has been developing specialized nutrition for over 50 years, taking into account the unique needs of pets.

(495) 221 8290



Eukanuba diets with a high content of animal protein are fully balanced, prepared only from high-quality ingredients and contain all the nutrients necessary for pets. Nutrition provides the animal with strength and energy, muscle work to achieve excellent results. Eukanuba is a daily source of energy for an active dog!

(495) 221 8290


Red Plastic

RED PLASTIC is the largest pet supplies manufacturer in Russia. Product range is presented by more than 5000 items, under own trademarks ZooM, DARLAND, ECO, CIP. The portfolio of contracts of Private Label includes key players in the pet products industry.

(812) 324 0977



Spectrum Brands

Tetra is the leader in the world of aquariums! Everything for an aquarium and a garden pond. 8in1-vitamins, treats and pet care products Natures Miracle, FURminator anti-odor and stain products, GloFish anti-molt tools, fluorescent plants and aquarium decorations.


Simbio LLC

The company is useful if you are looking for a partner in the supply of feed, veterinary drugs, feed additives, enzymes, disinfection products, diagnostic kits and equipment for farm animals, dogs and cats. For a pet store, a veterinary clinic, a professional breeder, a dog and cat owner, there is always an offer and suitable working conditions.

(495) 984 5311


Simple Zoo

Simple Zoo – affordable reptile products with a guarantee. The company develops, manufactures and markets everything necessary for reptiles: a line of modern waterproof terrariums, ultraviolet lamps, natural soils, calcium and other products for keeping terrarium animals. Simple Zoo makes reptile keeping simple and accessible.

(499) 321 2055



STATERA is homemade food with a professional character. The wide selection of fresh meat is deliciously combined with fresh vegetables and cereals grown in the Russian fields. Company produces the food with the tastiest and healthiest ingredients loved by domestic predators. Your pet will definitely appreciate the bright tastes from STATERA, and pet's owners will be satisfied with the impeccable health of the animal.

(800) 777 9084


Status Co.Ltd

Wholesale Company AQUA LOGO is the official Russian distributor of aquarium and terrarium products for wholesale and retail companies, as well as for aquarium salons. In assortiment it is possible to find all the necessary products for the implementation of complex projects, such as: public aquariums, aquariums, exotariums. The company's own production facilities produce frozen fish food, soils, filtration media for aquariums and many other types of goods.

(499) 678 2200


Supremo LLC

Supremo LLC is an exclusive distributor of Ever Clean, Fresh Step, Natural Trainer, Animonda, Animonda Integra Protect, Padovan and CareFresh brands in the Russian market. High quality products, professional team and active marketing allow Supremo to actively develop together with its partners and fulfill its obligations.

(495) 223 9539


Shepard LLC

Shepard LLC is the official distributor of dog and cat food and accessories produced in Europe and South Africa. The young dynamically developing company actively participates in the development of the pet business and promotes premium and super premium products of the Chicopee, Genesis, Oasy, KitCat, Catmania, Rogz brands. Caring for our partners and close attention to details, as well as careful selection of the offered assortment - this is what distinguishes us from other companies.

(495) 104 2555



TM Dilli

JSC Aleiskzernoprodukt named after SN Starovoitov has been producing dry full-feed extruded dog food under the TM Dilli since 2004. The feed is produced in accordance with high quality control standards for raw materials and each stage of the technological process, which is a guarantee of the production of a high quality finished product.

(38553) 77711


The Information and Publishing Center

The Information and Publishing Center ZooCourier is a well-known Russian company in the market of providing advertising and information services. Work experience-more than 20 years. The company has a wide range of tools for finding and attracting customers – own printed publications, information portal, social networks.

(812) 449 0795


Tavela Corporation

Tavela Corporation has been manufacturing and selling wholesale cat litters for over 10 years, as well as treats and food for dogs under the Pitomets, Myasoeshki and JAWZ trademarks.

