Russia, Moscow, ECC "Sokolniki", pavilions 2, 3, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 7A
September 22-24, 2021
9:00 - 18:00

New products showcase ParkZoo 2019

THE WINNERS (voting by mobile app)

Category Company New product - WINNER
Dog food Grand - AlfaКОРМА ДЛЯ СОБАК Happy Dog IMG_0687 для сайта ум Happy Dog Pate for dogs of small breeds  (in assortmant)
Cat food ElevarКОРМА ДЛЯ КОШЕК МЯСО ПЛЮС Фрикадельки IMG_0728 для сайта ум MEAT PLUS Meatballs from natural meat, healthy herbs, berries and vegetables for cats
Bird food MealberryКОРМА ДЛЯ ПТИЦ RIO Gourmet IMG_0681 для сайта ум RIO Gourmet Food for parakeets and parrots
Rodent food Versele-LagaКОРМА ДЛЯ ГРЫЗУНОВ Nature Fiberfood IMG_0726 для сайта ум Nature Fiberfood Сomplete grain free food for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas that need extra care or have problems with digestion
Cat and dog treats MEAT TIMEЛАКОМСТВА ДЛЯ КОШЕК И СОБАК MEAT TIME IMG_0684 для сайта ум MEAT TIME Natural dry treats from high quality by-products
Bird and Rodent Treats MealberryЛАКОМСТВА ДЛЯ ПТИЦ И ГРЫЗУНОВ RIO палочки IMG_0703 для сайта ум RIO Sticks for parrots with fruit and berries
Aquaria NevaTropicАКВАРИУМИСТИКА НИЛПА IMG_0715 для сайта ум NILPA  Complete water testing kit
Terraria AMMAТЕРРАРИУМИСТИКА REPTI-ZOO IMG_0734 для сайта ум REPTI-ZOO Reptile Drinking Fountain
Accessories PET LINEАКСЕССУАРЫ ZooOne Estetic Grooming IMG_0708 для сайта ум ZooOne Estetic Grooming Series of Brushes with a rotating handle
Care products ZoobuddyСРЕДСТВА ДЛЯ УХОДА ЗООДРУЖОК IMG_0678 для сайта ум Zoobuddy Dog tray with a natural absorbent filler 
Veterinary preparations AstrapharmВЕТЕРИНАРНЫЕ ПРЕПАРАТЫ Догферон IMG_0691 для сайта ум Dogferon Veterinary medication based on recombinant dog interferon-alpha for therapy of viral, bacterial and mixed dog infections


 ГРУМИНГ DeLIGHT IMG_0718 для сайта ум

DeLIGHT Soft pin universal brush



Results of the «ParkZoo Digital» summed up


«ParkZoo Digital» – the first virtual pet industry exhibition On September, 28, until October, 2, 2020 Russia hosted the first in the history of domestic pet business online exhibition «ParkZoo Digital». It welcomed 73 exhibitors — manufacturers, distributors, and overseas suppliers who want to launch on the Russian market. They presented a various range of products for pets: food, treats and feed additives, care products and cat litters, veterinary medicines and veterinary equipment, accessories, aquariums and much more. The online format allowed to follow quarantine restrictions and to avoid risks. At the same time, it gave exhibitors and visitors opportunities to solve relevant business issues at the beginning of the autumn season: establish new contacts, make orders, review conditions, present new products, and find out the latest trends. Participating companies presented their trade offers, news and new products, videos, as well as broadcasts from stands and webinars. The platform provided them with the opportunity to communicate with visitors via online chat, schedule meetings and meet within video conferences. Approximately 2,500 people visited the «ParkZoo Digital» exhibition – professionals from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries: 31 countries in total. Almost one third (29%) of all visitors are newcomers, those who never visited the exhibition before.

«ParkZoo Digital» materials will be available until November 2, 2020


The exhibition «ParkZoo Digital» has ended. «ParkZoo Digital» materials will be available for the registered visitors and exhibitors on the website until November 2, 2020.

The exhibition «ParkZoo Digital» - Thank you for participating!


Dear colleagues! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust and support of «ParkZoo Digital». In our difficult time for business, it is important not to stand still, to move forward all the time, to master new technologies, new opportunities, and new horizons. We have shown this by holding the «ParkZoo» exhibition in a new format. You are the most progressive and innovative representatives of the Russian pet industry. I appreciate your hard work and understand the scale of your contribution to the development of the Russian pet business. About two and a half thousand people attended the event. For the first event of the online format is very good attendance. The exhibition materials will be available on the website until November 2, 2020, and those who did not have time to visit the exhibition during the days of the event will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibition on the website Thank you for your productive work at the exhibition, creative and prompt preparation. I look forward to your assessment of the new format, constructive criticism, tips and suggestions. After all, feedback helps us develop, move forward, and make better, important, and much-needed business events. I sincerely wish you energy, strength, good luck, and the realization of all your goals and plans. I respect and appreciate everyone very much.   Sincerely yours, Natalia Morgunova  

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