Russia, Moscow
«Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Hall №4 (Expo 1, ground floor), «Myakinino» metro station
20-22 September, 2023
9:30 - 18:00


Date: 07/18/2022

Mobile application for exhibition participants
A mobile application for participants, whether they are an exhibitor or a visitor, will help to navigate the exhibition. Of course, the functionality of the application is different for each category, but it is the mobile application that will help to constructively visit and work at the exhibition, without wasting time searching for a particular stand, a particular location of the business block of the exhibition.
Common functionality for all users:
- description of the event;
- driving directions;
- invitation;
- list of meetings;
- interactive exhibition plan;
- list of exhibitors;
- list of business program events;
- favorites (stands, business program events, exhibits/materials);
- search (by companies, products, keywords);
- uploading the "Meetings" report;
- uploading "Favorites" reports;
- event news;
- system
Exponent functionality:
- priority of displaying the list of participants, so that the specified participants are at the beginning of the list;
- placement of a "branded stand" on the exhibition plan;
- placement of an advertising banner-logo on the exhibition plan;
- sending out "Notifications" (PUSH).
Visitor functionality:
- ability to scan badges of registered exhibitor managers.
- creating a "Meeting";
- photo fixation of exhibits and promotional materials;
- record comments on objects or meetings.
Functionality of the visitor who registered and could not attend the exhibition:
- the opportunity to get acquainted with the list of participants of the exhibition;
- search (by companies, products, keywords);
- information and contacts of the participants of the event.
The mobile application is an opportunity to work with the target audience at the exhibition, not limited to the framework of the stand.

Remember that without registering as a visitor (via the ParkZoo website, the "VISITOR REGISTRATION" section), it is IMPOSSIBLE to use the application.

The mobile application for the exhibition participants will be available from September 20, 2022.



The exhibition «ParkZoo 2022» has begun!


Dear colleagues! The exhibition «ParkZoo 2022» has begun! Venue: Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Krasnogorsk, Crocus Expo IEC, Hall 4 (Expo 1, ground floor), «Myakinino» metro station. Exhibition opening hours: September 21-22, 2022, 9:30-18:00. To visit the exhibition go through the online registration and receive to your specified e-mail a personal electronic invitation with a barcode to  the  exhibition «ParkZoo 2022». Have a good time at the exhibition, get useful contacts and mutually beneficial contracts!



Dear colleagues! We thank you for your participation in the exhibition «ParkZoo» and inform you of IMPORTANT information about the exhibition. Attention, please read carefully and to the end, this will help to avoid unpleasant moments and penalties.

The event within the framework of the exhibition «ParkZoo 2022» - the 11th Grooming Festival


Colleagues, we invite you to visit the XI Grooming Festival!  The XI Grooming Festival is the only large-scale educational event for groomers in Russia.  The festival is organized by the Milord Company with the support of the International Exhibition of the Pet Industry «ParkZoo 2022». Do you have a grooming salon or an office at a pet store or a veterinary clinic? Or are you just going to do a grooming project? Then come to GROOMINGFEST 2022 and bring your employees. You will find the most up-to-date information on salon management and personnel, trends in the pet grooming market, lectures on psychology, many surprises.

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