(3852) 39 0900



The company T5-ZOO develops, manufactures and sells products for animals under its own trademarks Doglike, Petsiki, Dumbbelldog, Kengurino. The geography of sales has long gone beyond Russia. Company mission is to make the life of pets more diverse, interesting and active. Company concept is the production of pet supplies in Russia at affordable prices. Company recognition is that a number of products have no analogues in the world, which is confirmed by patents.

(900) 5270530


Trading House Astrapharm

Trading House Astrapharm specializes in the wholesale trade of veterinary drugs. The company is a trade representative of the Innovative Enterprise Astrapharm, Research and Production Company SKiFF and Scientific and Technological Center BioInvest. The company's product portfolio consists of contraceptive, antiparasitic, sedative and antiviral drugs. In 2021, the company introduced unique novelties to the market: the sedative drug Express Uspokoin and the anthelmintic drug Supramil.

(495) 645 8579


TEMA LLC (Bioneat)

TEMA LLC produces a powerful, non-toxic, eco friendly disinfectant Bioneat (an electrochemically activated mix of oxygen oxidants) that does not require flushing. The product destroys all pathogenic microflora, effectively eliminates odors, removes plaque. It does not contain flavorings. That is, it does not mask, but acts on the molecule by oxidation, destroying it. Safe for kids and animals. Release volumes from 150 ml to 5 liters. Release forms: spray, cans.

(499) 284 4411



Terra Plast is an innovative Russian manufacturing company specializing in the production of pet products since 2015. The company produces all types of cosmetic, antiparasitic products and feed additives. To do this, Terra Plast is constantly expanding their technology park, reducing costs, developing and producing goods that are interesting to the final buyer. Company mission is to enable the pet business to develop through offering customers healthy and high-quality products.

(812) 748 2225



Titan LLC  is a manufacturer of goods for animals. The company offers a wide range of litters for cat toilets, pet shampoos, sprays for cats and dogs.

(351) 223 2350



Topcase is a Russian manufacturer of carrier bags for cats and dogs. The products in the pet market stand out for their original design and proven quality. Thier clients are large chains and wholesalers.

(812) 614 0012


Torgovaya kompaniya ADRESNIK

Setting a goal — to help people in their daily care of Pets, the company Adresnik uses all means to keep up with the times: the company develops new brands, improving existing brands, established more efficient methods of production. Adresnik creates and distributes products that help Pets feel great, look great and enjoy life more.

(495) 926 2687


TH Gama-Market Ltd.

Trading House Gama-Market is one of the leading companies in Russia in the field of wholesale and retail trade in veterinary drugs, cosmetics and hygiene products for animals. More than 2,000 items of products are available in stock. General distributor of Micro-Plus and GamaVetPharm companies (medicines Gamavit, Fosprenil, Maksidin, Gamapren, balm Gamabiol). On the market since 2005.

(499) 190 5851


Trading Company FARMAKS

Trading House Farmaks focuses on the wholesale of goods for pets and considered to be the representative office of the Scientific and Production enterprise Farmaks. For the first time ever at ParkZoo 2021 the company will present the holistic class food ELATO, as well as the well-known TM treats, vitamin and mineral complexes, additives for the gastrointestinal tract and care products.

(495) 500 3423


TUZIK Trade Mark

TM "TUZIK" is a pioneer in the development and production of seasonal zoohygenic clothing for dogs by breed and gender – one of the oldest domestic brands. On the pet supplies market since 1996. The trademark "TUZIK" was registered in 2004. A large selection of comfortable overalls, blankets, vests, jackets, trousers, hats, home and other pet clothing for walking and traveling. For small dogs and / or puppies-models by size. The sale of goods is carried out only in wholesale batches.

(495) 517 6117




The Russian company VEDA has been in the professional pet market for more than 20 years. Today, VEDA is the leader of the phyto direction in the pet market and continues to develop intensively, improving the quality of life of animals. Today, the line of herbal medicines under the VEDA brand has more than 300 names that are well known and in demand.

