Russia, Moscow
«Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Hall №4 (Expo 1, ground floor)
21-23 September, 2022
10:00 - 18:00

Terms and Conditions of participation in the exhibition «ParkZoo 2021»


The Organization (and/or individual entrepreneur), hereinafter referred to as the "Exhibitor", "participant who is wishing to participate in the International Pet Industry Exhibition "ParkZoo 2021", hereinafter referred to as the" Exhibition", sends to the email address,, LLC "ARTIS Expo", hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer", LLC "ARTIS Expo", until August 1, 2021, a completed and signed "Application for participation in the exhibition".

Participants should download the application forms, the contract, as well as the list of documents required for the conclusion of the contract from the website: in the section "Participation in the exhibition".

In order to promptly resolve issues during the preparation and holding of the Exhibition, the Organizer and the Exhibitor may conclude and transfer the Contract, applications and other documents by exchanging facsimile messages and/or e-mail; the subsequent provision of the original documents is carried out in accordance with the conditions specified in the Participation Contract. If the Exhibitor fails to provide the original documents required for participation in the Exhibition, including the Contract, on the day of arrival at the Exhibition, ARTIS Expo LLC has the right to prevent the Exhibitor from participating in the Exhibition. In exceptional cases, by an additional agreement between the Organizer and the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor has the right to provide the originals of the documents required for participation in the Exhibition no later than 10 working days from the end date of the Exhibition.

The transmitting/providing party is responsible for the accuracy of the transmitted/provided information, including the accuracy of the e-mail addresses. A notification sent by ARTIS Expo LLC to the Exhibitor at the e-mail address provided by the Exhibitor is considered received and taken into account by the Exhibitor on the day of sending this notification. ARTIS Expo LLC is not responsible for the failure to read the information sent by the Organizer to the Exhibitor at the e-mail address provided by the Exhibitor.


The cost of participation in the International Pet Industry Exhibition “ParkZoo 2021”

- unequipped area (only available for stands with an area of more than 24 sq. m.)

Euro 220 (Dollars 270) per 1 sq.m.

The Exhibitor's construction company must be accredited by Bildexpo LLC and is allowed to carry out work on the arrangement and design of the “unequipped” exhibition area after checking its(the Exhibitor's construction company’s) technical documentation for compliance with the submitted documentation with the requirements and rules applicable in the Crocus Expo IEC.

-equipped area

Euro 285 (Dollars 350) per 1 sq.m.

What the equipped area includes is specified in Appendix No. 2 to the Participation Contract. It is possible to order additional equipment (Application form/Appendix No.3).


Margins on the stand location:

-corner (2 sides open) +15% to the base price;

-end arrangement (3 sides open) +10% to the base price;

-island (4 sides open) + 5% to the base price.


Additional equipment and works are issued by an additional request (Application form/Appendix No. 3).


Mandatory registration fee: Euro 150 (Dollars 180)

Participation (optional) in the banquet of one representative of the company*: Euro 120 (Dollars 145)

All services provided are not subject to VAT.

The scanned version of the signed application is the basis for invoicing for participation in the Exhibition.

ARTIS Expo LLC, based on the received application and orders, sends the participant a confirmation of participation in the Exhibition in the form of a Contract, which is filled in by the participant on its part, and also sends an invoice for participation in the Exhibition. The invoice must be paid within 10 (Ten) banking days after it is issued. The payment amount can be adjusted depending on the payment schedule chosen by the participant.

The stand is considered reserved by the Exhibitor only if 25% of the cost of the exhibition area is paid and the schedule of further payments is agreed upon, which is negotiated individually.

The reserved areas, but not paid for within the time period established by the Contract or the agreed payment schedule, may be transferred to another Exhibitor.


The official guide of "ParkZoo" and the electronic catalog of the Exhibition.

For the opening of the Exhibition, the official guide "ParkZoo" will be published in A5 format, which will contain the layout of the pavilions in relation to each other, an alphabetical list of Exhibition participants, voting conditions in the Novelty Zone, as well as full-color advertising modules of the companies. To place the advertising module, the Exhibitor must send to the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition the advertising module in electronic form (technical requirements in Appendix No. 5 to the Contract), a completed application (Appendix No.5 to the Contract) for placing the module in the official guide "ParkZoo", on the basis of which the invoice will be issued, and a signed original layout. Materials for the official guide must be submitted by August 01, 2021. The publication will be in Russian and English.

An electronic catalog of participants will be posted on the official website of the Exhibition. For the electronic catalog of the Exhibition, the participants should provide materials through the Exhibition website (link to the application). The volume of the publication should be up to 300 characters in each language. The participant has the opportunity to place (for an additional fee) an "active link" to the company's website in the electronic catalog.


Information on accreditation of independent developers:

LLC "Bildexpo"


Phone: +74957272671

The procedure for passing accreditation (control of design and technical documentation of exhibition stands) and contacts at the link below, in the section “For Developers”:

All interactions between the Organizer and the Exhibitor are regulated by the terms of the Participation Contract and additional agreements, appendices, "Basic requirements for holding events at the CROCUS EXPO IEC", presented on the website:

ARTIS Expo LLC has the right not to enter into a Contract for participation in the Exhibition in case of non-compliance by the Exhibitor with these Terms of Participation in the Exhibition "ParkZoo 2021", as well as in case of violation by the Exhibitor of the Terms of Participation in the Exhibition "ParkZoo" in previous years.

The Organizer has the right to unilaterally make changes and additions to these Terms and Conditions out of court. All changes take effect from the moment they are published on the website The exhibitor undertakes to independently track on the website all the changes and additions to the Terms and Conditions that have been made by Organizers.


Exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» - Thanks from Natalia Morgunova


Dear colleagues! Sometimes it is difficult to express emotion and warmth in words as a sign of gratitude. Thank you for supporting the project in such a difficult time, for supporting, for believing, and I'm just sure that you have never regretted it! We will definitely analyze, correct mistakes that’s we’ve made, improve what we did not do well enough. The location is new, and we learned some features already in the course of the exhibition. And it is possible to evaluate the location only by holding an event on it. Starting preparations for ParkZoo 2022, which will be held at Crocus Expo from September 21 to 23, Expo 1, Halls 3 and 4, I want to receive feedback from you with constructive suggestions and wishes. I am really looking forward to it, I will not leave a single letter and appeal unanswered. I wish you all good health, take care of yourself and your loved ones. We will be in touch!  

The third and final day of the exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» ended


Dear Colleagues! The 10th International Pet Industry Exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» was successfully held in Moscow on September 22-24, 2021 in the «Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre. Materials about the exhibition have been transferred to the ARCHIVE PARKZOO section.

The exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» has begun!


Dear colleagues! The exhibition «ParkZoo 2021» has begun! Venue: Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Krasnogorsk, Mezhdunarodnaya str., 18. Crocus Expo IEC, Hall 11 (Expo 2, third floor). Exhibition opening hours: September 22-24, 2021, 10:00-18:00. To visit the exhibition, go through the online registration and receive to your specified e-mail a personal electronic invitation with a barcode to  the  exhibition «ParkZoo  2021»  / «ParkZoo Digital». Have a good time at the exhibition, get useful contacts and mutually beneficial contracts!

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