Russia, Moscow
«Crocus Expo» International Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Hall №4 (Expo 1, ground floor), «Myakinino» metro station
20-22 September, 2023
9:30 - 18:00

Terms and Conditions of participation in the exhibition «ParkZoo 2022»


    The organization (and/or individual entrepreneur), hereinafter referred to as the «Exhibitor», «Participant», wishing to participate in the exhibition «ParkZoo 2022», hereinafter referred to as the «Exhibition», should send a request in any form by July 15, 2022 indicating the required area to the address of ARTIS Expo LLC, hereinafter referred to as the «Organizer», to Marina Konstantinike's email address:

After agreeing on the size and location of the stand, the Organizer sends the Exhibitor an Application Contract and Application form/Appendix No.1 for filling in and signing. Based on the scans of the Application Contract and Appendix No. 1 received from the Exhibitor, completed and signed by the Exhibitor, the Organizer issues an invoice to pay for participation in the Exhibition. Without a signed Application Contract and Appendix No. 1, an invoice for participation in the Exhibition cannot be issued, participation in the Exhibition is considered to be incomplete.

The stand is considered to be booked by the Exhibitor only if 25% of the cost of the exhibition space is paid within 10 (Ten) banking days after the invoice is issued, the balance of the invoice must be paid by 31.07.2022, unless another payment schedule is agreed.

Reserved, but not paid for within the deadline set by the Application Contract or the agreed payment schedule, the areas can be transferred to another Exhibitor.

In order to promptly resolve issues during the preparation and holding of the Exhibition between the Organizer and the Exhibitor, it is allowed to conclude and transfer the Application Contract, appendices and other documents by exchanging fax messages and / or e-mail; the subsequent provision of original documents is carried out according to the conditions prescribed in the Application Contract for Participation. By an additional agreement between the Organizer and the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor has the right to provide the originals of the documents necessary for participation in the Exhibition during its holding or no later than 5 working days from the end date of the Exhibition.

The transmitting/providing party is responsible for the accuracy of the transmitted/provided information, including the accuracy of the e-mail addresses. The notification sent by ARTIS Expo LLC to the Exhibitor at the e-mail address provided by the Exhibitor is considered received and taken into account by the Exhibitor on the day of sending this notification. ARTIS Expo LLC is not responsible for non-reading of information sent by the Organizer to the Exhibitor at the e-mail address provided by the Exhibitor.

The cost of participation in the exhibition «ParkZoo 2022»:

□ Unequipped area (possible only for stands with an area of more than 16 sq. m):

270Euro / 300$ / 2000 CNY per 1 sq. m.

The Exhibitor's developer company must be accredited by Bildexpo LLC and is allowed to carry out work on the arrangement and design of the "unequipped" exhibition area of the Exhibition after checking its technical documentation for compliance with the submitted documentation with the requirements and rules in force at Crocus Expo IEC.


□ equipped area:

360 Euro/ 400$ / 2650 CNY per 1 sq. m.

The equipment of the equipped exhibition area in accordance with the area of the stand is specified in Application form/Appendix No.2 to the Participation Agreement. It is possible to order additional equipment (Application form/Appendix No.3).

Margins on the location of the stand:

□ corner (2 sides open) + 15% to the base price;

□ face (3 sides open) + 10% to the base price;

□ Island (4 sides open) + 5% to the base price.



Additional equipment and works are issued by an additional application (Application form/Appendix No.3)

Mandatory registration fee: 260 Euro (290$ / 1900 CNY)

Participation (optional) in the banquet of one representative of the company: 120 Euro (145$ / 900  CNY)

All services provided are not subject to VAT.


ParkZoo travel guide, electronic exhibition catalog, mobile application.