(4967) 31 0684



Versele-Laga is an international manufacturer of quality food and care brand products for pets with 85 years of expertise in pets nutrition. Versele-Laga assortiment includes complete food, snacks and dietary supplements for birds, rodents, dogs, cats, farmyard animals.

(926) 923 9001



Superapp for pet owners and pet industry in total. Free search for veterinarians, groomers, breeders, trainers – any specialists, as well as pet stores and veterinary pharmacies, search for new contractors for legal entities. Aggregator of services and products for animals, advertising cabinet, chats with customers, geotargeting, promotions for nearby consumers and much more. Suitable for chain companies, small shops, salons, offices and the self-employed. The target audience only!

(926) 566 4814


Valta Pet Products

Valta is a recognized team of experts with 25 years of experience in confidently moving forward, 26 branches, 3 authorized dealers, 850 involved employees, 85 world-famous brands and more than 7,500 product positions in all categories of pet products. Valta is open to anyone who is ready to create the history of brand. Effective logistics, comprehensive marketing, financial services, business consulting-all this guarantees the success and happiness of customers who have decided to go to success with Valta.

(495) 797 3472

D5, D6


For many years of work Vetprom company build successful business reputation among suppliers and clients of veterinary products. Working with the company "Vetprom", you can be sure of the quality and legality of products.

(499) 702 5077


Vizara plus

Hunter's Pride is made from chilled raw materials, using a unique technology that allows you to preserve all the useful and nutritious substances. 100% natural, without dyes, preservatives, GMOs, without soaking with the use of chlorine or other chemicals. Another distinctive feature of the product is quality control at all stages of production. 

(812) 318 1898


Volzhsky mineral LLC

Volzhsky mineral LLC produces CATBOSS trademark mineral absorbing cat litter from natural raw materials based on zeolite of volcanic origin. Litter properties: • High level of absorption • Prevention of unpleasant odors • Ecological safety • Does not stick to paws and cat hair • Suitable for cats and rodents.

(512) 26 2654



"VIC" GROUP OF COMPANIES was established in 1990 and is the largest Russian manufacturer of veterinary drugs for all types of animals. The production is carried out by its own research and production company. "VIC-animal health" LLC. The products of Doctor VIC are developed and produced in strict accordance with the norms and requirements of the international standard Rules for the organization of production and quality control of medicinal products GMP.

(495) 777 6767



Wellness Core

Since 1926, with responsibility and love, the company has been creating natural rations for pets using ingredients that meet all human nutritional requirements. Wellness CORE super-premium food recipes are based on four pillars: always fresh meat and fish; Grain Free Grain Free Formula; prebiotics and probiotics; balance of energy sources. Valta Pet Products JSC is the exclusive distributor of Wellness Core in Russia.

(495) 797 3472



WAHL® и MOSER® Animal pet fur care products are state-of-the-art technologies and first-class quality, proven over the years. The grooming tools make it easy, fast, and safe to care for your pet's fur. Clippers are famous for their reliability and long service life. They are also ergonomic, light and silent. The WAHL® и MOSER® Animal brands are trusted by professionals and pet owners over the world.

(495) 121 0641




Xody company is one of the best manufacturers of pet products in Russia. The company has a wide range of products – beds, cabins, bedding, blankets, mattresses, bags. The company provides a full package of services from the production of products to the shipment to any corner of Russia, as well as an individual approach and a flexible system of discounts.

(495) 766 0549




Yandex.Market is a shopping service that sells about 17 million products. It helps to order everything you need: from a new model smartphone to a kiddie's building blocks. It is convenient to trade on the Market – more than 13 thousand partner stores have already joined it. The service takes care of the storage of goods, processing, delivery of orders and communication with customers. You can buy products on the marketplace on its website and in the Android or iOS app, and also in the Yandex Go app - in the "Yandex.Market Express" section.

(‭495) 739 7000




Zooafisha Moscow – is the magazine about animals, which live with us. The poster of exhibitions, recommendations on caring for pets, tips from experienced breeders, consultations of veterinarians, discount coupons and much more can be found on the pages of the most modern magazine about animals – "Zooafisha Moscow".

