Russia, Moscow
«Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Hall №4 (Expo 1, ground floor)
21-23 September, 2022
10:00 - 18:00


Date: 07/22/2021

ParkZoo Digital

«ParkZoo Digital»: new opportunities for your business!

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the online exhibition of the pet industry "ParkZoo Digital", which will be held on September 22-24 and will be held in parallel with the traditional exhibition "ParkZoo".

The first digital exhibition was held in 2020. Its exhibitors were 73 companies, among which 28% represented retail, 14%— wholesale trade, 13% - e-commerce, 13% - the segment of veterinary services, 8% - distribution, 5% - production.

About 3 thousand people from 30 countries of the world visited the digital format of the exhibition.

Almost a third of the guests of ParkZoo Digital — 27% - visited the exhibition for the first time.

Overcome the boundaries and limitations!

- The event is guaranteed to take place, and it will not be hindered by the restrictions that are possible in connection with measures to combat the coronavirus.

- Businessmen from all regions of Russia and other countries will see your stand and your products.

- Exhibitors will be able to present all new products, promotions, special conditions at their virtual stands.

- Communication with visitors, loyal and potential customers takes place in video rooms and online chats, is reliable and safe.

Expand your capabilities!

- Place information and materials: from text to video presentations about the company and its products on the online stand. Access to the stand for visitors will remain not only for the time of the exhibition, but for a month after it and will allow your customers to return to it if necessary.

 - Communicate safely in the online conference mode, one-on-one or organize a team meeting with the participants of the exhibition. The organization of meetings is also possible by appointment.

- Use online chats with booth visitors with automatic online translation into the user's chosen language. The function of a private online chat of the company manager with a visitor is available.

- Activate your own personal account and get a detailed report on visitors to your stand.

- Participate in the business program of the exhibition "ParkZoo Digital".

- Use the technical support opportunities on all days of the exhibition.

Strengthen your presence at the exhibition!

Special offer for participants of "ParkZoo 2021" (offline) to participate on the digital platform: A BASIC package worth 160$ / 140€.


The events of the business program of the exhibition «ParkZoo 2022»


Dear colleagues!  The website contains information about the events of the Business Program of the exhibition. As part of the Business program of the exhibition, there will be: XI Grooming Festival GROOMING FEST 2022, interactive business games, lectures. Please note that to attend the events within the framework of «ParkZoo 2022», you must register for the exhibition.

Registration for participation in the NEW PRODUCTS SHOWCASE «ParkZoo 2022»


Dear colleagues! Applications for participation in the NEW PRODUCTS SHOWCASE «ParkZoo 2022» continue to be accepted. Applications for participation are accepted strictly by 15.08.2022 inclusive. 1. The submitted application may not be accepted if the product does not meet the conditions of participation. 2. After 29.08.22, a list of participants of the NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE with photos and descriptions of new product will be posted on the website. A product is a "novelty" if it entered the Russian market in 2021-2022. A ‘novelty’   means that product should have a new look / line in the assortment; the embodiment of a fundamentally new idea, etc. Please note that new packaging, minor rebranding, and so on will not be considered as "new product". You can submit no more than 5 applications in each category.

Mobile application for exhibition participants


A mobile application for participants, whether they are an exhibitor or a visitor, will help to navigate the exhibition. Of course, the functionality of the application is different for each category, but it is the mobile application that will help to constructively visit and work at the exhibition, without wasting time searching for a particular stand, a particular location of the business block of the exhibition. More detailed...

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