The 2022 ends. What was it like for us, for everyone? Different, because we are all individual and unique!

The New Year is always associated with new plans, discoveries, meetings.

I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year, let the warmth and comfort of the house surround you, hope is inspired by an active and positive environment, loved ones are pleased with success.

By organizing events in 2023, we will help and do everything for closer and more productive cooperation in the pet business!

A person cannot live without plans! Let’s make plans, fill out the production calendar:

Russian Zoo Business Summit — 2023 — "Transformation of Reality. In search of a new one."

The XII International Specialized Exhibition of the pet industry «ParkZoo 2023».

We are always in touch and ready to answer all questions related to the preparation of events.

With love, warmth,

Natalia Morgunova and the ARTIS Expo team