(903) 549 0815



Zooinform is an information platform that unites the pet industry. A market expert with 24 years of experience. It publishes the business magazine "Zoobusiness in Russia", the catalog of companies "Russian Zoobusiness", the scientific journal "Modern Veterinary Medicine", the e-mail publications "Vestnik of Zoobusiness" and "News of veterinary Medicine". Maintains an information portal Representative of PETS International in Russia. A permanent partner of Russian and foreign international exhibitions. Organizer of business trips.

(495) 790 0350



ZooMaster company produces accessories for animals made of genuine leather in an assortment that can satisfy even the most demanding buyer. The product has been known on the Russian market since 1993 under the brand "Master".

(999) 800 8666



ZOOMEDVET is a monthly magazine for expert of pet industry. Each issue includes market review of retail prices, entire range of pet products and veterinary medicines, market novelties and marketing data. ZOOSOVETY (Pet advice) is a monthly magazine for those who love pets.

(495) 374 5650


ZooPride LLC

ZooPride LLC represents the litter of TM AromatiCat and is also a distributor of feed produced by JSC " Gatchinsky KKZ "(TM Nasha Marka, Stout, TerraKot and TerraPes) in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Export of pet products of private brands from Asia and Europe.

(812) 677 2657



ZOOSTANDART company was founded in 1998 and today it’s one of the top leading wholesale and service companies on the pet market. The ZOOSTANDART company’s mission is taking care of each and every client with integrity and transparency being top priorities. ZOOSTANDART has all the resources for effective work: a logistics complex of 15,000 m2, its own fleet, an assortment of more than 20,000 products, its own trademarks and a team of specialists. Therefore, more than 5,000 organizations have chosen ZOOSTANDART as their partner.

(800) 550 9468



The ZOOEXPRESS company started its activity in 2001 and has firmly established itself on the Russian pet products market, having gained wide popularity among pet lovers. Today, ZOOEXPRESS is one of the largest manufacturers of pet products in Russia. Goods of own production include plastic products for pet care, pet beds, carriers, collars, leashes and harnesses, scratching posts and game complexes, toys, slicker brushes, bowls and feeders.

(812) 447 9349


ZeoTradeResource LLC

Manufacture of natural cat litters ЦЕОСАН (ZEOSAN), Т для Кота. Production of cat litters under private labels. Sale of raw materials (natural zeolite) for the producers of cat litters.

(499) 110 3017


Exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» - Thanks from Natalia Morgunova


Dear colleagues! Sometimes it is difficult to express emotion and warmth in words as a sign of gratitude. Thank you for supporting the project in such a difficult time, for supporting, for believing, and I'm just sure that you have never regretted it! We will definitely analyze, correct mistakes that’s we’ve made, improve what we did not do well enough. The location is new, and we learned some features already in the course of the exhibition. And it is possible to evaluate the location only by holding an event on it. Starting preparations for ParkZoo 2022, which will be held at Crocus Expo from September 21 to 23, Expo 1, Halls 3 and 4, I want to receive feedback from you with constructive suggestions and wishes. I am really looking forward to it, I will not leave a single letter and appeal unanswered. I wish you all good health, take care of yourself and your loved ones. We will be in touch!  

The third and final day of the exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» ended


Dear Colleagues! The 10th International Pet Industry Exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» was successfully held in Moscow on September 22-24, 2021 in the «Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre. Materials about the exhibition have been transferred to the ARCHIVE PARKZOO section.

The exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» has begun!


Dear colleagues! The exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» has begun! Venue: Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Krasnogorsk, Mezhdunarodnaya str., 18. Crocus Expo IEC, Hall 11 (Expo 2, third floor). Exhibition opening hours: September 22-24, 2021, 10:00-18:00. To visit the exhibition, go through the online registration and receive to your specified e-mail a personal electronic invitation with a barcode to  the  exhibition «ParkZoo  2021»  / «ParkZoo Digital». Have a good time at the exhibition, get useful contacts and mutually beneficial contracts!

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