For the opening of the Exhibition, an A5-format «ParkZoo» guide is published, which contains a scheme of the pavilion with the location of the stands in relation to each other, an alphabetical list of exhibitors, advertising of new products of the year (additional service, ordered separately), as well as full-color advertising modules of companies (additional service, ordered separately). To place an advertising module, the Exhibitor must send the Organizer an advertising module in electronic form (technical requirements in Application form/Appendix No.5), a completed application (Application form/Appendix No.5) for placing the module in the official guide of ParkZoo, on the basis of which an invoice is issued, and a signed original design/layout. Materials in the official guide must be submitted by July 01, 2022. The publication is carried out in Russian and English.

An electronic catalog of participants is posted on the official website of the Exhibition. For the electronic catalog of the Exhibition, materials are provided by the Exhibitor through the Exhibition website (link to the application). The volume of the publication is up to 500 characters in each language. The exhibitor has the opportunity to place (for an additional fee) an "active link" to the company's website in the electronic catalog. The information of the electronic catalog is duplicated in the mobile application of the Exhibition. The exhibitor has the opportunity to place (for an additional fee) in the push notification mobile application (additional service, Application form/Appendix No.5).


Information on the construction of standard stands and the accreditation of independent developers:

LLC «Bildexpo»


Phone: +7 (495)727 26 71


The procedure for passing accreditation (control of design and technical documentation of exhibition stands) and contacts at the link below, section «Developers»:


Arrival timing:

Mounting *

Arrival of developers and assembly of stands:

September 18, 2022 from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM;

September 19, 2022 from 08:00 AM to 7:30 PM;

September 20, 2022 from 08:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

    The arrival of Exhibitors for the design of stands is allowed only if the standard and exclusive stands are 100% ready: the aisles and stands must be freed from scaffolding and equipment.

September 20, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


09/24/2021 - from 08:00 AM to 7:00 PM - Dismantling of bench equipment.

* Installation of exclusive and large-sized stands – only for accredited developers.

All interactions between the Organizer and the Exhibitor are regulated by the terms of the Application Contract, additional agreements and annexes to the Application Contract, as well as the «Basic requirements for holding events at the CROCUS EXPO IEC», presented on the website: .

ARTIS Expo LLC has the right not to conclude an Application Contract for participation in the Exhibition in case of non-compliance by the Exhibitor with these Terms of Participation in the «ParkZoo 2022» Exhibition, as well as in case of violation by the Exhibitor of the Terms of participation in the «ParkZoo» Exhibition in previous years.

The Organizer has the right to unilaterally make changes and additions to these Terms and Conditions out of court. All changes come into force from the moment they are published on the official website ( The exhibitor undertakes to independently monitor on the website ( amendments and additions to the Terms.


The exhibition «ParkZoo 2022» has begun!


Dear colleagues! The exhibition «ParkZoo 2022» has begun! Venue: Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Krasnogorsk, Crocus Expo IEC, Hall 4 (Expo 1, ground floor), «Myakinino» metro station. Exhibition opening hours: September 21-22, 2022, 9:30-18:00. To visit the exhibition go through the online registration and receive to your specified e-mail a personal electronic invitation with a barcode to  the  exhibition «ParkZoo 2022». Have a good time at the exhibition, get useful contacts and mutually beneficial contracts!



Dear colleagues! We thank you for your participation in the exhibition «ParkZoo» and inform you of IMPORTANT information about the exhibition. Attention, please read carefully and to the end, this will help to avoid unpleasant moments and penalties.

The event within the framework of the exhibition «ParkZoo 2022» - the 11th Grooming Festival


Colleagues, we invite you to visit the XI Grooming Festival!  The XI Grooming Festival is the only large-scale educational event for groomers in Russia.  The festival is organized by the Milord Company with the support of the International Exhibition of the Pet Industry «ParkZoo 2022». Do you have a grooming salon or an office at a pet store or a veterinary clinic? Or are you just going to do a grooming project? Then come to GROOMINGFEST 2022 and bring your employees. You will find the most up-to-date information on salon management and personnel, trends in the pet grooming market, lectures on psychology, many surprises.

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