Russia, Moscow, ECC "Sokolniki", pavilions 2, 3, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 7A
September 9-11, 2020
9:00 - 18:00


“ParkZoo 2017”. Celebration of development

On September 20-22 the largest specialized international exhibition of pet products "ParkZoo" in Russia was held for the seventh time at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center (Moscow). For several years it had occupied three pavilions, but last year it became obvious that this was not enough. Therefore, the organizers decided to rent a pavilion more.


The four pavilions of the exhibition center hosted 230 companies participating in "ParkZoo 2017". The number of professional visitors this year was a little over 11,000 and consists 6% more than last year. The exhibition increased its scale, attracted the majority of active market players, offered the participants an up-to-date business program and finally consolidated the status of the most important business event for the Russian pet industry entrepreneurs.

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Companies from 27 cities and towns of Russia as well as businesses from Moscow, the Moscow Region and 10 foreign countries showed their products this year in the four ‘’ParkZoo" pavilions. The geography of visitors is even more impressive - Russian guests came from 72 regions of all the federal districts, including those from where ‘’ParkZoo’’ guests had never come before. Foreign guests arrived from 30 countries - this is another exhibition record demonstrating a high level of development of the Russian pet market and a great international interest in it.

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The number of new products presented at "ParkZoo 2017" is also a record. This time it exceeded 300 item names, which is 30% more than last year. There premiumization of pet products  clearly manifested itself. But if this trend is not new for foreign companies, Russian manufacturers have been going to this for many years. The quality of domestic products, packaging design and promotional materials have appreciably increased. Russian companies continue learning to work at a high level and this year it became obvious that an excellent domestic product is not a rare luck but a mass phenomenon: a lot of products met the demands of the market, corresponded to the notions of high quality, modern design and correct positioning.

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The stands of Russian participants, both large and small ones, including regional companies have become more attractive. All this created a very special festive and business-like atmosphere of “ParkZoo” embellished by the goodwill and hospitality of the staff. Grandiose and cozy stands, important meetings and negotiations alongside smiling faces and friends everywhere. So numerous were events, drawings, celebrations and treats, performances of artists, presentations of gifts carried out by participating companies at their stands. All this was bringing a positive attitude to effective work, to establishment of warm business relations.

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Business program

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The "ParkZoo" exhibition is always accompanied by an extensive business program. Thus, the Autumn forum of the Pet Industry Businesses Union (SPZ) was held the day before the opening of the exposition. About 100 pet industry entrepreneurs discussed there the most acute issues of legislative regulation and state control of the economic branch.

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The lecture "The main values ​​of retail: how to attract new customers and earn their loyalty" was made by Nick Deschamps ( Genic, Germany), leading specialist in the field of retail development. More than 150 representatives of retail followed him with great interest. This year, Mr. Deschamps slightly changed the format of the event and left a considerable amount of time for the listeners’ questions, but even this time it was not enough - so numerous were topics for discussion. Natalia Rishina, veterinarian and the author of the "DOG-PROFI" project held a seminar "How to increase the company's sales by working with a breeder". Two lectures were given by the world-famous traveler and aquarist Heiko Bleher. The Spectrum Brands company presented Russia’s first platform for comprehensive online training for aquarists. At the seminar organized by the Milord company and the Svoy Doktor company the audience learned about using franchising as a promising technology for development in the face of growing competition. The companies Kaskad and Konstruktiv held the First Cynological Conference concerning issues of psycho-correction of animal behavior and hierarchy principles in their groups. The Autumn Veterinary Conference was held by the Association of Practicing Veterinarians.  As a result, 220 veterinarians received certificates in the framework of postgraduate specialist training.

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As usual, the traditional grooming festival became an adornment of the exhibition. This popular event is perfectly combined with presentations of hair care products for dogs and cats, of equipment for grooming shops and professional tools.

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The “ParkZoo” exhibition once again demonstrated a high organizational level, as evidenced by a lot of positive feedback from its participants and guests. It created all conditions for pet goods manufacturers and sellers to find each other, for entrepreneurs, veterinarians and groomers to exchange experience, for old friends to meet and for new business contacts to be established. The “ParkZoo” exhibition has become an integral part of the Russian pet business. And next year it will be also held in EC Centre Sokolniki, Moscow, from 19 to 21 September.


In the photo: Tatyana Katasonova, Director General of the Zooinform publishing house; Tatyana Kolchanova, Director General of the Pet Industry Businesses Union; Kirill Dmitriev, Chairman of the Board of the Pet Industry Businesses Union and Managing Director of Konstruktiv OOO; Natalia Morgunova, Director General of ARTIS Expo and the organizer of the “ParkZoo” exhibition; Denis Vasiliev, Director General of the Milord company, the team of professional groomers.


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