We draw your attention to compliance with THE RULES OF BEING ON THE TERRITORY OF THE CROCUS EXPO INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTER (CROCUS EXPO IEC) AND VISITS TO EVENTS HELD THERE (published on the website of the Crocus Expo IEC www.crocus-expo.ru ).


Control over the execution of clause 4 has been strengthened:

Hand luggage includes: handbags, shopping bags, suitcases, backpacks, folders for papers, coats and raincoats, umbrellas and canes, baby strollers, wheelchairs for the disabled.

The concept of "small hand luggage" does not include boxes – thus, the passage of boxes through the central entrances of the Exhibition Center is prohibited.

We recommend using bags.

When passing through the entrance groups and magnetic frames to the pavilions of the Crocus Expo IEC, visitors can carry small hand luggage (weight – no more than 20 kg, size – no more than 60x60x60 cm, or according to the sum of measurements – no more than 180 cm), provided that it can be inspected by employees of a private security company.

It is forbidden to unpack the boxes before entering the Pavilion and leave them.



According to clause 12:

It is prohibited on the Crocus Expo territory:

- to bring pets, except guide dogs accompanying visually impaired persons (if there is a document confirming the special training of the dog, issued in the form established by the
order of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation dated June 22, 2015 No. 386n); 

- to move inside pavilions on bicycles, scooters, roller skates and other similar vehicles and sports facilities.