Russia, Moscow
«Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Hall №4 (Expo 1, ground floor)
21-23 September, 2022
10:00 - 18:00


Date: 02/18/2014


Dear Exponents!

To publish information about the company in the official exhibition catalog, please provide  by July 1, 2014* the necessary materials**:

- textual information of 250 signs in  the English and the Russian languages
- a full-color logo.


You should fill in the  online application form on the exhibition website "ParkZoo"

You can also add to the exhibition catalog information about your partners working at your stand. To do it you should pay for the indirect participation of each sub-exhibitor.

If you have  not yet  submitted  a request to  insert  a full-color advertising module into  the exhibition catalog, but you want  to do this, please, fill out the application number 5.

The original  layout of a full-color advertising module and the preview (jpg format) should be  sent separately to the  e-mail:

Valid image file formats:

- eps, ai (fonts being converted into curves, imported images being included into the layout and having a resolution of at least 300 dpi,

- CMYK without additional channels, tif (300 dpi, CMYK, without paths and additional. channels), jpeg (300 dpi, CMYK, without paths and additional channels, minimum compression). The sum of paints should not exceed 300.

The format of the A5 page is vertical (145x210 mm plus 5 mm for cutting on the edges). Important elements of the layout also should not approach the cut line by other 5 mm.

The exhibition catalogue is provided to all participants and visitors of the exhibition.

The electronic version of the catalogue will be posted on the website


*In case of providing information after the deadline the Organizers do not guarantee its publication in the catalogue.

**The Organizers are not liable if  information about a company provided for the official exhibition catalog  is incorrect and reserve the right to edit the textual part in case of mistakes and inaccuracies.


Exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» - Thanks from Natalia Morgunova


Dear colleagues! Sometimes it is difficult to express emotion and warmth in words as a sign of gratitude. Thank you for supporting the project in such a difficult time, for supporting, for believing, and I'm just sure that you have never regretted it! We will definitely analyze, correct mistakes that’s we’ve made, improve what we did not do well enough. The location is new, and we learned some features already in the course of the exhibition. And it is possible to evaluate the location only by holding an event on it. Starting preparations for ParkZoo 2022, which will be held at Crocus Expo from September 21 to 23, Expo 1, Halls 3 and 4, I want to receive feedback from you with constructive suggestions and wishes. I am really looking forward to it, I will not leave a single letter and appeal unanswered. I wish you all good health, take care of yourself and your loved ones. We will be in touch!  

The third and final day of the exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» ended


Dear Colleagues! The 10th International Pet Industry Exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» was successfully held in Moscow on September 22-24, 2021 in the «Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre. Materials about the exhibition have been transferred to the ARCHIVE PARKZOO section.

The exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» has begun!


Dear colleagues! The exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» has begun! Venue: Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Krasnogorsk, Mezhdunarodnaya str., 18. Crocus Expo IEC, Hall 11 (Expo 2, third floor). Exhibition opening hours: September 22-24, 2021, 10:00-18:00. To visit the exhibition, go through the online registration and receive to your specified e-mail a personal electronic invitation with a barcode to  the  exhibition «ParkZoo  2021»  / «ParkZoo Digital». Have a good time at the exhibition, get useful contacts and mutually beneficial contracts!

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