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Exhibitors' Application Form

* necessarily for filling

ATTENTION!!! The application form for participation must fill, print, sign, stamp and send by e-mail: marina_konstantinike@parkzoo.ru

  Form 1
Exhibitors’ Application Form
Company(Exhibitor) *
We are exhibiting the following categories of products (please indicate): *:
Country * Official Reg. No * Tax code (if applicable) *
Contact Person *
Registered Address * 
E-mail *: Tel. *:
Exhibition space requirements (please indicate)* :
unfurnished available for stands larger than 24 sq m only   140 per square metre.
furnished area
250 per square metre.
Absentee Participation:       (550 euro.)
Area sq.m. width m. length m.
  Additional mobile advertising stand (2000*1000)
Preferred location (indicate if mandatory):
Corner stand (open on 2 sides)             basic price +10% (not less than 12 sq m) 
End stand (open on 3 sides                 basic price +10% (not less than 18 sq m) 
For stand size from 24 sq m - discount 10% from basic price
For stand size from 60 sq m - discount 15% from basic price

Additional equipment and works undertaken separately (Found Form 3)
Registration Fee:         Euro 150 for all stands  
Cost one ticket on banket** Euro 100 Total amount of tickets.
Catalogue (please indicate ):
Full colour advertising module:  
2/3 cover
2/3 page :   
А5     Euro 170    
Sold out
Sold out

Services are not liable to VAT. Faxed version of form is accepted for purposes of registering at exhibition.

Exhibition diploma title *


Director of Organisation

Financial Director